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Ep. 5 The Mike Bills Podcast | Bombshell Wedding DJ Prices Episode

28 November 2019

Wedding DJ prices in Charleston are all over the place.  On this Black Friday, I decided to talk "money" as it pertains to hiring your wedding DJ.  When you do a search for a DJ in the Holy City, how do you really know what you are getting?  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I've been teasing this 5th episode of The Mike Bills Podcast all week on social media. If you've begun to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you've probably seen some of the professionally-produced commercials inside my stories that have been trying to give you some clues as to what I will be discussing this week.  Let's just cut to the chase.  Engagement season has just kicked off and will be lasting all the way through Valentine's Day.  I would love to be your wedding DJ here for you in Charleston. The competition is fierce and getting more intense as the years pass by.  We've got  seasoned wedding DJs that I would certainly hire for my wedding, but then there are some that you should probably avoid.    The number one takeaway the modern bride and groom should take away from this podcast is a development in the understanding that hiring a wedding DJ is not like buying a big screen TV or a riding lawnmower. You are actually investing in a service that provides an "experience" on your wedding day. In some instances, you simply cannot put a price on this "experience". 

So, I can see you over there probably drooling about all this teasing about "money in your pocket" and "30% off". Due to the fact that I would like you to listen to the podcast, I decided I was not going to divulge within this blog post that secret to saving money.   Now that would not be fun if I gave brides and grooms all the answers right here, now would it? :)  
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Episode 3 | The True Value Of Your Wedding DJ
During the 3rd episode a few weeks ago, Mike's goal was to define the true value of the wedding DJ, so that you could sit down with a DJ to determine their value, rather than a price. If you missed that episode, please go back and download it and listen, as it is an excellent primer to speak about "price".  Brides and grooms should not base the decision as to who their wedding DJ will be solely on price ever.  

Don't Overuse The Wedding Listing Websites
Wedding listing websites like The Knot and Weddingwire will have you believe that you must plan every single detail of your wedding.   Mike will go into detail about how it's ok to use these websites to reference a DJ's reviews, but you don't need to base your decision as to who to hire on anything else.  The DJ's website should be their store and should provide an excellent idea of their personality. You cannot tell a wedding vendor's personality through a listing website, because they are not fully customizable like a website is. Professional wedding vendors have hired a web designer to design a website that is based on their personality, as well as the client that they are trying to go after.

Engagement Season In Charleston

Stay Away From Thumbtack & Gigmasters
Mike describes what happens when you visit a site like Thumbtack. The first thing they ask for is a price or range.  How do you know what to type in? You've never hired a wedding DJ before.  Doing a Google search for "Charleston Wedding DJs" unfortunately has these types of sites coming upp, but Mike points out that the elite wedding DJs are not going to resort to using these types of sites. As brides and grooms search on Page 1, they might find themselves searching for the "best" deal. 

Bride And Groom Searching Entertainment

Segment 3 Is Like Money In The Bank
It's Mike's hope that brides and grooms will listen to the whole podcast, but if you insist on skipping over to the 3rd and final segment to see how hiring a wedding DJ like him will put money back into  your bank account, I certainly cannot stop you.   There is a homework segment for brides and grooms to complete that is also assigned during the 3rd segment. Mike would love for you to turn in your homework assignment so that he could give you an "A".

Happy Engaged Couple Who Found DJ

In addition to everything else you read on this post or "hear" on Episode 5 of The Mike Bills Podcast, do not hire your wedding DJ because they are the cheapest or because they are the most expensive. Great wedding DJs are never cheap, and cheap wedding DJs are never great. Above all else, brides and grooms should meet their wedding DJ first, and then sign a contract with whoever they feel comfortable with.  The DJ that is hired should have a personality that meshes well with the bride and groom. Let price be an afterthought. Make your decision, then pull out your checkbook or credit card.

In Case You Have Not Figured It Out, Mike Would Like To Be Your DJ!
Hey, it's Mike Bills here. The fact you made it this far down this post is a good sign I hope. At the end of the day, it's becoming increasingly difficult in a highly competitive digital world to find bride and grooms. I want to do whatever I can to find great brides and grooms like you. I cannot very well hit you over the head and make you hire me, but I can certainly create compelling content like The Mike Bills Podcast for you. By listening to the podcast, you'll be able to get into my head and hear some of my opinions and tips on how to find the best wedding DJ.  This post was created to highlight some of the bullet points within the podcast. Please take a listen to it fully when you have a chance and let's schedule a time to speak. Just click here to tell me a little bit about your wedding.