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Ep. 4 The Mike Bills Podcast | Best Starter Questions For Your Wedding DJ

22 November 2019

This last Friday before Thanksgiving week marks the last real week of normalcy of the year before we get into holiday mode. And as we all know, holiday mode will start next week and continue for the rest of the year.  Holiday parties will begin to pop on a weekly basis as we get closer to Christmas. Not only does the holiday season kick off with the Thanksigving holiday, but it also begins a rather lengthy engagement / proposal season. The engagement / proposal season will extend into 2020 wrapping up around Valentine's Day. Did you know that 40-45% of all engagements occur during this time of the year?  What does this mean for Mike? It means that traffic to Mike's website will begin to spike and Mike will be beginning to schedule sit down meetings with brides and grooms getting married in 2021 or 2021.  Its always an exciting time of the year to begin discussing music with clients. Now that The Mike Bills Podcast has been launched and is being well-received, I will be discussing a lot of the topics that are going to be helpful to couples who just got engaged and have begun the process of the finding the best wedding DJ for their Charleston wedding.

When you listen to The Mike Bills Podcast, your biggest takeaway should be that the wedding entertainment is paramount to the overall success of your day.   Unless Emeril Lagasse serves you his shrimp & grits recipe, your guests will not remember the food.  Maybe you opted for your flowers to be shipped in from overseas? Unfortunately, no one is going to remember them.  What makes for the most powerful memories? It's the entertainment. It's your wedding DJ. The wrong entertainment will derail your entire day. 

Your DJ Is NOT An After Thought!

In Segment 1 of Episode 4, Mike makes valuable commentary on a recent advertisement he saw that a leading national wedding DJ was selling to wedding DJ businesses all around the country.  While it may be true that the wedding DJ is an after thought and that brides and grooms don't seem to take their wedding entertainment, Mike proceeds to explain why this is.  There is no certification process or class you take to become a wedding DJ. Most wedding DJs you see might proclaim they are music lovers. They might proclaim they can talk on the microphone or they might proclaim to have a professional-grade rig of equipment, but there is no real certification or licensing process to become a DJ.   Image is everything when you are wedding DJ, and due to the cheesy experience Mike had years ago, he was determined to be one of the classiest and most elegant DJs in Charleston.  From his website to his demeanor with his clients in and out of Charleston wedding venues, Mike wanted to portray a wedding DJ that is classy and elegant. 

Best Starter Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ
If you are in the beginning stages of trying to secure the best wedding DJ for your wedding day, take a deep breath. There is no need to rush through this process. What's the old saying? "Haste makes waste".  You are only planning on getting married one time and you want this day to be one of the best ever in your entire life. Contrary to what has circulated over the web and other podcasts by other DJs, it's Mike's belief that you should be completely comfortable with who your DJ is going to be. If this means you need to meet 2 or 3 before making a decision, then so be it.  Mike is very friendly to destination brides and grooms coming to Charleston. He's available by Skype / Facetime or phone to discuss these details of your big day. 

Let's cut to the chase. The questions that were covered in this episode of The Mike Bills Podcast can be found by clicking the image down below. Be sure to have it on hand as you begin to listen to this episode and take notes.

Best Starter Questions For Your Wedding DJ

Ready To Speak With Mike About Being Your Charleston Wedding DJ?
Let's go grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop on the peninsula or wherever you'd meet. But, let's do meet! I love to speak to brides and grooms about the music for their weddings. It's so very fun to learn about a bride and groom's favorite music. Getting to know the tastes of a bride and groom is extremely important when creating the perfect playlist. If you are ready to sit down with Mike, click this link to tell Mike a little more about your big day.  Mike takes being a professional wedding DJ very seriosuly and has carved out a niche as being one of the top wedding DJs in the Holy City.