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Ep. 7 The Mike Bills Podcast | A Big Hello To Charleston Wedding Planners

13 December 2019

SEVENTH HEAVEN. On this rainy and cold Friday the 13th, the Mike Bills Podcast is NOW 7 episodes old. Thank you for tuning in and downloading.  It's hard to believe we're now in the middle of December quickly heading toward another Christmas in Charleston.  Today's episode of The Mike Bills Podcast is a bit of a departure from my focus on the bride and groom looking for the best Charleston Wedding DJs.   I wanted to dedicate today's podcast to some of the most important wedding vendors in Charleston; the wedding planners and coordinators.  It's no secret that the wedding industry here in Charleston has exploded over the past several months. We've had some of the best wedding vendors relocate to the Holy City to implement some of the most beautiful weddings ever.  It seems like today we are living on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. We follow each other. We like each other. But, you know what, there is probably a good chance that I have never met you before.  I know you are very busy. Despite your fall wedding season coming to a halt before Christmas, you are probably meeting with clients now about 2020 weddings. We're always on the go these days. It's a fast-paced, digital world we live in this days too. Inquiries are coming at us very fast this time of the year and we need to be ready.  Because I know you are probably very busy, I decided to use my podcast medium to speak with you and extend an invitation to work with YOU.  

I want you to know that your exceptional planning and design work on weddings here in the Holy City certainly do not go unnoticed. I am in awe so many times about the beautiful Instagram posts, as well as the featured blogs on The Wedding Row, as well as the other major regional wedding blogs. Charleston has a big city feel in a small town. You know what? We could have been standing in the checkout line at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter and not even known it.  It really is not a big city at all. But let's cut to the chase. Every time we work with a couple on their wedding, our reputation is on the line. We are "who" we work with when it comes to trying to assemble a "dream team" of wedding vendors, we only want the best of the best.  I completely understand.  What do you do when you've got a date coming up and your favorite wedding DJ is not available? I wanted to take this time to offer my wedding DJ services to you.  I would love to become an extension of your wedding planning company. I would love to become that seasoned wedding DJ who saves the day by working with your clients and showing them an exceptional wedding DJ experience.

I am pro wedding planner.
What exactly does this mean? When a bride and groom approach me directly, the chances are very high that they have not yet considered hiring a wedding planner. Perhaps they don't think that they can afford to hire a planner or maybe they would prefer to do it themselves. You know as well as I do that DIY is not the best course of action for a couple "if" they want to enjoy their wedding day to the fullest.  In our talks, I try to sell that (at the very least) a couple needs to consider finding the resources to hire a "day-of" coordinator or a "month-of" coordinator.  Everyone needs to wake up on their wedding day refreshed and ready to celebrate and have the party of their lives. With a great wedding planner like yourself, this is very possible. If you know of any keywords or buzzwords I can use to illustrate the importance of a planner to prospective clients, let me know. I will take your recommendation and work to get that couple over to you so that you can sell them your services.  Having a professional wedding planner on site not only makes my job much easier, but it's a proven fact that more fun is had by the bride and groom on their wedding day when YOU are there. Let's talk soon about how I can send more couples over to you.

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I'm not your typical wedding DJ.
The core belief since the formation of my DJ company has been one thing. Keep the focus on the bride and groom. ALWAYS. There should never be a time at ANY wedding reception where a DJ brings their "ego" to the venue and shows themselves, EVER. I make it all about the client by providing them the ability to log into my website to their own personal portal and create their own custom playlist. I am not a wedding DJ that assumes that EVERY wedding is the same and you just play the same songs or run a standard playlist into the ground. That is a false belief. Every couple has a different musical tastes, and every couple "dislikes" songs too, which a great DJ should inquire about so that their wedding day is perfect. I am here to serve my brides and grooms. My costs include unlimited consultations; whether that be by phone / text / email / Skype / Facetime.  I don't see "meeting" with a bride and groom as a hindrance or an inconvenience like some DJs because I want to make sure I get it right. I want them to get to know me a little and be comfortable with me.  I don't have a second chance to play for them so the extra time taken with a client is worth it to me. Never any stupid gimmicks or cheesy DJ here. You'll be hiring a DJ who only makes the necessary announcements on the microphone and leave the jokes to the comedians, and more importantly "sounds" professional.

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Owner - Operated For Simplicity And Focus On The Client
Mike Bills Entertainment is owned and operated by ME. When a couple books me, I will be their DJ. Never an army of DJs to wrroy about. While that sounds pretty obvious, it's not in a world of wedding DJs doing the double and triple booking stunts. As a matter of fact, a lot of my clients have done their homework before they even sit down with me and they ask "Will you be my DJ on my wedding day?".  The way I operate my DJ business would increase your level of confidence in me because you would be able to trust me even more that I would be able to perform perfectly for your clients.  When a couple books me for their wedding day, their day becomes "my day". I am available for only one wedding per day. That's it, plain and simple. Hiring me to DJ at wedding is more about the overall "experience" than it is loading in a bunch of heavy equipment and pushing play. The "experience" begin with a consultation that allows me to get to know my couples so that we can craft the perfect mix of music that best defines them, as well as their guests.

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Let's Work Together in 2020.
As I mentioned in my podcast, there are lots and lots of wedding planners in Charleston that I have admired over the years from a distance.  Being more of a "people person", I believe that it's my personality that attracts people to work with me at their weddings.  I might have tried to reach out to you at one time or another, either through email or maybe a direct mail. Those methods are fairly impersonal.  It is my hope that you will take a listen to Episode 7 of The Mike Bills Podcast and get to learn about me some more. Think of listening to the podcast as me talking directly to YOU, and telling you a little bit about myself. Feel free to reach out to me. Let's set up a time to talk and see about working together in 2020 or beyond. I would love to learn more about your wedding planning company, and I will tell you all there is to know about me and my company. Wanna connect with me now click on the link For more information about the inspiration for this post and podcast, check out this post published in the Summer of 2018 for Charleston Wedding Planners.

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About The Mike Bills Podcast
The Mike Bills Podcast premiered back on November 1, 2019 and is quickly becoming the preeminent information source for modern brides and grooms needing a true professional perspective on how to secure the best wedding DJ for their most special day. Mike Bills has grown his business over the years to become one of the top Charleston Wedding DJs, and in 2020 has decided to become a wedding DJ in the Savannah, Ga wedding market. Feel free to download the podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Also available on TuneIn, Spotify, and Stitcher. And at the time of the publishing of this podcast, I've just received word being a publisher of a podcast on Apple Podcast has become easier.  You can now say "Alexa, please download The Mike Bills Podcast". Try it now, thank you for listening and downloading. 

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