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Follow DJ Mike Bills On Spotify For Charleston Wedding Playlists

12 February 2020

In recent years, my blog has become one of the most popular wedding DJ blogs on the web.  Ever since this iteration of my website went live in the middle of 2016, it's been my goal to produce valuable and compelling content for the modern bride and groom who are seeking the best wedding DJ for them on their most special day. Those same brides and grooms also are searching for information on how to get started in not only creating a playlist with songs about them, but also including songs that will get all their guests out on the dance floor.  As streaming continues to grow in popularity, more modern brides and grooms have approached me in recent years with a lot of their music playlists created on Spotify.  As one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston, it's always been my goal to stay up to date with how my clients acquire their music and listen to their music. I am proud to announce that Charleston Wedding DJ Mike Bills is now on Spotify.

Feel free to follow  me on Spotify right now. Most all of the inspiration for my blog has come by way of my love of music.  Music is what professional wedding DJs specialize in, and it's what they research on a regular basis. Over the past few weeks, I've been spending a lot of hours on going through a lot of the archived blog posts to refresh the pages.  This project has been a bit tedious, because I'm not only refreshing the blog pages, I am also  adding the playlist that was created inside the blog post within Spotify.  At the time of the publishing of this post, 36 playlists have been added to my Spotify.  When you click over to the blog post, you'll not only see the Spotify playlist within the post, but also the option to pull up the song in YouTube by clicking the link in the title of the song.

Spotify + Online Portal = Easier Music Selection
For as long as I have had an online presence, it's been my goal to provide modern brides and grooms who are very busy with their lives a way to get the planning of their wedding and music done in an easier way.  Brides and grooms have careers and it can be a huge balancing act between "daily life" and "planning a wedding".  Giving my clients the ability to log in from anywhere on their laptop / tablet to begin creating their memorable soundtrack to their big day is a HUGE selling point for my clients.  Professional wedding DJs give their clients full latitude in which songs will end up being played at their wedding.
Follow DJ Mike Bills For Wedding Playlists On Spotify

Spotify Playlists From Your DJ Provide For Greater Wedding Music Inspiration 
I've been exposed to a lot of music in my life. I also spend a lot of time researching different music genres that I might be able to incorporate into my wedding playlists.  The possibilities are simply endless when it comes to what you want during the different portions of your wedding day.  There are countless directions you could go for your cocktail hour, and an equal amount of directions you could go for dinner music at your wedding.  Most inexperienced wedding DJs don't put a lot of thought into cocktail hour and dinner music, but I think those portions of the evening are very important because they set the stage for what will be happening later in the evening. Every single song you request to have played by your wedding DJ should come with it a special meaning so that when you hear it, you smile and say "Wow". Since this process just began two weeks ago, all of my cocktail hour playlists have not been transferred over and added into Spotify, but please continue to check back in the coming weeks and months.
For cocktail hour playlist inspiration, be sure to look over to this post by clicking the link. To be taken over to my Spotify profile, click the logo below.

Spotify Logo Wedding DJ Playlist

What Spotify Is Not The Substitute For As It Pertains To Your Wedding DJ
Spotify won't ever take the place of me being a wedding DJ.  It's primary purpose will be to showcase my imagination and creativity as it pertains to putting together a modern bride and groom's wedding playlist.   My playlists will continue to get created on Spotify and I look forward for you to begin following me as soon as we begin working together.   You can also think of Spotify as another dimension, or another way for me to get my content out to you.  All of my clients will also continue to have their own private online portal created on website at the time of booking so that can log in at their leisure and begin to plan and select all the key songs for their wedding day. 

Charleston Wedding Playlists Spotify

What Are The Most Requested Playlists For Charleston Weddings?
I thought you would never ask. You don't get to be successful on the web with your website by being passive and not knowing what people like and what your clients are responding to. You get to be successful when you track which posts are getting the most traction by your visitors. That being said,  I am truly humbled that visitors to my website from all over the world think so highly of a lot of my content. From Australia to the UK, and everywhere in between, people jam out to so many of my carefullt curated playlists for wedding music inspiration. What can I say? Music has that effect on all of us. You know, when we find a cool playlist and we put our headphones on and get lost in the music for a few minutes or a few hours.

Mother Son Dance Songs Spotify Screenshot
The mother-son dance is one of those special moments where the spotlight is placed on the groom and his mother. It's a very special moment during your wedding reception, and the visitors to my website agree wholeheartedly as this was one of the most popular posts within my blog.  You'll get 25 wonderful songs on this playlist to give you the inspiration to pick a song that is meaningful. To be taken over to the original blog post,  click on the link over to the right. Best Mother / Son Dance Songs For Your Wedding Playlist 

 Motown Wedding DJ Spotify Playlist
Motown music on wedding playlists is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You really cannot enjoy a peanut butter & jelly sandwich without all of those ingredients. You would think as we get further and further away from the 1960s that Motown would dwindle in it's popularity, but it's still a very solid favorite by  a lot of my clients who are getting married in Charleston. For me personally, Motown just gives an awesome feel to a cocktail hour or dinner music portion of any wedding. It's got a sound all it's own. Check out one of the most popular playlists down below, and to be taken back to the original blog post click the following link.  Most Popular Motown Songs On Wedding Playlists Volume 1

80s Soft Rock Spotify DJ Mike Bills
80 Soft Rock Songs are not just the songs your parents used to listen to, but instead are in very high demand at a lot of my weddings here in Charleston.  :) Soft rock music of the 80s tends to appeal to a wider audience and brides and grooms tend to be very familiar with the artists in this very popular playlist.  Be sure to grab your headphones, and then click over to the original post on the Most Requested 80s Soft Rock Songs.

The Mike Bills Podcast Is Also Available On Spotify
And last but not least! While you are over at my Spotify profile checking out my collection of wedding playlists for your most special day, be sure to also download the Mike Bills Podcast. The Mike Bills Podcast is a one of it's kind type of wedding DJ podcast based in one of the top wedding destinations in the country.  It's becoming a popular wedding podcast for the modern bride and groom who are really into their music and are searching for guidance in how to secure the best wedding DJ that fits their personality.  It's also the perfect wedding podcast for the bride and groom who need a kickstart in getting their wedding playlist started.  So, while you on my Spotify profile | DJ Mike Bills, and checking out all of my playlists, be sure to also look up The Mike Bills Podcast.   You can aldso find The Mike Bills Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, IHeart Radio, and TuneIn.

Girl Listening To Music On spotify

Interested In Securing Your Charleston Wedding DJ Right Now?
Thank you for making it to the end of this post. The migration of the playlists you've seen on my blog have been very fun. Getting a subscription to Spotify and having all that way so readily accessible is very awesome. I've put in a lot of hours over the past few weeks getting things set up over on Spotify. I also predict that when everything is all moved over and on my Spotify that I will be ready to create more. I will be ready to create more  because I've been inspired to creating more imaginative wedding playlists during this project.  Please take your time in looking over my blog and listen to the podcast and let's set up a time to talk about your wedding. Let be your wedding DJ. Click HERE to fill out a contact form.