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Ep. 13 - The Mike Bills Podcast | Why You Must Hire A Professional Wedding DJ

24 January 2020

We've made to Lucky #13. That's Episode 13 of The Mike Bills Podcast. In case you are wondering, it appears as though the upper respiratory infection that hijacked my voice earlier has passed. Thank goodness! It's nice to get back behind the microphone and talk about Charleston Wedding DJ stuff.  If the Number 13 is your lucky day, this podcast is for you, especially if you were lucky enough to get engaged over the holidays.  Engagement season is in full swing.  Website traffic has been through the roof over these past few weeks, as lots and lots of modern brides and grooms are checking me out. Thank you for your interest. Let us talk about the music for your wedding.  The wedding entertainment is what you and your guests will remember about your most special day for the rest of your life.  In 2020, there are so many wedding DJs popping up in Charleston claiming they are the best. They will also claim they are the most popular. Let me quote from the late Neil Peart, drummer of the band Rush. "I never wanted to be famous, I wanted to be good."  I agree wholeheartedly with Neil's quote, and I'll take it one step further: I want to make sure I am presenting myself as a professional wedding DJ. You as a modern bride and groom also need to make sure you hire a professional wedding DJ.

I'm sure I have blogged about this very topic before, but there is always another angle to take or another way to put into words  the importance of hiring a professional wedding DJ.  Enjoy Episode 13 of The Mike Bills Podcast, and when you are done listening, be sure to listen to previous episodes.  Now, let's get to those 10 Reasons Why You Must Hire A Professional Wedding DJ.

Wedding DJs Are Great At Planning
If you've put any effort into planning your wedding thus far, you probably can tell it's a stressful process, especially if you are trying to plan a wedding from a remote location.  When you meet with a professional wedding DJ, they will be sure to go through all the important parts of your wedding day.   Professional wedding DJs will work with your coordinator or wedding planner to make sure all the dances, announcements, and all other details are executed during all the key moments of your big day.

The Right Wedding DJ Will Play The Right Music
Lots of wedding DJs will tout they have a half million songs in their catalog. The amount of music is irrelevent because at the end of the day, a 4 hour wedding reception might come with it 80-90 songs total.  Professional wedding DJs take the time to sit down with their clients to make sure a playlist is created and curated that will have you and your guests on the dance floor. Wedding DJs who "just show up" are not professional. Wedding DJs who don't offer to meet with you are also NOT professional.

Professional Wedding DJs Have The Best Gear
It's the one thing that couples don't think about, but should.  The best wedding DJs get things set up early to ensure peace of mind on your wedding day.  Does your wedding DJ carry any backup gear? Even the best gear can fail and your DJ needs to be prepared in the event of failure.  I might be tooting my own horn when I say this, but from the beginning I've tried to maintain a great sound at my events by spending a little extra money on my gear. So, when you see differences in price, you should know that higher prices almost always mean the best gear. Higher end gear means wood cabinet speakers and wood cabinet subwoofers.

Your Wedding DJ Should Have A High Degree of "Professionalism"
They have done this more times. They have seen all different types of situations. They know how to read your guests and play the right song at the right time keeping your dance floor full.  The types of wedding DJs STAY OFF the microphone and STAY away from the alcohol. 

Professional Wedding DJs Provide A Value
For me personally, I won't offer you or sell you any upgrades like uplighting and photobooths.  I will sit down with you and help you craft the perfect wedding playlist.  How much "value" would you put into a wedding DJ who only books ONE wedding per day and made it part of his business model and strategy. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, then you need to find out more about me 

Professional Wedding DJs Have A Vast Amount Of Experience
And with this experience comes a lot of skill that amateur wedding DJs, your uncle, or your Ipod don't have.  Mic skills. Mixing skills. They are all important. I've always believed that a mild-mannered (less intrusive) wedding DJ (as it pertains to announcements) is best.  Simply put, I'll make the necessary announcements, then shut up, and the music will speak for itself in getting your guests dancing all night long.

Appearance Is Everything
Pro Wedding DJs will show and blend into your crowd, and that means with attire that does not stand out.  The most professional wedding DJs will set up their DJ table / area so it's not sloppy as well. 

The Wedding Ceremony / Reception Require Multiple Setups
The professional wedding DJs will have enough gear to be able to provide music for your wedding ceremony, as well as your cocktial hour & wedding reception.   They'll also have all the necessary microphones required for all aspects of your wedding day from the ceremony to the toasts.

Excellent Reviews
When you searching for your wedding DJ, be sure you read all the reviews that have been given on the DJ of your choice. These reviews serve as their report card.  The best wedding DJs will spend a lot of time before they even arrive at your wedding venue getitng ready. All of this preparation will leads to an excellent performance for you on your wedding day. 

Allow You To Remember Your Wedding Day
Great weddings will never just happen. They take a lot of effort in planning. My goal is for you and your guests to remember your wedding day 5 months from now, 5 years from now, and even 25 years from now.  Every single song you hear should be one that makes you smile. Every song you hear (no matter what) should make you say to yourself, "Gosh I love this song", and you look over to your wedding DJ or approach their table and give them a high five. Those are the moments that make lasting memories on your wedding day.

Did You Listen To The Podcast? Wanna Secure Mike As Your Wedding DJ?
Some people online might think I am redundant about some of the content I post about finding your wedding DJ. If you by chance ever see it that way, my apologies. I am passionate about this industry and I want to make sure I get my point across to you. Your wedding entertainment is a huge part of the success of your wedding day.  I would love to set up a time to speak with you about the music for your big day. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your big day.