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Ep. 1 The Mike Bills Podcast | The Why & Style Of This Charleston Wedding DJ

05 November 2019

The launch of the Mike Bills Podcast occurred on 11.1.19 and has been received with high praises and tremendous buzz.  This podcast is the perfect listen for a couple that just got engaged and is looking to get in one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Rated #1 Best Small City by Conde Nast Traveler for the past 9 years, Charleston has become one of the top wedding destinations in the country.  It was my goal to get this first episode of the Mike Bills Podcast up and online before the beginning of another engagement season.   As one of the top Charleston Wedding DJs, you'll get inside my mind and learn about my style as a DJ. You'll learn about how to hire a wedding DJ and all that it takes to the put together the music for the biggest day of your life so that you and your guests will be talking for years and years.  You can get this podcast anywhere you find your podcasts like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify, and Stitcher.  Episode 1 goes into several reasons "why" Mike decided to produce this podcast.  The episode also goes back in time to the radio career of Mike, as well as his style as wedding DJ in Charleston.

Why would Mike want to start a podcast? Well, why not?  It hit him like a ton of bricks in recent months that this is an awesome way to produce professional-sounding content about him and his DJ company. Brides and grooms are acquiring quality content about hiring their wedding vendors in Charleston, not only by traditional methods like websites and blogs, but also podcasts. There are thousands of podcasts out there, but not too many of them offer a point of view for the Charleston bride and how they can get hire a great wedding DJ.

The "Why's Of The Mike Bills Podcast

1. Targeted. On-Demand Content
Looking for a friendly voice to provide perspective on finding your wedding DJ? This is the perfect podcast for you.  It's specifically targeted for the modern bride and grooms needing incite on how to find a great DJ.  You can listen to this podcast anywhere and anytime. 

2. Authority & Credibility As A DJ
Over the past several years, I've produced a ton of blog content.  Hours and hours have been spent writing and producing quality content. What would happen to that content if it were transferred over to a professionally-produced podcast?  The creme will always rise to the top when it comes to wedding DJs in Charleston.  This podcast will further build my credibility as a top DJ.

3. Intimate Connection With Future Clients
Creating this podcast will speak directly (literally) to my clients. Words on a computer or smartphone screen don't mean as much as warm, friendly voice.  You can hear the passion I have for this industry before we even get to meet.

4. Podcasts Are FREE & Easily Accessible
All you pay for is data, but podcasts are available wherever you have internet access.  You can listen to podcasts, on your laptop or desktop computer, your smartphone, your tablet, and even your TV. 

The Beginning Of Mike's DJ Career
Mike has his roots as a DJ in the radio broadcasting industry and was on the air at various stations around Charleston for about a decade.  Episode 1 of The Mike Bills Podcast offers a look back at where Mike got his start as a wedding DJ.

The Mike Bills Podcast Promo
Take a listen to the Mike Bills Podcast Promo down below .  Feel free to share this promo with your friends and co-workers who may be getting married soon in the Holy City.

Contact Mike Today About Your Charleston Wedding!
Did you listen to Episode 1 and like what you hear? Are you interested in talking to Mike about your upcoming wedding here in Charleston? Click over to Mike's website now and fill out a contact form. Click HERE now to head over to his website and thank you very much for listening to The Mike Bills Podcast.