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Ep. 11 - The Mike Bills Podcast | Spot The Cheesy DJ | Plus Other Great Tips

10 January 2020

You know it's a rare occasion that I get under the weather. As a matter of fact until early this year, I don't believe I've been ill for 3 years. But, as the calendar moved from 2019 into 2020, something hit my throat and upper respiratory area thus hindering my voice and the ability to record a new podcast.   But, you know what, I think you will appreciate this week's podcast. Since I've had such an issue with my voice in recent weeks, I decided to go back into my archives and find some pieces of production that you can listen to and find very helpful as you begin the search for the best Charleston Wedding DJ for your big day.  Episode 11 of The Mike Bills Podcast is the perfect, quick primer for those brides and grooms looking to secure a great wedding DJ for their Charleston wedding in 2020 or 2021.  

Episode 11 can be looked upon as a "Best Of" episode, with lots of helpful tips and information. The podcast begins with an audio promotion that was recorded back in the spring of 2018 discussing the fact that Charleston has catapaulted to the second most popular wedding destination behind Las Vegas. What makes Charleston so popular as a wedding destination?  Well, here in January in Charleston, while we normally see high temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60, we can see long stretches in the 70s.  When you combine a city by the water, with rich history, and temperate climate, you can begin to see why Charleston has grown in popularity over the years as one of the top wedding destinations in America. 

Charleston.Com | The Preeminent Website About The Holy City
After the audio commercial about Charleston as a top wedding destination, you'll hear a professionally-produced commercial that I put together for use in The Mike Bills Podcast.  Even if you are not planning a wedding in Charleston, you should seriously consider checking out for everything there is to know and do in this beautiful city. From Things To Do and Place To Stay and Where To Eat, as well as making the big "move" to the Holy City, you'll find yourself spending a lot of time on this website. Also, if you still need a little more convincing that Charleston, SC is the destination where would like to get married, find out the reasons to get married in the Holy City, which was written by yours truly.

How To Spot The Cheesy Wedding DJ
What you'll hear following the audio commercial about is a special miniature podcast that was produced in early 2016.  You'll learn all the in's and out's of how to avoid hiring the cheesy wedding DJ in Charleston. It's hard to believe in 2020 I have to remind future clients that these wedding DJs still exist.  Here's a quick tidbit I can give you in advance of you listening to this episode. You'll be able to spot a tacky, cheesy wedding DJ if they should comfortable hanging a sign or banner.  Never let a DJ hang a sign or banner! You'll find answers to this question, as well as many more if you click back over to my FAQs

Work With The Owner
Ever wonder what makes my company different from all the other wedding DJ companies in Charleston? Well, imagine if you will, Jeff Bezos of Amazon pulling up in the delivery van getting ready to drop off your Amazon Prime order. He greets you at the door with your package and appears to be very interested in making sure you are satisfied with your order. He even comes in your house and you open the package to make sure the contents are ok.  While the likelihood is zero that Jeff Bezos will make your delivery, the illustration I was trying to make was one that working with the owner can offer the best service. As an owner-operated DJ service, all my brides and grooms WILL get my undivided attention because I'm only able to work ONE wedding per day.  For even more information about that one-on-one service you get me from me as Charleston Wedding DJ, click the link.

Don't Forget To Meet Your Wedding DJ
Also inside this podcast are some of the 60 second promos that were cut for Instagram purposes.  You should always meet your wedding DJ beforehand. The great wedding DJs will have no problem with this and should actually offer to do so.   While we can get a lot of the music preparation completed online or through a Skype / Facetime, it's always been my goal to meet with my couples (at least once) before their wedding only. After all, you are putting your trust into the DJ and they will end up becoming one of the most important parts of your big day.  You can find out more about why you should meet your wedding DJ by clicking this link.

YOUR Music. YOUR Way.
Another 60 second promo inside this podcast talks about the online portal that is created for you and your fiance upon booking your wedding with my company. All my brides and grooms love to eat this up. Anywhere you there is internet, brides and grooms are free to log in and begin selecting their music and creating that killer soundtrack. They can even sample songs. For more information about this portal on my website designed to create your playlist, click the link.  One of the biggest successes of my company is giving my clients 100% latitude on which songs they would love to hear, as well as which songs they never want to hear.

Your Wedding DJ's Style Is Important
Did you know the style of your wedding DJ is important? You'll know a little more about hiring the right wedding DJ based on what type of style they have. How did you envision your wedding DJ? Most couples hire me because of my ability to get the party going without all the unnecessary chatter and games on the microphone.  Most modern brides and grooms are looking for a professional wedding DJ who stays behind their DJ table, as well as stays off the microphone and does not embarrass you or your guests.

The Do Not Playlist Is Essential
Also included in Episode 11 of The Mike Bills Podcast is another 3 minute promo created back in the winter of 2016 about why you need to create a Do Not Play List.  For more information about popular Do Not Play songs at Charleston weddings, download Episode 6 of The Mike Bills Podcast, and also click on this link for an archive about past Do Not Play Songs.

When You Hire Mike, You Get Mike
Did you know one of the biggest questions that brides and grooms ask me is whether or not I will be the DJ at their wedding? Absolutely I will be your wedding DJ, and in case you missed it, read up above that was illustrated with the Jeff Bezos example. Simply put, there will be no surprise who your DJ will be. You'll also find in this podcast episode the pro's and con's of hiring a multi-op DJ company over a company like mine.

Moving right along in Episode 11 of the podcast, you'll hear a 60 second promo of popular father / daughter dance songs, as well as some of the top mother / son dance songs heard at weddings all around the Holy City.

Ready To Speak With Mike About Being Your Wedding DJ In 2020 or 2021?
Finding the best wedding DJ for your most important day is serious stuff. If you just found my website and blog, thank you. If you made it this far down the page, then you might be interested in what I have to say.  The art of being a professional wedding DJ is something I take very seriously and you are invited to download the rest of my podcasts. You can find them on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and IHeart Radio. Feel free to click HERE to fill out a contact form to obtain more information and to save your wedding date.

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