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Log In To Create The Perfect Charleston Wedding DJ Playlist

20 April 2018

It happened to me again last weekend at a wedding downtown at the Hyatt House. I was DJing another wonderful Charleston wedding, and everything was coming together for another amazing night of dancing and good times. We had passed that transition after the cake was cut and everyone was coming out on the dance floor. I was smiling and saying to myself. "I love this!" This is why I truly love doing what I do. The proper music that is chosen by the bride and groom does the talking and will get your guests out on the dance floor. The bride was out there with her friends, and then I saw the mother of the bride join her daughter out on the dance floor for even more fun. Seeing the joy and fun that the bride and groom and guests are having on the dance floor is the culmination of many months of discussions and music planning. It humbles me to no end to see this play out at Charleston wedding after wedding.  You might be asking yourself. How does this happen? What would you say if I told you that you could have the Charleston Wedding DJ playlist of your dreams just by simply logging into a website and choosing songs? Yeah, it's that easy! Trust me, you'll want to read more about this.

The key to a "tried and true" excellent time at your wedding is giving brides and grooms the full latitude of selecting the songs that they want to hear on their wedding day. After all, it is "their" day, not the DJs. Brides and grooms should never give the DJ full freedom to plan their music because no two weddings are alike. Musical tastes differ from couple to couple and to assume that all Charleston weddings are the same from a musical standpoint is very unprofessional. Want a special themed cocktail hour? Thinking about jazz-filled dinner playlist? All clients of Mike Bills Entertainment are created an account on the website to access a suite of online wedding planning tools. This suite of online wedding planning tools are designed to take the stress out of mapping out all the fine details of your Charleston wedding, and they can be accessed wherever you have internet access. Are you ready to take a test drive of this suite of online wedding planning tools? Believe me, when you log in and begin to see the power at your fingertips, you will fall in love with how easy it is.  Click over to my website and visit the Client Area page:
When you reach the Client Area page, click on the "Client Area Login" button.  After you click on the Client Area button, you should see this box down below pop up on your screen.
Online Wedding Planning tools - DJ Charleston
Once the above box pops up, you are now ready to log into the online planning tools.
Choose January 1, 2020 for the event date
The password is demo
Once you type in the event date and the password, click on the Login button to access the tools. Once you click "Login", you'll see the screen down below.
client area screenshot part 2
After clicking Login, you'll see the menu of options up above for beginning to plan your Charleston wedding DJ playlist. First, we'll take a look at the planning form down below.
Planning Form For Charleston Weddings
The online planning form is a very helpful portion of the online suite of tools that allow you to map out all the fine details of your wedding day. What would you like your Charleston Wedding DJ to wear? Will there be a cake cutting? Who is going to be doing toasts during your reception? Who are the members of your bridal party? These are just a few of the many questions that are answered and populated on this planning form. When you populate information on this form, be sure to click SAVE before exiting your browser.
client area screenshot part4
Up above, you have the ability to begin mapping out your wedding timeline for the big day. If you decide not to hire a wedding coordinator or planner, Mike Bills Entertainment is certainly able to help you create a timeline if you need help. If you are on the fence about hiring a Charleston wedding planner, click on this link: 10 Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner
Next up, we'll take a look at the music requests screen.  Music is divided into 3 categories:
Must Play
Play If Possible
Do Not Play
Charleston Wedding DJ Music Request
If you need any assistance on how to begin choosing the songs for your Charleston Wedding DJ playlist, the "quick tips" are pretty self explanatory, but if you should have any issues, you may contact Mike Bills Entertainment. CONTACT MIKE
If you click on the "Most Requested" button, you are given a list of the Top 200 most requested songs over the previous year. This is an excellent way to get started on your wedding playlist, but it's only 200 songs. Brides and grooms who have more eclectic tastes will probably find themselves straying away from this list when they choose the music for their Charleston wedding.
The Top 200 Most Requested Songs

If you don't see anything that you like it on this Top 200 Requested Songs list, you are able to drill down even further. If you'd like to break things down by decade, or what is trending right now, or song ideas for special dances, click on the Drop Down below and you'll the additional lists that you can review.
client area screenshot part7

Don't be surprised after you book your wedding and get your account set up that you log in and spend hours going through all the songs. I've had numerous brides and grooms tell me it's addictive.  Depending on how far out you book your wedding, you and your fiance have plenty of time to begin picking and choosing songs for the playlist for your Charleston wedding.  If you get to a point where you can't decide which songs to add into your playlist or need some assistance in getting started, you can always set up an appointment with Mike Bills Entertainment for a consultation. Consultations are unlimited when you book your wedding with Mike Bills Entertainment.
I want to thank you for visiting my website and blog. This blog will continue to stay stocked with fresh content weekly about music playlist ideas, DJ tips, and real weddings and anything else to help brides and grooms make sure the entertainment at their Charleston wedding is the best it can possibly be. If you are ready to sit down and meet with one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day.