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The Mike Bills Entertainment Brand Defined | Charleston Wedding DJ

30 June 2018

When Mike Bills Entertainmment was founded, the goal at the time was to create an exceptional wedding DJ service and experience that would have brides and grooms and their guests talking for years and years after the biggest day of their lives. Another goal was to remove the fear factor associated with hiring your Charleston wedding DJ. What is this fear factor you ask? Well, let me refresh your memory. Do you remember that incredibly tacky wedding DJ that your cousin hired last summer? Do you remember how you felt after that disastrous day? If you are like any of the bride's that I have spoken with over the years, you probably left your cousins wedding in fear that when you got married, you might end up with the same type of embarrassing wedding DJ at your wedding. You know what I am talking about when I say "embarrassing"? :) Embarrassing easily equates to "cheesy", and cheesy would mean one of those overbearing and offensive personalities who likes to wear gaudy and tacky leisure suits. As the years have passed by, the brand that defines Mike Bills Entertainment as one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston has continued to evolve and become crystal clear. Why should you be concerned about a wedding DJs brand? Trust me, I am just getting started. You'll want to read on and learn more.

Defining The Brand Of Mike Bills Entertainment

Some of the inspiration for this blog post came from a video clip I watched on You Tube recently that featured the former CEO of American Express, Ken Chenault.  Being a long time card member myself, I am always interested in hearing what one of the most successful companies with a well known "brand" has to say. Mr. Chenault spoke about "brands" as he was speaking at the Stanford Graduate School Of Business. At the beginning of the video, he said. "the best brands have a personal engagement". Those words resonated with me lots because a "personal engagement" has been one of the biggest parts of Mike Bills Entertainment since Day 1. Check out the video in it's entirety down below.

The Personal Engagement Of Mike Bills Entertainment
Setting my DJ company apart from the rest of the wedding DJs in Charleston has been no easy task. It's taken a tremendous amount of time and resources to launch a truly professional website that has a laser focus mission on being one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston.  It takes a considerable amount of time to write inspirational blog posts for prospective brides and grooms who are just recently engaged and are searching for a great wedding DJ.  The posts that I create for my clients are designed to resonate with them and to give them ideas as to how they would like their wedding playlist to be designed.

"One" Is A Lonely Number For One Of The Best Charleston Wedding DJs
You simply cannot get more personal than working one on one with your Charleston wedding DJ. Check out this very informative post from May 2018 by clicking HERE.  When you meet with me and sign a contract for me to DJ your wedding, you'll work with me from the time of booking until the last sparkler extinguishes at your wedding reception. There are no middle men to deal with or other staff to talk to. There is ONE guy to talk to and one guy to email and meet with to help plan the music for your upcoming wedding. This is truly that "personal engagement" that defines the brand that has become Mike Bills Entertainment over the years. Check out some of  the reviews right HERE to read about more that personal engagement that you will receive if you allow me to be the DJ at your Charleston wedding. So, "one" might be a lonely number, but for Mike Bills Entertainment, it's the only number that can give couples that all important personal engagement.

Because Sitting Down With Brides And Grooms Is So Fun
Let's face it. We live in a world today where we tend to forget about meeting people in person.  While most of my couples find me online and hit my website and then make a decision to book me, it's my goal to meet each and every single couple prior to their wedding day.  It's been ingrained in me since the inception of my company to create this additional personal engagement with my clients. Brides and grooms need to sit down and think about just how important their wedding DJ is to the overall picture of their wedding day. Meeting one of the most important people of your wedding day should at the very top of your to-do list in the days and months leading up to your Charleston wedding. Sitting down with couples begins to create a bit of a bond and a trust factor that is needed. It also allows the DJ and the couple to get to know each other a little better, which in turn will reduce stress. Brides and grooms should be skeptical of ANY wedding DJ who claims that meeting them before their wedding is not needed.

To Be The DJ To Put Me Out Of Business
If you watched that video up above in it's entirety, you caught some very inspiring words toward the end from Ken Chenault. "You always want to create the company that will put yourself out of business".  These words literally hit me like a ton of bricks. It was the one statement in the entire video that resonated the most with who it is I am as a business owner.  In today's increasingly competitive Charleston Wedding DJ market, you cannot afford to not bring your A game in everything you do. From dealing with all the details before a wedding to killing it at a wedding, any DJ must be on top of his or her game and be thinking of ways to stay there.  In order to do this, it takes a love for the craft, a love for the industry, and an incredible determination to always deliver the best possible performance. 

This blog post was designed to give you a bit of insight into what the Mike Bills Entertainment brand is comprised of. Sometimes I have to sit back and reflect on why I am in business and what it is I am all about. I'd really love to DJ your Charleston wedding. You are invited to look at my blog and reviews and see what it is I am all about. All the successes that I have experienced in Charleston as a wedding DJ are no accident. They were all made possible by an incredible attention to detail and desire to be one of the best wedding DJs in Charleston.  Are you recently engaged and looking for a great wedding DJ to rock your Charleston wedding? Click HERE to tell me a little bit about your special day. I look forward to hearing from you.