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Ep. 9 The Mike Bills Podcast | Must. Meet. Your Wedding DJ.

27 December 2019

The Mike Bills Podcast is now in it's 9th week as we get to wrap up 2019.  This podcast has been one of the greatest accomplishments for me as a professional wedding DJ, in addition to the many great wedding clients I have had the opportunity with this year. As we're just two short days past Christmas, I hope everyone has had a great holiday thus far.  If you have been downloading and listening to the other episodes of the podcast, you know what time of the year it is now. Engagement Season.  It's the perfect time of the year for proposals. One of the local Charleston news stations did a live broadcast from Brookgreen Gardens.  Brookgreen Gardens is located north of Charleston on Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet. One of the ladies that worked at the gardens mentioned 25-30 proposals will happen at their Night Of A Thousand Candles celebration. Click back on the link to see why.  If you are getting engaged this holiday season. just take it easy after you say "Yes". Enjoy the moment. Don't get too wrapped up in wedding planning in the few days after your proposal. Take a deep breath and rest easy and love each other. But when you do start to think about your wedding, do the following:  1. Pick Your Date | 2. Book Your Wedding Venue | 3. Book Your Wedding DJ. But before you book the DJ for your Charleston wedding, you must meet your wedding DJ.

 Why am I such a huge proponent of meeting your wedding DJ? Because the entertainment is the most important aspect of your big day. You must meet the person who is going to be in charge of putting the entertainment together.  Hiring the best wedding DJ is not a matter of talking to Alexa or picking up the phone like you would when you order a pizza. Brides and grooms need to take the time to interview a few wedding DJs before making their decision. Perhaps you are coming to Charleston to get married, but can't quite coordinate the time in getting here until a few months after you save your date, you can still meet your DJ, but it won't be face to face.  If you are a destination couple, ask to set up a call with your wedding DJ. Be prepared to come to this call with your questions and concerns. You can schedule a call or you can set up a time to schedule a Skype or Facetime. More often than not, brides and grooms opt for the Skype or Facetime because that offers a great first impression of the DJ's personality and demeanor. Whichever method you choose, you should be able to pick up that the DJ is genuinely interested in you as a prospective client and should be very open and honest to answering your questions.

You are most likely going to be invited to a tasting by your caterer. This tasting is an indication of how good your food is going to taste on your wedding day.  You might stop by a florist to see the many possibilities for floral arrangements and place settings.  This is an indication of how wonderful a floral designer it is you are hiring. You are most likely going to be taking a tour of wedding venue here in Charleston before you make a decision. Taking a tour of your wedding venue allows you to begin to formulate in your mind how your wedding day is going to go. It also allows you to meet the management, as well as the coordinators of the venue which will also give you an indication of how smoothly things will run on your wedding day. You've spent a lot of time looking over the impressive works of many great wedding photographers before making a decision as to who will capture your day.

So, after all of those "meetings", why would you NOT proceed with meeting your wedding DJ? Your wedding DJ is a very important part of your day.  You probably are thinking. "Mike is just saying this because he is a wedding DJ and he wants our business.". My answer to that would be "Yes and Yes".  Truth be told, I have seen all sides.  I have seen horribly coordinated and planned weddings that have come together rather nicely because of a great wedding DJ.  Your wedding DJ is an integral part of your wedding day because of the flow that they create. When you put a professional wedding DJ and an amazing wedding planner into the same room, they work together in unison to make sure your day goes by smoothly.  Due to the fact that all wedding DJs are not created equal, the biggest reason that you should meet them before your big day is to make sure your personalities match.  Perhaps your sister or coworker were burned by a wedding DJ in the past? Wouldn't you like to prevent this from happening to you?  In today's day and age, a wedding DJ needs to be social with their clients. They should be eager to meet with you and get to know your likes and dislikes and be at your beck and call for any helpful advice you need to start choosing your music.  The music you choose for your wedding day will break or make the occasion and you need to hire a wedding DJ who sets your mind at ease should you be worried about how things are going to go.

The Verdict: Always Meet Your Wedding DJ
Also included in Episode 9 of The Mike Bills Podcast are a list of 10 quick questions to ask your wedding DJ. There are plenty more where those came from too.  In the coming days, I'll be putting together a "Best of" wedding DJ blog post showcasing some of the most informative blogs of the year. In the meantime, should you need more information about your finding your Charleston or Savannah wedding DJ, be sure to download and listen to all of the available episodes of the Mike Bills Podcast. You can also look back at this post I published a year which was the Second Edition Of The Complete Guide To Hiring Your Wedding DJ.   After you have 
read over the material on this post and are interested in finding some time to contact Mike about getting your date saved, click on the highlighted link.  Thank you so much for downloading and listening to the Mike Bills Podcast, and be sure to check back in the new year for more episodes. Do you know a friend or relative who is getting married and may need assistance in finding their wedding DJ? Please, go ahead and tell them about this podcast; it's one of a kind in the Charleston wedding market.
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