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Thanksgiving | Another Wedding Engagement Season Kicks Off

24 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy First Day Of Engagement Season! Today marks the beginning of yet another engagement season here in Charleston. From now up until Valentine’s Day, there will be lots of engagements beginning. Between 40 – 50% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day.

Are you thinking this season could be the time you are proposed to?  Well, if you are thinking this could be your time, congratulations in advance. That one word “yes” will set in motion such a flood of intense emotion.  You may have begun to dream about how you envision your wedding day to be like. The food, the venue, the entertainment.  

Take a deep breath. Don’t panic. The average couple is engaged for 12-13 months before getting the big date. You will have plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding.  At your disposal, I have assembled an incredible list of quality wedding vendors in Charleston ranging from caterers to photographers to planners and coordinators. Click over to my preferred vendors page to see them. Only 29% of couples opt for less than a 9 month engagement and actually 33% of couples may have over a 16 month engagement. One of the startling statistics I just read recently was that in 2015, 50% of all weddings occurred on 25 days of the year. All of those days were on a Saturday. 

The most popular day to get married is a Saturday during a fall month, but honestly here in Charleston, all months and even all days are now in play. In May 2015, I actually did a wedding on a Monday. If you take into account that there are 52 weekends in a year with Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in play, that makes 156 total possible wedding days per year.

41% of couples start planning within the first month after engagement and it’s done mostly online. Around 30% use a smartphone or tablet but as the upgrade to mobile sites continue, there will be an increased usage of mobile to do wedding planning.


I am going to be blunt with you. I would very much like to DJ your wedding. I am very passionate about what I do, and that shows through when I arrive and set up and play for each and every wedding I am hired for. For me, and what I thinks separates me from the other DJs in Charleston is I like to get to know my brides and grooms. I want to develop a rapport with my brides and grooms so that they are comfortable with their hiring decision. With recent events here in Charleston regarding wedding vendors, there is even more of an importance to make sure you hire the right DJ for your wedding.  After all, you are putting me in charge of one of the integral pieces of your wedding day: the entertainment.

Building a rapport with my couples means getting to know their musical likes and dislikes. Upon meeting them for the first time, I try to make them feel at ease and let them know that I will help them plan their music and execute flawlessly and professionally on their wedding day. I have found it’s important to build that rapport because so many couples come to me and describe their horror stories of weddings they had been to for their friends or other relatives.

Your cost includes unlimited consultations in person, by phone, by email or even Skype or Facetime. I’ll work seamlessly with any planner or coordinator. First things first though, let’s get together and meet and grab a coffee and talk music.  Once you book, you’ll be able to log into your account online and select ALL your music. I look forward to speaking with you after your engagement as you plan the music for your beautiful Charleston wedding. And remember, you’ll meet with me, you’ll plan your music with me, and I will be your DJ. No surprises. Also, be sure to ask me for complimentary copies of the Charleston Weddings Magazine. 

And speaking of music, since engagement season has kicked off, my next several posts will be lists of some of the most popular songs for First Dances, Father / Daughter Dances etc.

Congratulations! Just recently engaged? Want to fast track on booking your date for 2017? Click this link now Contact MIKE