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The Best Pre-Wedding Playlist For Brides And Her Bridesmaids

03 September 2018

You've been thinking about this day since the moment he proposed to you. You've hired an exceptional  wedding planner who has taken care of ALL the fine details of what will be the happiest day of your life. You have hired one of the best wedding DJs to choreograph your very special wedding ceremony and reception with an amazing mix of music that will have you and your guests on the dance floor all night long and talking for many years after the big day. You go to bed the night before after your rehearsal dinner over at Leon's Oyster Shop downtown on the peninsula in Charleston and you just can't sleep. You are too excited because you keep thinking about how perfect this day is going to be. You get a big smile on your face when you think about him all dressed up in his tux. All of a sudden you realize the sun is coming up on the morning of your wedding day and you have barely slept a wink. You sit up in your bed and have a brief moment of reflection about the huge life changing event that is happening to you today.  You feel a little groggy due to a lack of sleep, so you call room service to have your favorite coffee drink delivered to your room. Don't go anywhere! The fun is about ready to begin.

After you sip on your caffeinated beverage for a bit, you realize that your bridesmaids are going to be arriving soon. Your smile begins to get bigger and you realize your second wind will be kicking in the moment that your girls are around you. Soon, you'll be sipping on mimosas and all your girls will be around you getting all made up. While all this happening, it's very important to have a fun and upbeat soundtrack to get you excited for all the festivities coming later. For all the Charleston, SC brides looking to have some fun with your girls before the wedding, this playlist is for you.

Plan Your Pre-Wedding Now. Download This Playlist From Spotify
You should not overlook your pre-wedding festivities with your bridesmaids. Plan accordingly. It's your last hours of fun as a single girl. As you are sipping on your mimosas and being decorated with your beautiful wedding dress and makeup, have these tunes. Head over to my Spotify and search for DJ Mike Bills. On my Spotify, you'll find this playlist, as well as numerous others designed to help you plan the music for your big day. If you don't Spotify, you can still hear these songs by scrolling through this post and pulling up the You Tube for each song by clicking the link in the song title.

"Together Forever" | Rick Astley
This song was just featured in my final post about the greatest hits from 1988. It's a very upbeat happy song because after all, he moved heaven and Earth to be "together forever" with you. 

"I Do" | Colbie Caillat
"I Do"  was the first song to be released from her 2011 album "All Of You". It's fun and happy-go-lucky song that deals with wanting to spend the rest of yourlife. Isn't this what getting married is all about? "I Do" would peak at #7 on the adult Top 40 charts.

"We Found Love" | Rihanna
"We Found Love" was one of the biggest songs to be released in 2011 and features the world famous DJ Calvin Harris.  It was so big that it went to Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 10 weeks. "Yellow diamonds in the light, and now you're standing side by side...." It's a great upbeat song for you to hear with your girls before the wedding.

"Walking On Sunshine" | Katrina & The Waves
It's a little self-explanatory why this 80s One Hit Wonder appears on this pre-wedding playlist. You've met the man of your dreams and will be marrying him in a few hours. You better believe you are "walking on sunshine" and skipping from cloud to cloud.

"Mine" | Taylor Swift
"Mine" was released long before Taylor's massive "Reputation" tour going on in 2018. It appeared on her 3rd record "Speak Now" back in 2010.  If you watch the music video down below, you'll see why I added this song into your Charleston Pre-Wedding playlist.

"Chapel Of Love" | The Dixie Cups
It might be a little cliche, but this 60s classic is the perfect pre-wedding song to take the nerves out of your wedding day. The song would later be covered by Bette Midler, but the original version is the most requested by most of my clients and would go all the way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Best Day Of Your Life" | American Authors

You are marrying the man of your dreams at the most beautiful wedding venue in Charleston with 200 of your closest friends and relatives, with the best food and drink and one of the best Charleston wedding DJs. I am not sure how this CANNOT be the best day of your life. :)

Getting Ready Pre Wedding Playlist
You need happy tunes with your girls when you are getting ready to walk down
the aisle with the man of your dreams. Photo Credit: Mike Bills Entertainment -2010

"Man! I Feel Like A Woman" | Shania Twain
Of course you do! You have all your favorite girls around you and are getting your hair and makeup done by some of the best in Charleston. But before all that, it'll be you and your girls getting a manicure and a pedicure.

"Everytime We Touch" Cascada
"And every time we kiss I reach for the sky...
Can't you hear my heart beat so I can't let you go
Want you in my life | These are definite sentiments you are feeling as you get ready to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams.

"(You Drive Me) Crazy" | Britney Spears
Rule 1 in hanging out with your favorite girls before your wedding is turn up the Britney. Go ahead, down it right now!

"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry
He think you are beautiful without any make-up on, and he still thinks you are funny when you tell the joke the wrong way. These are some of the many reasons that you are marrying the man of your dreams in one of the most romantic cities on the planet. Check out the title track to Katy Perry's 3rd album from 2010 down below.

"I Get Weak" | Belinda Carlisle
Another one of those self explanatory songs for this Charleston pre-wedding playlist. "With a kiss you can strip me defenseless, and with a touch I completely lose control"
Yep, that's him. That's the guy who is going to marry you. He does all those things to you.
Photo Credit: Mike Bills Enterainment

"I Just Want To Make Love To You" | Etta James
Nothing wrong about thinking about this first thing in the morning! It's fun and flirty song by Etta James that appeared on the same album as "At Last" in 1961. I'll gladly play "At Last" and dedicate it to you and your new husband at your wedding reception.

"Boom Clap" | Charli XCX
"First kiss just like a drug....
Under your influence
You take me over you're the magic in my veins.....
Wow! He does all that stuff to you? At least we all know why you'll soon be walking down the aisle with him

"You've Got The Love" | Florence & The Machine
Originally recorded and released by the great Candi Station in 1986, Florence & The Machine would cover it in late 2009 as the B side to "Dog Days Are Over". 

"Crazy In Love" | Beyonce
It's hard to believe we're approaching 17 years since the release of this song on Beyonce's album "Dangerously In Love".  Beyonce would soar to Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, as well Hot R&B and Rap charts during the summer of 2003.

"Firework" | Katy Perry
Katy Perry's "Firework" became one of the most populr songs of the 2010s. I can totally see you and your bridesmaids singing this song at the top of your lungs as you are getting ready.  "Firework" was released in the fall of 2010, and by December 18, it would hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"Lady Marmalade" | Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Originally recorded and released back in the 70s by Patti Labelle, an all-star cast consisting of Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil' Kim, and Mya would record this cover for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack in 2001, and would peak at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 straight weeks.

"The Shoop Shoop Song" | Cher
Originally recorded and released as a hit by Betty Everett in 1964, Cher would record a cover for the song  for her 1990 movie Mermaids, where she starred alongside Winona Ryder. "The Shoop Shoop Song" would make to #7 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart in early 1991.

"You Make My Dreams Come True" | Hall & Oates
He's made your dreams come true and you are marrying him. This so happens to be one of the most requested Hall & Oates songs at my weddings, but you can hear it with your girls during your pre-wedding festivities.  This song would reach #5 on the Hot 100 in 1981.

"Girl On Fire" | Alicia Keys
You are darn right you are on fire. You'll be the hottest and most beautiful girl at your wedding reception. You might play this song as your hair stylist is stopping or makeup artist starts doing their thing.  Alicia Keys went all the way to #2 on the Hot R&B and Hip-Hop charts in 2012 with this gem of a song.

"I'm Every Woman" | Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston recorded a cover of this song for The Bodyguard, which of course she starred alongside Kevin Costner in 1992. "I'm Every Woman" would be the second song to be released from the movie soundtrack and would hit the Top 5 on the Hot 100 chart.

"No Scrubs" | TLC
Hopefully you aren't marrying a scrub and you and your bridesmaids can sing this during pre-wedding to celebrate the fact you are marrying such a fine, young gentleman. "No Scrubs" would become one of the biggest songs of 1999, and would hold at #1 for 15 weeks on the Rhythmic Top 40 chart.

"Side To Side" | Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj
Released back at the end of the summer of 2016, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj would move "Side To Side" into the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.  That guy you are marrying has got you moving side to side. 

"Bootylicous" | Destiny's Child
You can find this classic girls song from the 2000s on the album Survivor, released back in 2001.  "Bootylicious" became a song of the summer of 2001 peaking at Number 1 on the Hot 100.

Ready To Secure Mike As Your Charleston Wedding DJ?
Wow! Wasn't that fun? Having been a part of so many Charleston weddings, I can only imagine and hope that this is how fun the times are going to be with your girls as you get ready to walk down the aisle with the man of your dreams in one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the country. Just remember to take a deep breath and have fun and hire a great Charleston wedding planner :) Thank you so much for making it to the end of yet another blog post. Here it is Labor Day now and I think I am going to do some exploring in this most beautiful city in the country before heading over to some friends for a cookout.  It's been a nice relaxing Labor Day weekend for me, but I am looking forward to getting back into the office tomorrow and working on some of my 2019 brides here in Charleston. Maybe you got engaged over this Labor Day weekend and are looking to get married in Charleston and need a little preliminary information about some of the best Charleston wedding DJs? Click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day and congratulations!