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My Assurance To Modern Brides And Grooms As A Top Wedding DJ

14 June 2020

And as we move into the middle of June of this crazy, wacky year of 2020, COVID 19 cases are on a surge through out South Carolina. While it was not my intention to make this global pandemic the main focus of this blog post, the spike in cases is worth mentioning. It will be interesting to see if the virus has any effect on the upcoming fall wedding season. The activity over on Instagram looks like some weddings are beginning to happen, but I would imagine couples are proceeding with caution. I wanted to take this time to thank you so much for your interest in hiring me to be your wedding DJ. Your decision as to who you will eventually hire as your wedding DJ will be one of the most vital ones in the overall wedding planning process of your big day. So many brides and grooms often look back on their wedding day and wish they had spent more time and resources in selecting their wedding entertainment.  

As one of the top wedding DJs in the Charleston, SC area, my approach to DJing your wedding is plain and simple. It's YOUR wedding reception, so the music should be catered, and a playlist be curated to YOUR likes, not mine. The flow of YOUR reception should be to YOUR comfort level. Any professional wedding DJ will merely "compliment" your wedding reception, NEVER take it over.  Over the years, I've offered a professional and polished approach to being a wedding DJ with a supreme focus on the bride and groom. It's a focus that can rarely be duplicated in an extremely crowded market of wedding professionals.   I've found that 99.5% of couples are looking for a classy, but fun wedding DJ without all the extras because it's the music that matters the most. But, wait! There is a lot more.

I Promise To Be Respectful To You, Your Fiance, Your Family, And Your Guests.
Sounds like a no-brainer, eh?  The level of effort it took for me to find you means that you are going to get world class treatment. It can be tough being a great wedding DJ who only blends in with all of the other mediocre DJs because of web search algorithms.  From the time that we meet, and you sign a contract, I will be there for you to answer any questions, and help you through the process of creating an amazing soundtrack. Then, on your wedding day, everything will go on as planned, and I'll be a friend to your family and guests. Remember what I mentioned up above: "The DJ should compliment your night, not ever take it over." Should you decide to allow requests at your wedding, the DJ you decide to hire should not be rude, but yet try to mix them into the night if they fit nicely.

Millie Adam Guest Having Fun 041319
Photo Credit: Aaron & Jillian Photography: 4-13-19

I Promise To Never Talk Down To You And Make Any Demands Of You.
Did you know that there are some wedding DJs out there who don't take any time at all to get to know their clients? Don't you think it's important for a wedding DJ to know what kind of music you like and dislike?  You found me. We are talking. I will listen intently to what your expectations are and if you should have any questions, I will be glad to answer to them. I will never force you into doing something you do not want to do. Beware of the wedding DJ who tells you "it's my way or the highway". No wedding vendor should ever tell you "this is how all weddings are supposed to be", because EVERY single wedding is different. If all weddings were the same, I probably would not have lasted as long as I have in this industry. 

I Promise To Be Available To You At Any Time.
Built for the modern bride and groom, my website was designed by one of the top web developers. Modern brides and grooms are more tech savvy than ever before. Online portals are available for planning and music selection.  I try to follow up with all of my clients within 24 hours, but oftentimes it is much sooner that I get back to you. For destination brides and grooms, I am available via Skype, Facetime, and Zoom. Need something now? Wanna talk about your wedding now? Click the preceding link.

DJ Who Is Always Available To You AnyTime

I Promise To Provide My Experience As A Wedding DJ To Help You Plan The Flow Of Your Day.
There is not much I have not seen when it comes to weddings. Should you have any questions as you search for your wedding DJ or need any helpful advice when you and your fiance sit down and draw a blank when you begin to map out the music for your wedding playlist, I am here for you. For instance, I've spent countless hours putting together a Spotify profile to allow modern brides and grooms that needed inspiration at the beginning of their song selection process. Learn more by clicking over to this archived blog post about my migration to Spotify.  Aside from my ever-growing Spotify presence, I've also spent numerous hours putting together some of the most popular wedding DJ blog content on the internet. Click back over to the central page of my blog and also my main website for wedding DJ tips and music.

I Promise To Have ALL Your Requested Music And Add Any Custom Songs To My Catalog.
Sounds like another no-brainer, right? Well, when you read stuff online about wedding DJs not having key songs that were agreed upon before the couple's wedding day, this promise is worth discussing again and again and again. When you hear of wedding DJs attempting to play a key song (your first dance) from a You Tube (and not muting for the 10 seconds of the Geico commercial), this is worth mentioning again. I can promise you we will discuss your music and I will have every song you have requested for the key moments of your wedding day. For these types of moments to execute perfectly at each and every wedding, top-rated wedding DJs aren't ever to take a chance on your wedding day and play something off You Tube. To hear of any wedding DJ dropping the ball on what is one of the most important facets of being a great wedding DJ tells me they simply were not a professional to begin with. You can learn more about some of these experiences from an article I wrote in early 2018 about some of the nightmares and fears that brides
have talked to me about when hiring their wedding DJ
Theron Krysten Special Songs Wedding Playlist

I Promise To Work With You In Executing Your Wedding Timeline Flawlessly.
Hopefully you made the best decision of your wedding planning process to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, but in the event that you decided against a planner, I can help you put together a basic timeline that will provide the best flow for your wedding day.  However, wedding planning is not for the faint of heart and I thoroughly recommend that you hire (at least) a day-of coordinator to ensure that you have the most fun possible on this most wonderful day of your life. When you do hire a wedding planner / coordinator, please give them my contact information, so I can begin a dialogue and learn what their expectations will be of me.

DJ Who Will Help With A Wedding Timeline

I Promise To Dress Professionally At Your Wedding Reception.
Real professional wedding DJs are dressed for the occasion. They don't look like they just rolled into your wedding reception without any sleep and a wrinkled shirt and coat.  I will consult with you as to how you would like me to dress on your wedding day, but I will never wear anything gaudy that makes me stand out. You'll find sprinkled in this post that a wedding DJ should compliment your day, NOT take over your wedding day.
DJ Who Will Dress Professionally

I Promise To Never Drink Alcohol At Your Wedding Reception.
You'd think I would never have to mention such an obvious promise to you like this, but in an era where the wedding DJ is a "dime a dozen", this needs to be briefly touched upon. And when I say that wedding DJs have become a "dime a dozen", I mean you've got a lot of crossover who think they have the finesse and knowledge to orchestrate a wedding reception.  Those DJs who want a piece of the action who did that bar gig the night before your wedding, and who come to your wedding with blood shot eyes. Yep. Beware.  Wedding DJs can do whatever they want AFTER your wedding, but any true professional will NOT indulge. For me personally, when I approach the bar, I'll take a water with lemon, or just a straight tonic or soda water.  

DJ Never Drinks Any Alcohol At Your Wedding

I Promise To Make ALL Your Announcements Professionally With A Polished Voice.
With many years as a professional radio announcer, I will make all the announcements that are needed with a truly pleasing voice.  But you'll get a warm, pleasing radio voice without the auctioneer-style persona you get with inexperienced wedding DJs. Yes, there are inexperienced wedding DJs who think that the microphone is a toy and think it's cool to enhance their voice with all sorts of silly and incredibly tacky sound effects. And since I just told you that I promise NOT to drink any alcohol, those announcements will truly come across as being executed by a consummate professional.  I promise NOT to get on the microphone and put YOU or any of YOUR guests on the spot by making rude or embarrassing comments or jokes.  None of this "hands in the air" crap you get with the amateur DJs or in a club. because your wedding is a tasty and classy affair. The music should speak for itself. Your wedding DJ should never be making any silly or unprofessional commentary about the music you have selected.  This type of activity makes them the center of attention, not YOU as a couple.  No wedding DJ should ever be the center of attention. EVER.

Speaking On Mic With A Professional Voice

I Promise To Never Discuss Food Before Or During Your Wedding Reception.
I've seen it before. Wedding DJs getting online and talking about food! Seriously? Why? Are they starving? LOL.How unprofessional could this possibly be. Being a wedding DJ is hard work and I will gladly eat portions of the menu that your wedding caterer put together "after" your wedding reception. I simply do not have time to eat at your wedding reception, and if there is no place to hide, I certainly would not eat at my table. I am not a starving wedding DJ and won't be unprofessional talking about the food at your wedding. If I made it to your wedding by eating before the festivities begin, I can make it through the end of your reception without eating.  Easy peasy.  It's always been in my business process to operate like this and I don't ever want to give any client the impression I am goofing off or that I am at their wedding for a free meal.

A DJ Who Does Not Talk About Food At Your Wedding

I Promise To Speak With Your Wedding Vendors To Make Sure Key Moments Are Captured.
Oftentimes, the wedding DJ needs to speak with the wedding photographer to make sure they are all ready to go when the announcements are ready to be made.  No matter how prepared a bride and grooms are with their timeline, there is always something coming up that might require a slight change. I promise we will maneuver through any possile changes with professionalism and that your guests will never know the difference. Your wedding caterer will also coordinate with your wedding DJ to make sure announcements for when to begin dinner and cocktail hour are executed in a timely manner.

I Promise To Make You Feel Like A Million Dollars From Start To Finsh.
With all the different types of wedding DJs out there, I have no choice but to be on my A-Game from start to finish. This means I need to be there for YOU in our "getting to know each other phase", and through the music planning process, and executing your wedding day. It is my goal that YOU and your fiance walk around and smile and dance and look over at me at least once or twice and say to yourself that you are VERY glad you chose me as your wedding DJ. 

I WILL Do My Best To Be That Exceptional Wedding DJ That You Will Talk About For Years.
Since you don't expect to get married again, there are no do-overs on your wedding day.  I mean, you've got a timeline and if mistakes happen, it's not like we can do them over and over on your wedding day. I mean, we could, but that would be silly and kill the momentum of your wedding day. Trouble is with so many people diving into being a wedding DJ who have not a clue how to execute this most special day of your time, you have to constantly think of ways to separate yourself.   I want your experience with me to be an outstanding experience that you feel inspired to tell your coworkers who were not at your wedding. I'm not looking for that experience because I want a referral, but instead because you'll be so happy with your wedding DJ that you will feel like telling the whole world how wonderful a time you had. 

Does Mike Sound Like A DJ You'd Like To Hire For Your Most Important Day?
If your answer is "yes", then you are half way to home plate. Perhaps seeing some of my assurances to my clients in black and white on a computer screen will drive home the point on exactly what you are getting when you hire me to be your wedding DJ. Should you need to learn more about me and Why YOU Should Hire Me, you'll want to click on that link as well to learn more. Then, click on the link up above to be taken over to my contact form so you can fill it out and tell me a little more about your big day.  Let us talk soon! If you are a couple who has been scared by the COVID 19 pandemic and are unsure about your wedding, check out this link about planning a wedding after the pandemic calms down a tad in 2021.