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Most Important Blog Post You'll Read While Choosing Your DJ

19 August 2015

I have talked about the importance of hiring "professional" wedding vendors for your wedding in Charleston before. I have mentioned bits and pieces about the importance of hiring a true professional wedding DJ for your ceremony and reception. I actually have come across a blog entry from a wedding website that I am going to share. Before I give you the link, I do want to discuss something that I have come across recently. That, is being "Price".


In today's economic times, it is completely understandable that a lot of brides and grooms are on a pretty tight budget. Weddings are expensive. Having worked as a government contractor previously, I can tell you the "lowest bidder" generally wins in those awards, regardless of how good that company is. The same should NOT apply to picking your vendors for your wedding in Charleston.  Picking the lowest bidder in regards to your wedding vendors is VERY rarely a win for the client. The differences between a $600 DJ and a $1200 DJ are immense and worth your attention. The $1000-$1200 DJ in Charleston  is going to have excellent reviews, an excellent arsenal of top notch equipment, an intuitive website, and the desire to make sure you have the time of the life at your wedding. The $600 DJ is going to cut corners, as they are going to NOT have the best equipment, and probably NO backup equipment, plus a plethora of other red flags. Case in point, ask your DJ  about bringing a subwoofer to your wedding for absolute top notch sound.  Considering that 81% of all brides wish they spent more time choosing the entertainment for their wedding reception, I think this blog entry is of UTMOST importance for you to read.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the 9 Reasons Why Hiring An Amateur DJ IS A HUGE MISTAKE

Please read over the above post and take EVERYTHING you read to heart as you explore all 9 reasons. Remember, let us put things in perspective. This is in most cases the single most important day of your life.  If you could spend an additional $400 or $500 on your Charleston DJ to further ensure an excellent time be had by all, wouldn't you? When you look at the one day in your life where you want everything to be perfect, an extra $400 - $500 is a great investment.