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Happy New Year From One Of Charleston's Top Wedding DJs

04 January 2018

This is actually my very first blog post of 2018. It's been a very busy first three days of 2018 in Charleston, and also on my website. Everyone who got engaged during the holidays is of course thinking about their Charleston wedding, looking for their wedding venue, and of course looking for their wedding DJ. And of course, if you've been reading any of the national headlines, you know that 90% of the country has been in a big deep freeze. Charleston, SC, being one of the top wedding destinations in the country just had the perfect setup for a very rare snowstorm. On this 4th day of January, we're still digging out of a beautiful, 5-7 inch blanket of white snow all over the Holy City of Charleston. And also, on this 4th day of January, the temperature just rose above freezing for the first time in over 42 hours and will very slowly melt off this pretty white blanket. I must admit that Charleston looks so pretty with a nice blanket of powder. The snow enhances the history and beauty and charm of the city. We'll probably be back to normal by the weekend as this unusually long cold snap for Charleston drags on and on. If you've been following me on Twitter @djmikebills, I have been really pushing that part of social media in recent months, as this is an amazing time of the year for a recently engaged couple to start planning and thinking about their dream wedding in Charleston. There's nothing like a few unexpected snowdays in early January to spend together in excitement about your wedding.


If you were lucky enough to get engaged over the holidays, you are probably still walking around on Cloud Nine and all aglow. You are probably still texting your friends and bugging your BFF about the play-by-play of how he proposed to you. It's completely ok. :) Congratulations to you! It is an exciting time in your life. It's a beautiful thing when two people who love each other take things to the next level. 

Planning an exceptional music soundtrack for your Charleston wedding is a passion of mine, and will be my primary focus in 2018. I would love to share that passion with you. There is no shortage of top notch wedding entertainment in Charleston, but you should know that my primary focus is music. Music is all I do. I've always believe you needed to focus on one thing and do it very well, instead of trying to be perfect in many different things. Due to my focus on the music, I've developed an impeccable for providing brides and grooms with ane xceptional wedding DJ expereince. Check out my reviews by clicking HERE.

I'm looking forward to meeting with brides and grooms over the few weeks and months as we get underway another fantastic Charleston wedding season.If you are looking to get married in 2018 or 2019 in Charleston, SC and would like to set up consultation, click over to my contact form HERE and tell me a little more about your special day coming up. If you are in not Charleston and are dreaming about your big day from a distance, we can connect through the power of the internet and set up a Skype or Facetime session at your leisure.

What's Ahead For 2018
We kick off January 2018 sort of where we left December 2017. More great music looks to be coming your way, including this track right here released today and hot off the presses. The latest from Bruno Marrs Featuring Carbi B. The song is called "Finesse". Take a listen below. I'm not quite sure what I think of this song at the time of this post. What do you think?

Here are the five biggest Top 40 songs as we kick off 2018 (according to Click on each photo to see the You Tube.
1. "Perfect" | Ed Sheeran & Beyonce
Perfect Ed Sheeran Beyonce

2. "Rockstar" - Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage
Post Malone Charleston

3. "Havana" | Camila Cabello Featuring Young Thug
Camila Cabello Havana

4. "No Limit" | G-Eazy Featuring A$SAP Rocky & Cardi B -
WARNING: There are explicit lyrics on this video below, but all
edits played at weddings are CLEAN EDITS ONLY

GEasy Wedding

5. "Thunder" | Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons Thunder

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Well, I think I am going to step away for now and post another blog this weekend.  Time to think about getting back into the old routine again after all this drama with our snowstorm in Charleston. It's been fun, but I am sort of glad it only snows every 8-10 years here in Charleston. We aren't really equipped to handle a snowstorm so it can sometimes take days to recooperate from a storm like this. Highs in the 30s and lows in the teens is about as "Un-Charleston" as you can get. I am born and raised in Charleston and can only take a few days of the cold, but we'll end having 8 nights in the 20s by the time this cold wave is over. While the snow is beautiful, my mind has been drifting and daydreaming about spring breezes and those gorgeous spring weddings in Charleston. Hopefully this will be the worst of our winter weather this season and we can get back to normal temperatures. Thank you again for finding my website and reading over my blog. Feel free to look back over my blog as I posted over 100 times in 2017 alone about real weddings that I have done, playlist ideas, and anything else you need to make sure you put together the perfect wedding playlist. Coming up in 2018, this blog will once again serve as a way to comunicate my passion of music to my Charleston brides and grooms.  Click HERE if you'd like to drop me a line or two about your Charleston wedding.