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Instagram Top 5 | Charleston Brides Get Music And DJ Tips

27 January 2017

As another busy engagement season rolls in Charleston, be sure to head over to Instagram and follow me. @mikebills_charlestonweddingdj is my handle. Over the past year, my interest in Instagram has increased exponentially. The wedding industry is all over Instagram and I find the message about Mike Bills Entertainment has the ability to be much far-reaching than say Facebook. Also, Instagram has about 15 times more time spent on it per user over Facebook per month. With the right hashtags and the posting of compelling content, you've got a much greater chance of brides and grooms finding you than on Facebook.


With the explosion of "live" video on Facebook and now Instagram, I decided to get a little more creative on my posts on Instagram. Look for the Instagram Top 5. These posts will have include in them music and DJ tips in audio clips. The first post was the Instagram Top 5 spotlighting the Top 5 popular first dance songs of 2016. Since Instagram only gives you 60 seconds of "video" or in this case "audio", it gives me an excellent chance to get my point across.

The second Instagram Top 5 post spotlighted the Do Not Play List and included a montage I created over a year ago in one of my podcasts about the necessity of creating a Do Not Play List. These little posts will go all be 60 seconds and will aid in the music selection process and providing tips for selecting a DJ. Please feel free to click back over to my home page toward the bottom to see more podacasts. I am writing some more podcasts for 2017, so keep a watch out for that.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram. @mikebills_charlestonweddingdj. If you are a recently engaged bride and are in the search for wedding vendors for your Charleston wedding and need a true professional wedding DJ, click HERE to schedule a time to meet with Mike and we'll grab coffee.