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Inside The Visitors Bureau Charleston Wedding Guide For 2017

11 December 2016
My company has always been a vendor that has been very friendly to destination couples coming to the Holy City . From Chicago to San Francisco to Atlanta to Washington DC to Philadelphia and everywhere in between, brides and grooms continue to flock to Charleston every year to use one of the Top cities in the world as the backdrop to their most special day.

The Charleston Visitor's Bureau operates The Charleston Wedding Guide, located at From wedding planners to venues to vendors and any other accomodations needed for any and all of your guests, it's a one stop website to get the process started in planning your special day in what Food & Wine calls the "World's Most Romantic City". 

There are lots of things going on within my company right now and lots of reason to be thankful as we get ready to wrap up 2016 and kick off an electrifying 2017. As a reminder, Charleston Wedding Week begins on January 23rd. Look for more details as we get closer.

Coming up this week. More music. More musical selections for you and your fiance in preparation for planning the perfect playlist for your wedding day. If you just got engaged, be sure to be clicking over this week and in the coming weeks for more insight on music. And if you like what you are reading in this blog and my vision for how I conduct my business and how I will provide an exceptional DJ experience for your wedding ceremony and reception, click over to this link right now and let's go grab coffee. Save your date today.