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The Mike Bills Podcast | Classy & Elegant Charleston Wedding DJ Is Now Online

31 October 2019

Over the past weeks, I've literally felt like a kid waiting for Santa claus to deliver all my presents on Christmas morning. I've been teasing it on Instagram, as well as other social media platforms and have actually received direct messages from a few followers about what exactly is going on? The day has finally arrived and I am happy to announce that today on November 1, 2019, I officially launch The Mike Bills Podcast: Classy & Elegant Charleston Wedding DJ. It is online now and live for you. At the time of this blog post, the podcast has officially been picked up by Apple Podcasts, as well as Google Play.  You can also listen to this podcast on your Tune-In app, as well as Stitcher. Just search for The Mike Bills Podcast.  For as long as my website has been online, it's been my goal to provide the best possible content for Charleston brides and grooms looking for the best wedding entertainment here in the Holy City for their big day.  This professionally-produced wedding DJ podcast will take my content for you to an entire new level.

The Perfect Marriage Of Two Passions Of Mine
This podcast will be a marriage of two of my biggest passions: Wedding DJing & Broadcasting. If you have not checked out my About page, you can learn more about there, like the beginning of my DJ career. I began my career as a DJ on the radio here in Charleston. With the explosion of podcasting over the past few years, I saw this as an excellent opportunity to express myself and develop an even more intimate connection with prospective clients and offer up some of the best information on how to secure the best wedding DJ in one of the most beautiful cities in the country.  If you have found me by way of my website, you probably can see that I am a big blogger. I've spent hours and hours over the years expressing my expertise in the wedding DJ industry. It's now time to transfer that content over to a professionally-produced podcast that can be listened at any time and all around the world.  I've been thinking about doing a podcast for quite some time, but never thought I could pull it off because of the time required to do it the right way.  

The Mike Bills Podcast Online Now

The Growth Of Podcasting
Podcasting is still growing and expected to continue to grow. In other words, podcasting is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Calling myself a "former" radio DJ is a bit misleading. While I have been off the air from terrestrial radio for just over 12 years, my heart has never left the industry.  While I am not happy how the industry has progressed over the past 12 years, I still find myself listening to great radio all over the country. I have been following some of the leading national radio consultants and music researchers to stay in the loop on just how the industry is progressing. People like Fred Jacobs of Jacobs Media whose blog I've been following for quite some time. His blog has educated me even more about podcasting and it's current relationship with radio. And Sean Ross, vice president of music & programming at Edison Research, who probably has the most prolific knowledge of all things music and research. Lawson Roberts, who is one of the top wedding & event planners in Charleston and beyond has a podcast, called the Sunday Morning Mimosa. He created this podcast several years ago and recently brought it back. I caught it again after I realized he had re-launched it and it further inspired me to get off my butt and get this first episode in the can. Truth be told, podcasting and radio are becoming more and more intertwined. If you still listen to terrestrial radio stations, you are beginning to see your favorite local DJs create podcasts to create a more personal connection with their listeners.

Episode 1: The Why Behind The Podcast & Getting To Know Mike's Style As A Charleston Wedding DJ
When you listen to Episode 1 of The Mike Bills Podcast, you'll learn at least 5 reasons why I decided to do this podcast, and how it might further enhance my wedding DJ company here in Charleston. Out of those 5 reasons, I would say that "building a more personal connection" with brides and grooms looking for a great wedding DJ is the Number 1 reason. I believe that finding your wedding DJ for one of the most special days here in Charleston should be a very pleasant experience. It should not be something you fear. Developing a more personal connection with my prospective clients to build trust is also a big goal of mine through the production of this podcast. As long as I have been a DJ in the Holy City, I've been passionate about carving out a niche as one of the top wedding DJs. I was able to create that niche by providing excellent services to my clients. While that seems to be a given when owning any type of small business, it's NOT a given when it comes to the highly competitive wedding industry. It takes a meticulous attention to detail and a little bit of spoiling to accomplish what I have managed to do over the years. It's something you need to be cognizant about at all times to always perform with your A game.

Being One Of The Best DJs In Charleston On My Own Terms
You'll find out in Episode 1 that I had a pretty negative beginnning to wedding DJ career back in the early 2000s. After that experience, I was determined to conduct myself like I should as a wedding DJ; professional.  You'll find out in this first episode of The Mike Bills Podcast that I could be a wedding DJ again "if" I did it on my own terms. "My own terms" has meant so much and is still actually a work in progress. I look forward to creating this podcast for you so that you can get the valuable information you need to make a decision on the most important of your wedding day; the wedding entertainment.

One Hour Podcast Each Week And Uploaded Each Friday For Your Weekend Listening
Each episode of this podcast will be one solid hour to start and will include my stance on the weddinfg DJ industry, wedding trends, music, and real Charleston weddings.  Availability on all podcasting platforms is an ongoing process and I will soon be announcing new ways to hear in the podcast in the coming weeks.  My goal will be to build the audience as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Charleston Wedding Vendors To Get A Free Plug On The Podcast
When I was researching how I would design the podcast, my initial desire was to throw a few songs into the mix. After much research, it was determined due to licensing issues, it was not advised to add music because the large podcasting directories may remove the podcast. In lieu of music (until the rules change), I decided to produce some short commercials between the segments of my podcast.  These short commercials were made to raise awareness about some of the preferred wedding vendors I work with in Charleston. They were designed to be short and sweet and not take over the podcast. In a growing wedding industry here in Charleston, I feel everyone needs a plug sometimes. The biggest expense of putting the podcast together thus far has been my "time" and it's my pleasure to give these fine vendors a few plugs. You never know who is listening and who might need your services.

Charleston Bride Listening To Podcast

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Did You Listen To Episode 1 And Want To Speak To Mike About Being Your DJ?
Thank you so much for listening to this first podcast. This is the beginning of something really special for me. If I could narrow everything I talk about on my blog and podcast to ONE thing, it would be to make your wedding entertainment one of the most important parts to your wedding day and to hire your wedding DJ right after you choose a date and book your wedding venue. Do not leave your entertainment to the last minute. Book the right DJ for your wedding and one that you are totally comfortable with. If you've listened to the 1st episode of The Mike Bills Podcast, and like what you hear and want to learn more about Mike and meet with him, click HERE to fill out a contact form to tell him a little more about your big day.