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Ep. 3 The Mike Bills Podcast | The True Value Of Your Charleston Wedding DJ

15 November 2019

Unseasonably cold temperatures for the middle of November combined with rainy weather has turned Charleston's typical "Chamber Of Commerce" fall weather into some dark and dank (and downright depressing) weather we don't normally see until January.  But, you know what? I cannot think of more ideal conditions for you to throw an extra log in the fireplace and curl up with your "fiance-to-be" and listen to the 3rd episode of The Mike Bills Podcast. Thank you so very much again for the very positive feedback on this podcast. It will continue to be my goal for this podcast to grow into the preeminent source of valuable information for the modern bride and groom looking to complete their search for the top Charleston Wedding DJs. Between now and the end of the year and moving into January, each podcast will be jam packed with expert viewpoints and commentary on how you can make sure you book the best DJ for your wedding in Charleston. Episode 3 will attempt to drive home the point of the "true value" you need to see in your wedding DJ.  The biggest takeway from Episode 3 will be this "value" will have nothing to do with the price you pay for your DJ, but instead the "complete package" of experience and superior service your DJ brings to the table.

I can hear you already. You are probably talking to yourself right now and asking this question: "How do I define the true value of my wedding DJ without assigning it a dollar amount?" Simply put, the best wedding DJs go above and beyond to make sure all the finite details (pertaining to entertainment) are perfectly executed. They'll have no problem meeting with you as many times as it takes to get to know you and your fiance a little better.  Since I specialize in being a DJ for Charleston weddings,  I am able to tell you there is so much that goes into the execution of your day. There is so much more to it than "just playing music". 

What True Value is NOT
You'll find out in Episode 3 of The Mike Bills Podcast that "value" is not defined as a DJ trying to sell you a laundry list of services that we already have reputable wedding businesses offering.   Some wedding DJs will come to the table and try to sell you everything under the sun.  Photography, videography, and lighting are just some of those many services under the sun. Did you know that there are VERY reputable businesses out there that are "experts" in those services?  Yeah, be sure to listen to some of the commercials within my podcast for some of those businesses, as well as check out my preferred vendors page.

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What True Value IS.
As it pertains to my DJ business, the total value of your wedding DJ is defined by how they present themselves to you.  These DJs will have a Plan B, as well as a Plan X, if need be.  They go to great lengths to ensure that your wedding will be as stress-free as possible. They'll become friends and will be genuinely interested in looking after all the details of your wedding day.  The true value is also comprised of their public image. From their website to their reviews and reputation, and everything in between, you know you are getting a truly valuable wedding DJ when you can tell they are constantly making the effort to maintain their image as best as possible.

What Is The Alternative To A Wedding DJ With True Value?
Well, for starters, you'll be hiring a wedding DJ who doesn't care about the overall success of your wedding day. You'll be hiring a wedding DJ who is more or less "just" a person hired to set up gear and push a button.  You'll be hiring a wedding DJ who could care less about ever hearing from you after the wedding. Oh, and let's not forget you'll also be getting who won't cover those all important details like proper pronunciation of your bridal party.

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Why Am I Talking About True Value?
Because I take what I do very seriously. Your wedding day is NEVER looked at as just another gig. It's a day that should that you never forget with a soundtrack that is loaded up with the music you know and love.  I also focus on defining "true value" because everywhere you look, there are inexperienced DJs popping up all over the market trying to undercut the experienced wedding DJs who DO go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your day is the best possible.   You need to know that ALL DJs are NOT created equal.  The best wedding DJs are going to offer real value to you?  You generally find out about a DJ's true value by checking out their website and also how fast they get back with you on initial consultation about your big day.   You want a wedding DJ who is more interested in enhancing the overall success of your day. 

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Ready To Speak With Mike About Being Your Charleston Wedding DJ?
After you determine the true value of a wedding DJ and what they will end up providing you, the decision will be much easier as to who to hire for your Charleston wedding.  Your wedding entertainment is VITAL to having the best wedding day ever.  Episode 3 of The Mike Bills Podcast also goes into certain scenarios where having a wedidng DJ with "true value" could save your wedding day. The podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts like Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spotify, and Google Play.  Hiring your wedding DJ should never be looked on as a process that is worrisome and painful, but instead a process that makes you smile and rest easy, and know that the DJ you've hired has everything under control.   Instead of being "just another wedding DJ in Charleston", I wanted to carve out my own niche and set a bar for wedding DJs. You can find even more content about finding the best DJs in my blog.  To set up a time to talk about your Charleston wedding, click HERE to tell me a little more about your special day.