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The Right DJ For Your Wedding 3 | Why Your DJ Might Be Late

31 October 2016

So, here we are on the scariest day of the year and things get even more frightful as we explore Part 3 of “The Right DJ For Your Wedding” blog series, which has been even further inspired by a local DJ booking weddings and not providing services. If you caught my 2nd installment on Saturday, you saw the media attention given to a local DJ service who booked many weddings without providing services. This blog series continues to delve more into hiring the right DJ for your wedding here in Charleston and sheds light on more of the shady practices that you need to look out for from DJ services and why your DJ might be late to your wedding.

You know I might start out this part by quoting an old Three Dog Night song from the late 60s called “One”. The lyrics read  “one is the loneliest number…….” Well, that may be true in the dating world as you might feel a little down on your luck for being single, but in terms of what I am going to tell you about some DJ services “one” is the best number when you are thinking about hiring your wedding DJ.

Why would a DJ show up late to your wedding? Well, I hate to break it to you because it’s sort of an industry standard practice , but a lot of DJs book themselves up to 2 weddings per day.  Sometimes, in very very very rare instances it works, especially if one is a midday wedding (11am-3pm), then another one is (7pm-11pm).  Depending on the distance between those weddings, it is entirely possible to pull off but there is still a great risk to that second wedding later in the today.  For that second wedding, how fresh is that DJ gonna be? What if some of their equipment failed in the first wedding? What if the DJ gets into an accident on the way to the second wedding? That second wedding may not be their best performance of the day. The sad part is that most DJs will not be up front with brides and grooms that they have booked more than one wedding on any given day. The exhaustion and stress that can be associated with DJing one wedding is enough for even the most experienced wedding DJ, so there is no reason to say their performance will be that good for the second wedding.

Mike Bills Entertainment continues to take the “singular” approach and is more focused on the success of YOUR wedding on YOUR wedding day than juggling TWO weddings on your wedding day. It’s because I operate a single system company and don’t hire an “Army of DJs”.  I get a headache trying to think about two sets of names for a wedding reception if there are two weddings scheduled for one day. Yikes, what if you are that second wedding and the DJ began to announce the bridal party from the first wedding? Whoa. I am going to have nightmares tonight just thinking about that!

Being a true professional wedding DJ takes a lot of sacrifice. There are often times where you miss out on social gatherings amongst friends and relatives.  If I had a one hundred dollar bill for how many social events I might have missed because I had weddings booked, I could probably stop DJing weddings and retire. It’s part of being in the wedding industry, but there are `DJs who will actually have the audacity to cancel on a bride because they would like to go to these social events or spend time with family.  A DJ that is going to cancel on a bride at the last minute FOR ANY REASON simply is not operating a business in a professional manner. I think you’ll always be able to attend a BBQ or family picnic,  but as a professional wedding DJ, the focus is on providing an exceptional wedding DJ experience.

I have never cancelled on a bride and groom, so the fear you get from other DJs is eliminated and the chances that your wedding will be ruined is ZERO percent. See below for the link to the story about the local DJ service booking weddings and not providing services. If you missed my last few entries, click below for the media link about the local DJ who has booked weddings and not provided services.

Local DJ company booking weddings and not providing services

Stay tuned for Part 4 of the blog series where we’ll get into how couples will end up actually being embarrassed by their DJ. If you'd like to meet Mike for coffee to discuss your DJ needs for your upcoming wedding, click this link. For The Perfect Playlist, click HERE