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Owner Operator DJ Services Can Mean Less Stress & More Fun

10 March 2017

What exactly does it mean to hire a single operator DJ service for your Charleston wedding? This question was asked to me the other day by a website inquiry. Hiring a single operator DJ service greatly increases the chances that your wedding will be more stress-free and less worrisome because from the time you sign a contract til the time your limo leaves your venue, yoou work with ONE person in regards to the planning and creation of your playlist. 

Mike Bills Entertainment is one of the only single operator DJ services in the Charleston, SC area. Why is that exactly? Because it's been my goal since Day 1 to stay focused on each and every couple I work with and having to worry about a staff of 16 people and making sure they don't destroy my reputation is very important to me, and not something I really want to explore. So, it's just ME. In other words, I'd like to sleep good on Saturday night after i DJ YOUR wedding. Quality, not quantityof weddings is the important factor at play here. There had been a rash of weddings ruined in 2016 by companies in Charleston that overbooked and didn't show. It's tough and very expensive and most companies won't spend the extra to make sure all their staff have the same level of pro grade gear. That's right, pro grade gear. Then, as your wedding day arrives, you are dealt a terrible blow. The guy you met 9  months ago who you thought was cool and who you thought was going to DJ your wedding doesn't show up. Instead, a less polished DJ with a totally different personality that doesn't mesh well with you and your fiance's personality shows up and ruins your day. That same company who had 12 weddings on your day sends "another" playlist with "another" DJ to your wedding also, then totally gets your bridal introduction song and first dance song wrong. Yes, it happens. It can't happen though with a single operator DJ service who strives to do ONE wedding per day. Remember, quality NOT quantity. ONE person cannot be in two places at the same time. As a newly engaged couple, you have lots of decisions to make. One of the biggest decisions you'll make is what type of entertainment you are going to have on your wedding day.


Whether it's a band or profesisonal DJ, make sure they have a stellar reputation, excellent reviews, professional equipment, and if you narrow your search down to 2 companies, let your deciding factor be whether or not the company is a single operator DJ service. I invite you to click back over to my website, read over more of my blog entries, read my frequently asked questions, and schedule a consultation. I would love to DJ your wedding here in beautiful and romantic Charleston SC. If you are not in Charleston and are planning your wedding from a distance, we can do a quick Skype to do a meet and greet as well. Either way, let's talk and I'll discuss with you how I will provide an exceptional wedding DJ experience for you and your fiance. Click HERE to schedule a consultation