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Image Is Truly Everything When Choosing Your Wedding DJ

25 September 2022

It sure has been a productive summer for me! If you are just finding me, I look forward to possibly becoming your wedding DJ. Welcome to an all-new experience for the modern bride and groom seeking a top wedding DJ to help them plan the music for what will be one of the biggest days of their lives. I won't bore you with any complex technical terms, but my website has recently been rebuilt on a faster and more secure platform, and all the while this upgrade was taking place there were significant cosmetic changes made. If you are a newbie to my website, welcome and please feel free to poke around and find a little wedding playlist inspiration. Since you are new, you probably haven't seen me boast about my blog, but it happens to be one of the most informative out there and its interest has spanned numerous countries around the world. It NOW looks as stunning as the most beautiful bride. Image is truly everything when trying to secure your wedding DJ. Scroll down and I'll explain :)

One of the things I set out to do when I had my website professionally designed in the summer of 2016 was to create an image of class and true professionalism. I wanted brides and grooms to hit my website, read over what I am all about, and be anxious to speak to me about becoming THEIR wedding DJ. I've lost count at how many times the latter has happened at this point. This image was very important to me because if we rewind back to some of the first iterations of my website, I was touting that I was the complete antithesis of your typical cheesy wedding DJ, I wouldn't employ any tacky lights, nor would I even think about employing any other silly props. All of that worked! I still to this day practice my career and business model as a wedding DJ in that fashion and to my knowledge have yet to make anyone cringe.


I'll be blunt with you. If a wedding DJ has a cheesy website, then chances are pretty good, they will be equally as cheesy at your wedding! Sorry, I wasn't trying to come across as stuck-up, well maybe I was :) It's just that I have a certain viewpoint of how the best wedding DJs are supposed to act; their demeanor, etc.  I've had luxury wedding planners pick me out from all the wedding DJs in my market from across the country because of the appearance of my website or something that caught their eye on my website.  The goal for brides and grooms when they clicked over to my website was to be greeted with a wedding DJ who is full of class and is a polished professional with a seasoned, natural, clear, polished voice for the announcements on your big day.  Everyone who has hired me has seen this and I look forward to meeting with more and more future brides and grooms as they discover my newly designed website looking for a top wedding DJ.


And I might add,  a wedding DJ who absolutely has a love affair with music and is ready to sit down with a couple to help them plan the best playlist for their wedding day. With so many people calling themselves wedding DJs these days, it was imperative that I create my website based on how I perform as a wedding DJ. 
Being exposed to a cheesy wedding DJ business 20 years ago lit a fire under me when it came to forming my own wedding DJ business to straighten out this industry and fire all the cheesy wedding DJs. Down below you'll see some of the things I have yet to be requested by any of my clients:

  • I still have not had a request for cheesy lights.
  • I still have not had a request for smoke or fog at a wedding.
  • I still have not had a request to show people how to dance.
  • I have never had a client request a quote generator be placed on my website.
  • I still have not had a client request me bring silly props to their wedding. 

These things are what come to mind and are not something I would ever expect my clients to request from me.  My clients demand a great wedding DJ who would never put the focus on them and keep it on the most people in the room; the bride and groom.  But I digress, if you are interested in learning more about why I wouldn't be caught dead with cheesy lights, there are numerous posts I've put together over the years.

Actually, the real purpose of this post was  more"celebratory" in the fact that I have a brand-new, sexy looking website for my clients that is loaded with so much information it's bursting at the seams. You'll have to excuse me. Sometimes I find it hard to not drift over to another topic. But I will ask you to do this. Pull up my website and then click over to my blog.  Feel free to pull it up on your phone or tablet. It looks so much better than it did on my old website. I'm still over the moon with this development. The developers did an amazing job.  And since I've had a pretty busy summer, this post will make the first time in 3 months that I've published anything. While I really don't like sharing that statistic with you, I can tell you that there were many aspects of my life that were taking me away from my writing on the blog.  Now that the new website is up, I will be going back to at least one post per week. Writing on this blog is truly a labor of love for me and I cannot tell you how many brides and grooms I've helped out over the years. So while I have not put any new posts up since the end of June, there is so much archived content on my blog that was beautifully transferred over you'll be busy for weeks and months reading over it all!

Book DJ Mike Bills: Your Image-Conscious Wedding DJ NOW!

I hope you did not mind me taking the time to boast a little about the brand new website!  It's been in the back of my mind for almost 2 years and I am glad it's behind me. I am also still kind of bubbling over after a great wedding a few nights ago. So when you combine that with the fact that the novelty of having a fresh, new website has not worn off yet, you can see just how stoked I deserve to be. Oh, and I have already seen a pretty dramatic increase in traffic and leads as well.  Life is good.  You are going to love my next post. I am going to divulge the Number One Reason why all of my clients hire me. I think it will definitely be worth your while to read over this next post.  I really appreciate you clicking over to my new website and blog. I am here to tell you that image is everything when selecting your wedding DJ.  If you love what you see and hear, you are invited to click the link up above and be taken over to my contact form, where you'll be asked for some basic details about your big day. Then, we'll set up time to speak and begin planning the wedding playlist for what will become one of the happiest days of our lives. Thanks again for stopping by. Don't forget to add my website and blog to your favorites.