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Ep. 12 - The Mike Bills Podcast | Instagram Break | Wedding DJ Horror Stories

19 January 2020

Here we are at third Friday already in January 2020 and it's nice to be getting back to some sense of normalcy as it pertains to the Mike Bills Podcast. You are probably asking what happened? Well, somehow I contracted some type of upper respiratory infection that knocked my voice out for about 2 weeks and inhibited me from recording fresh new content. Hopefully you caught Episode 11 because it was a "Best Of" episode that offered up some amazing tips on how to find the best wedding DJ for your big day in Charleston or Savannah.  Episode 12 will end up being the first fully-produced episode of the new decade with fresh new content.  I'm still new to this podcast thing, but one thing is for sure, if I want to have continuity, I have to carry the hand sanitizer with me everywhere I go, as well as make sure I am getting my Vitamin C supplements.  It had been 3 years since I had caught anything like this, and hopefully it'll be another three or five years.  You know it's hard to believe that here in Charleston, where the city has become one of the top wedding destinations in the country, that my podcast stands alone as one of it's kind.  Don't look for this steady stream of content to end anytime soon! As a matter of fact, I have only just begun.

In case you missed it, I am still offering at least 20% off for all 2020 and 2021 wedding  DJ bookings.  Never an agency or booking fee! Please feel free to take a look back at the quick podcast produced right at the beginning of 2020 outling these discounts.  Click the preceding link to be taken over right now. But, if you can wait, I would, because Episode 12 is another great episode that newly engaged brides and grooms do not want to miss. But, first before we get into the main topics of this episode, let me explain behind a rather large development thus far in 2020 for me and my company.

The Great Instagram Purge Of 2020
For me personally, the biggest bang for my marketing dollar has been a methodical approach to professional web development, as well as SEO.  In today's day and age, it takes a great amount of effort and resources to find YOU. But, you know what, in order for me to find you, I must create the most compelling content  so that you get to learn more about me.  The cream always rises to the top, even in a fiercely competitive market like Charleston.  Social media is a double-edged sword. You can't seem to live without it, and at times I can't seem to "live" with it.  Back around 3 years ago, I began to embrace Instagram with open arms and lots of promise.  Even though I am not a photographer, I was finding that posting compelling content was resulting in being noticed by some of the top wedding professionals in Charleston, as well as the rest of the country. 

Instagram Activity Down
Over the course of the past year, my Instagram activity remained the same, but no one from within my general list of followers was liking ANY of my posts. I also discovered that there was a problem with the app on my phone where I was not able to embed any music clips into the Instagram stories. Imagine that, one of the best wedding DJs in Charleston trying to spread the language of his style through music, and unable to do so. Since I was unable to get the music feature fixed on my Instagram stories (even through multiple app installs), I had to take matters into my own hands and create custom stories with my own software, then send over to my phone and upload that way. After all that work, only a few select people seemed to be looking at my stories. 

Too Much Spam & Bots
In addition to the app not working properly on my phone, the increase of spam was substantial. The only likes I began to get were from people who did not live in Charleston, or were from another country. I kept getting more and more spam messages too. Rather than try to figure out what has gone around over the past year, it was my decision to purge my entire account and start from scratch. This will be done in the coming days as I proceed in launching a new feed and image, that will hopefully attract many new engaged brides and grooms.

Not Wanting To Be Defined By My Instagram Feed
Would you believe there are people out there that have approached and told me that buying decisions are going to be made here on out on the Instagram platform? Ok, well if that is the case, let me take my website offline right now.  The social media platforms might be an excellent way to convey to my prospective clients where I might be during the weekend, but my overall image and style as a professional wedding DJ is to be found on my website, my blog, and in recent months, this podcast. Wedding DJs can only upload so many small little snippits of poor quality video from their recent weddings. If you've seen one snippit of that type of video, you've seen them all. During my last Instagram run, I made it a point to take advantage of the 60 second video limit and create some inspiring audio commercials (you might hear on the radio). You can expect to hear this type of content on my new account when it is launched.

Brides Speak About Their Greatest Fears When Hiring Their Wedding DJ
Ok, enough about Instagram! I will make an announcement about the new feed when it's relaunched.  I just felt it was important to explain to my followers and prospective clients where the account went.   Back in early 2018 (just about 2 years ago), there was a post that was published to my blog that ended up being one of the most visited posts of all of 2018. It also became one of the most "retweeted" posts of that year too.  If you scour the internet, you'll find countless posts from reputable wedding DJs from all over the country outlining all the pitfalls of hiring the wrong wedding DJ. As an industry professional, I can tell you with great confidence at least 50-60% of these posts are fairly accurate.

The Wedding DJ Horror Story Angle
While a fair share of those wedding DJ posts offered an expert opinion, none of them seem to delve deeper and get more personal.  How does one get more personal?  Nearly 100% of my clients come to a client meeting with a horror story about something they saw at a past wedding. Perhaps they were a part of their brother or sister's wedding and witnessed a bad wedding DJ. It's these experiences that brides and grooms never forget, and in most cases they get shared over and over again.  It's not long after a couple gets engaged that they begin to form a vision of their ideal wedding day. History is studied because we do not want to repeat those moments ever again. That same sentiment can be applied to your wedding day. Episode 12 of The Mike Bills Podcast goes into deeper detail with six brides that have hired me over the years. You'll see detailed illustrations of what happens when you hire the wrong DJ for your wedding.  Listening to this podcast will provide a great reinforcement of everything you've seen or heard about bad wedding DJs. Wanna get the cheat sheet on this episode? Click on this link to read more about Charleston brides and their wedding DJ horror stories.

Skip The Podcast And Meet With Mike Today
I agree wholeheartedly that "haste makes waste", so it is strongly encouraged that you do adequate research before signing any contracts as it pertains to your wedding DJ. However, if you are feeling a little confident today and have made it to the end of this post and have already met me in another way, you are given a pass on listening to this podcast.  Anyone who has made it to the end of one of my posts deserves a hot cup of coffee on this cold day in the Holy City. Truth be told, I like my coffee black. How about you? Maybe you've already been spending time on other portions of my blog and have gotten the jist of my style as a wedding DJ. Let's schedule a time to get together and discuss your big day today. Just click the preceding link to give me a few of the details.
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