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Professional Ceremony Music Done The Right Way

28 January 2016

Time and time again, brides and grooms approach me about providing the wedding ceremony music for their special day. It's probably equally important as providing a flawless wedding reception because of increased logistics. The music and PA need to be perfect. In my continuing podcast series, I discuss the importance of a professional sound for your wedding ceremony for your Charleston, SC wedding.  As you continue to search for your DJ for your Charleston wedding, please check back to this blog often for more tips for you to find the perfect DJ. Click over to the homepage of the website to listen to this podcast, as well as others in the series for 2016.

Before you click over and listen to the podcast, let's briefly summarize the main musical parts of a typical wedding ceremony.

1. Pre-Ceremony Music

2. Bridal Party Processional Music

3. Bride Processional Music

4. Recessional Music