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The Perfect Timeline For Your Charleston Wedding

03 December 2016

The moment you say "Yes" to him, so many thoughts in your mind are set into motion. What venue are you going to select? Who will your caterer be? Who will capture your day with the greatest of photos? Who will entertain your guests with the perfect mix of music? In order to plan the perfect day, there needs to be a timeline so the flow of your day runs smoothly.

 Don't panic though. A timeline is just an accurate layout of how you expect the day to go, it can be adjusted on the fly to cater to any unforeseen circumstances on your wedding day. Timeout. Before I go any further and explain what could be a great timeline for your special day, let me first say,I am NOT a professional wedding coordinator or planner. I am a professional wedding DJ. The reason I am posting this blog is there are some couples who opt to not hire a coordinator or planner, and sometimes I have to draft out a basic, working timeline for them. Well, as many weddings as I have done, I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will enjoy your wedding day (all of it), if you hire at least a wedding coordinator or full service planner. Whatever your guest list, 40, 60, 80, or 120 or more people, hire at least a wedding coordinator. Allocate resources into your budget for this expense, because from the moment you wake up on your wedding day, an experienced wedding coordinator will take care of every aspect of the day. And, for even more of an investment, ire a full service wedding planner.


10:00 am | Time to get ready with you and your bridesmaids. Hair and make-up time.

Noon-2pm | Vendors arrive.

1:30pm | Photos | Get those bridal party, family and if the bride and groom are going to see each other prior, you might get those done.

3:30pm | Guests arrive | Pre-Ceremony Music

4:00pm | Wedding Ceremony Begins

4:30 or 4:45pm | Ceremony wraps up

5:00pm | Cocktail Hour Begins | Any other pictures could be taken now

6:15pm | Cocktail Hour Ends

6:15pm | Bridal Party Introductions | First Dances Optional At This Time

6:25pm | Welcome Announcement And / Or Blessing Of The Food

6:35pm | Dinner

7:30pm | Toasts | Best Man & Maid Of Honor or Matron Of Honor

7:50pm | Cake Cutting

8:45pm | Garter & Bouquet Toss

10:15pm | Last Call

10:30pm | Last Dance

10:40pm | Send Off

Remember, this is just a basic framework of how a typical wedding ceremony and reception might go. A true professional wedding DJ will work with you and your planner and coordinator and be flexible if changes need to be made during the wedding ceremony and reception due to unforeseen circumstances. Flexibility is a great key to success for your wedding. I strongly consider you placing into your overall budget AT LEAST a wedding coordinator (day of or month of) to help you work through the logistics of your wedding day. If you can swing it and want a completely stress-free wedding day, hire a full service wedding planner. Even though the desire may be there to save a few dollars by not hiring one, you'll find if you do, you'll certainly enjoy your entire wedding day even more if you get a pro working on all the details for you. If you are interested in hiring a wedding coordinator or planner for your special day, please check my preferred vendors on my website as I work with some of the best in the area.

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