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Number 1 Tip To Find The Best Wedding DJ: Hire Someone Who Truly Cares

08 December 2019

Doing a Google search in recent months for "Charleston Wedding DJs" has become one of the most terrifying things, especially for someone who is very active in the market at keeping their website updated with some of the freshest content. Of course, my web consultants who I have hired to maintain my website always preach to me and say "Stop searching for yourself on Google". It's a hard habit to break, especially when engagement season is getting ramped up and you are looking for some great brides and grooms to fill in the dates on your 2020 wedding calendar.  The biggest downer when you search for wedding DJs in Charleston is the vast amount of these listing sites that pop up in practically every single industry you can think of. They tend to occupy spaces on Google that websites like mine could be. When you look for a plumber, Home Advisor pops up.  Looking for a real estate agent? Zillow pops up. And if you are looking for a Wedding DJ, you've got The Knot, Weddingwire, and Gigmasters popping up.  The entertainment you decide to hire for your wedding has got to be top notch and have a personality that completely meshes with you and your fiance. You are not going to find that "personality" on any listing website. How do you truly know what you are getting?  They say that the cream always rise to the top.  Well, in terms of wedding DJs, the best do rise to the top. You need to do your research. Your guests have travelled to Charleston from all the country, you need to hire the wedding DJ who truly cares about the success of your big day in the Holy City.

I can hear you right now from your loft apartment  in New York City or Philadelphia or Chicago as you sit with your fiance looking at all the beautiful wedding venues in Charleston.  You are probably saying. "Mike, that's easier said than done.". Yeah it is. it's daunting. It's scary and I have talked about it in previous blog posts. Be sure to check out my post that goes into depth the nightmares that Charleston brides have seen as it pertains to their DJ.  It used to be easier to find the best wedding DJ but now it's gotten even more difficult with Google and it's ever-changing algorithms.  Yeah, companies like mine who have invested a lot in digital marketing are being squashed by those listing sites. The listing sites feel like dating sites these days.  You go to them and they are all listed there. They all tend to look the same because there is very little customization that would allow a wedding DJ to show their style. Find a few wedding DJs who catch your eye, then take a look at their reviews. If you like what you see, then venture back over to their website to view their content and see the exact style that they are trying to convey.

Elegant Bride And Groom

Responsive Wedding DJs Care About YOU
You've been Googling for wedding DJs and visit a  DJs website and are interested in learning more about their services. Perhaps you'd like to set up a time to speak or do a Skype? You head over and fill out a contact form. You wait and you wait but you don't hear anything back from them. Now, 3 days have passed and you still have not heard anything.  You were once excited about talking to this wedding DJ, but now you wonder how they are even in business because no one has contacted you.  I hear stories all the time about DJs being too busy to answer the phone or answer an email.  Real businesses have measures in place to let prospective clients know that the business is interested in working with them.  If you don't hear back from me in 24 hours, I have died. Plain and simple. As I have discussed in The Mike Bills Podcast, the level of effort that it took for you to find me is immense. I am flattered that you showed interest in me being your DJ. There must have been something you saw that inspired you to want to learn more about me. I would love to be your wedding DJ.  Let's schedule a time very soon to discuss your wedding.

Bride And Groom

Meeting You Means They Care About YOU
Another big part of "caring" is taking the time to get to know you a little bit better. While this is not always possible when you first book your wedding DJ, there are still other ways a DJ can connect with you. And if a DJ does indeed care, they will reach out to you and make this happen.  If you are a destination couple, you can certainly ask to set up a call with them, or perhaps a Skype to go over any questions you have about them while you make a decision.  The list you create of wedding DJs you might like to hire should be open to meeting you. Unfortunately there are some wedding DJs out there who don't have warm fuzzies about meeting you because they aren't "getting paid" to do so. They feel their time is too valuable to meet you. This is where some DJs fall short in their service of the client.  It's common sense and only the best way to run your business for a DJ to offer to meet you, especially after you've paid a deposit. Since the entertainment is the most important part of your wedding day, meeting the person who will be in charge of it will definitely set your mind at ease and begin to develop trust.  While most clients seem to be on a tight schedule, I'm willing to meet them as many times as possible to go over their fine music details.

Responsive Wedding DJs Planning

The Wedding DJ Who Cares Gets There Early EVERY Time
I don't have to tell you that your wedding day is a very stressful time. The wedding vendors you've hired are putting together a wedding day full of fun and memories. This is no small task.  As a professional wedding DJ, the pressure is on to provide you and your guests an amazing mix of music, working the flow of your night, and making the announcements properly and professionally. I've always thought that arriving to your venue "early", rather than cutting it close was very important. The extra time invested in making sure everything is in good working order is not only for me so that I can rest easy as the starting time to your wedding reception approaches, but also for you knowing that one of the big parts of your day is ready for execution. 

Bride And Groom Wedding Ceremony
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It's NOT Just A Paycheck To The Wedding DJ Who Cares
In order to separate myself from all the other "run of the mill" wedding DJs in Charleston, I decided a long time ago that I was never going to look at any client of mine's wedding day as a "gig".  You've invested thousands of dollars in your big day. Your guests have spent hundreds of dollars to get here. It's NOT a gig, it's the single most biggest day of your life up to this point and adequate care must be taken by a DJ who cares to make sure it's a night you never forget. Calling it a "gig" sounds so cheap and degrading and makes your wedding look like a silly bar event.  Your wedding should be looked upon as a "classy and elegant" party by a wedding DJ. Modern brides and grooms are searching for "quality" over "quantity". They don't care if you did 900 weddings in one month. It's their "one" day that matters the most.  I give my clients undivided attention on their wedding day. My attention is on them 110%, not on the next wedding. Working ONE wedding per day allows a laser focus on the bride and groom that is NOT able to be delivered by a lot of wedding DJ services.

Hire A Wedding DJ Who Cares

The Best DJs That Are Concerned About Getting Reviews Are The Ones Who Care
For me personally, getting a review is like getting my report card in school.  All the great wedding DJs strive to receive reviews and truly care about getting reviews. We need to know how we are doing. It's a progress report. While it's difficult to determine why a client might not wish to leave a review, you better believe when a DJ does receive one, they will care.  They'll probably be doing happy dance for hours. Getting a review is validation that all the efforts we put forth were noticed by the bride and groom and that they were well executed.  I care very much what a client has to say about their experience with me, and the DJ you decide to hire should do the same. On a scale of 1 to 5, I feel it's very important to strive for 6 or 7 stars. The wedding DJs who care want to know what to improve on for the next client. Every business run the correct way should be interested in getting this feedback from their clients.

DJs Who Care About Reviews

Having Professional Grade Sound Means A Wedding DJ Truly Cares
While there is certainly no way for a newly engaged bride and grooms to be well versed in what sound equipment the top wedding DJs are using for their events, it's a factor that needs to be considered. Since my very first wedding, I've been concerned about providing my clients with a higher end sound.  Building a rig that produces excellent sound wedding after wedding is one of the main foundations of my company. It's also something that separates the cheap, low-end bottom feeders from the classy and elegant DJs.  There are no new classy Mercedes convertibles these days for $500.00. Higher-end wedding DJs bring with them a sound system that always meets or exceeds expectations.

qsc professional sound

The Only Way To Go Is To Hire A Charleston Wedding DJ Who Cares
If you have made it this far down the page and are nearing the end of the search for your wedding DJ, stop looking for your wedding DJ now.  If you want to hire a consummate professional who is genuinely concerned about the overall success of your event, look no further. I want to talk to you. The DJ who is very interested in making sure you have an amazing time at your wedding without any cheesy or tacky antics is right here for you.  Having a wedding DJ who truly cares is one way to reduce the stress level on your big day and at the same time "increase" the likelihood that your day will be remembered for years and years to come.  You only expect to get married once in your life so the DJ you decide to hire should care about creating the best party ever. The DJ "who cares" will be concerned at going above and beyond to make sure every detail is covered and executed with utmost professionalism at no cost. That DJ will not flinch either.  As you can see, the passion runs deep with me. I have invested too much time and resources to perfect my craft not too care. My clients are very worth it though, and if you wish to gain more perspective on my style as a wedding DJ here in Charleston, you are invited to download The Mike Bills Podcast. While the podcast is still fairly new, the content that has been created thus far is a great preview you'll get from me before we meet. It's also the perfect listen for the modern bride and groom who are constantly on the go and don't have time to read through a blog. Click here to inquire about Mike being the DJ on yourwedding date.