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The DJ Podcast Series - Part 1 - How To Spot The Cheesy DJ

03 January 2016

Congratulations on your engagement  and a Happy New Year from Mike Bills Entertainment! January 2016 looks to be starting off to be a busy "engagement" season in and around the Charleston, SC area. Beginning this year (as time permits), I plan on professionally producing audio clips / podcasts discussing some of the various aspects of choosing your DJ for your Charleston wedding. This particular audio clip / podcast discusses the ways to spot a cheesy DJ and keep yourself from ruining your wedding ceremony and reception by hiring the wrong DJ.

They are out there all over the Charleston, SC area. Hopefully, this 5:34 overview of "The Cheesy DJ Exposed" in Charleston, SC can help save your wedding day and get the right wedding DJ at your wedding. After all, there are NO second takes on your wedding day.  You need a true, professional DJ for your Charleston SC wedding and any wedding up and down the South Carolina coast. Please take a listen to the podcasts on the website. With 90% of my brides and grooms highly tech savvy, creating educational audio clips and podcasts of this nature should be deemed useful for brides looking for a professional DJ for their Charleston-based wedding.

As I stated above, January 2016 is going to be jam-packed busy for Mike Bills Entertainment. Please accept my invite right now to come meet me at the newly-remodeled Gaillard Center for the Charleston Bridal Show. It's simply Charleston's most elegant bridal show held at one of the most beautiful locations in Charleston.  Come down to the newly-remodeled Gaillard Center on Sunday, January 24th from 12-4pm. More details to below. Congratulations once again on your engagement and I look forward to meeting you on January 24th