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The Best Wedding DJs Meet Couples Before Their Wedding Day

19 September 2012

Meeting your DJ for your wedding in Charleston is just one of the many ways to ensure peace of mind on the most important day of your life. First and foremost, the booking of a DJ / and or entertainment at your event is a "business transaction". For me, personally, I do not book anyone "online" without interaction with the client prior to their event. Reason being is I personally don't feel comfortable taking anyone's money until they sit down with me and we've chatted with one another about their expectations of me. Our initial sit-down and consultation is generally a quick information gathering session. I give folks a written timeline to be transferred over to their online profile when they book with me.

During the initial consultation, I get to know the bride and groom and begin to figure out what kind of music that may like. Some of these things are just plain difficult to read online. Also, meeting allows the DJ to build trust with the client as well. Charleston is one of the top wedding destinations in the world. I've been getting quite a few leads on "destination" weddings. Normally, in this situation, we may talk on the phone a few times to get to know one another. However, I am going to be investing a web cam soon and begin to employ "Skype" so that I can begin to have meetings online with destination couples. All destination couples I book usually are booking far enough in advance that we meet at least once or twice prior to their day. A good, quality professional wedding DJ is in high demand in and around the Charleston, SC area. It's important that you choose a DJ who goes the extra mile to get to know you and your fiance. Whatever you do, don't EVER let this happen to you. It's a lengthy video, but watch it in it's entirety.