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The Right DJ For Your Wedding - Avoid The Gameshow Host DJ

08 November 2016

RIP Gene Rayburn. Gene was one of the greatest gameshow hosts ever.  Even back in the more innocent 1970s, Rayburn's personality and demeanor was one of the funniest ever, and his Match Game PM Show introduced a bit of sexual innuendo into primetime TV.  Even though there was a star-studded cast alongside him, his jokes often made him the center of attention. While this is awesome for comedy and family entertainment, it's not what you want when hiring your wedding DJ.

I think one of the things over the years that has given the wedding DJ industry a bad name and one of the big fear that couples have when they are looking to hire a DJ is the whole cheesy thing. “Is the DJ going to crack lame jokes during my wedding reception?” “Is the DJ going to use inappropriate language?” At Mike Bills Entertainment, it’s been my goal all along to remain in the background at your wedding ceremony and reception. Crude jokes and inappropriate language are not only unacceptable at your wedding, but a DJ who insists on placing that activity into their performances takes the focus off of the bride and groom and their family. Just read my reviews. They speak for themselves. If you wanted a comedy act, you’d go to the local comedy show at your favorite bar. That’s not something you need at your wedding. At all times, the music for your day should be all about the bride and groom and the DJ should help them choose the perfect mix of music that will leave indelible memories for many months and years to come. Even though DJing a wedding can be at times very stressful, it is my belief that the DJ should remain alcohol-free til afterwards. While consumption of alcohol can free a person’s inhibitions, it’s certainly not advisable at a wedding because a DJ needs to be on top of his or her game.  Some DJs though use weddings as a place to party and get free booze. These are usually the DJs who don’t take the art and craft of wedding DJing seriously. 
Alcohol doesn’t make you play songs better, nor can it make you sound better on the microphone. Announcements need to be made and the crowd needs to be read, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and a true professional DJ will refrain from alcohol.
All in all, brides and grooms need to ask themselves these hard questions. “Do they want want a DJ who will execute their wedding ceremony and reception with a true professional and polished approach? OR Do they want a DJ who is going to drink, be gimmicky, and offend your guests with silly jokes and imappropriate language. When you hire a single system company like Mike Bills Entertainment, you take the worry out of who your DJ will be. One great DJ to serve you instead of 6 or 8 or 10 who have varying degrees of experience and who may come to your wedding with a blown out speaker? The choice is yours. 
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