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Charleston Weddings Are Spared The Wrath Of Hurricane Irma

09 September 2017

Charleston wedding vendors, as well as brides and grooms who have had their wedding planned for this weekend and in the coming weeks can breathe a sigh of relief. Throughout the past week, I know I have personally lost some sleep in regards to the track of this incredibly catastrophic hurricane. For a few days there, it looked like one of the top wedding destinations in the country and world (Charleston) was going to be in the crosshairs of a major strike by the incredible power of Category 5 Hurricane Irma. No Category 5 has hit the United States since Hurricane Andrew did in August 1992 when it ravaged the Miami, Florida area. As I write this post, the South Carolina coast is out of the danger of catastrophe that we could have been looking at had this track not changed. Tropical storm conditions are looking to move into the greater Charleston area with heavy rains and coastal flooding possible. My thoughts are down in the great state of Florida as Irma sets her sights on the southwestern coast of the state near Naples and Key West. The storm looks to move up the entire Florida peninsula, with major cities like Tampa and Orlando in it's path. Let us keep the people of Florida in our prayers over the coming days. 

Even though I was off this weekend as well as next, I was completely distracted all this past week by what "might" have happened to the Fall wedding season all over the Charleston area had the unthinkable occurred and Irma had decided to make a rare run for the South Carolina coast. Would we have had power in 2 weeks? 3 weeks? Would the venues that my company was scheduled to be at in the coming weeks be open and be able to accomodate these weddings? Thankfully the tracks did not play out so we'll be able to proceed on in the coming weeks without major damage or disruption. Living in a hurricane prone area like Charleston does add another layer to planning and preparation. As a wedding vendor who has lived on the coast his entire life, hurricanes are a big part of our lives even though the South Carolina coast has only seen a direct hit twice in the past 58 years. You have to protect yourself and also keep a hurricane plan in the back of your mind for all your clients this time of the year.  Over the past 2 years we've a 1000 year flood as well as Hurricane Matthew in 2016. In the event that your wedding needs to be rescheduled due to a natural disaster like a flood or hurricane, Mike Bills Entertainment will make EVERY effort to accomodate your new wedding date and time.

Charleston has turned into somewhat of a ghost town this evening for good reason as it is always better to err on the side of caution and leave and close things up if a hurricane is threatening. It was awesome to log into my Instagram account these past few days and see some "Irma hurricane coordination stories". Some weddings evidently were moved to other venues due to safety concerns with the approaching hurricane. It's a wonderful sight to see of the most professional wedding vendors come together for the benefit of the couple. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be planning a wedding from a distance and to see the weather reports that a hurricane is approaching the city you are going to be married in. The stress is always a little bit higher when it comes to destination weddings so a natural disaster that could potentially derail a couple's special day only makes the stress worse.

Since Charleston has dodged a major bullet, let's lighten things up and relieve some stress. Music is always the cure. Mike Bills Entertainment is a professional wedding DJ with a true laser focus on the music. Over these next few days, the weather will probably get a little blustery and rainy and make you wanna sit inside with a little wine, a good book or listen to some great music. Here are some of my choices for the best songs to hear when you ride out a hurricane. Enjoy.


1. "Windy" | The Association
This song that was released back in the summer of love in 1967 is about a woman, but I thought would add it in this playlist of songs because hurricanes can be so "windy".

2. "Gimme Shelter" | The Rolling Stones
From the album "Let It Bleed", which was released back in 1969, this song was used in an American Red Cross ad campaign back in the late 1980s.

3. "Safe & Sound" | Capital Cities
Hitting the Top 10 in 2013, this was the newest song added to this list, but this past week I could not get it out of my mind, and actually some other versions too. You do want to do whatever you can to be safe and sound during a hurricane.

 4. "Riders On The Storm" | The Doors
Released just one month before his death in July 1971, it was the second track off the record "LA Woman". Perfect song to hear when the lights are low and the rain is pounding on the roof and you have a glass of wine in your hand.

5. "Ridin The Storm Out" | REO Speedwagon
This was the title track from the album back in 1973. The original track had Mike Murphy on the lead vocals, as Kevin Cronin had left the band during the work on this record.   The song became a bigger hit on rock radio when Kevin Cronin got back in the band as lead singer and a live record "Live: You Get What You Play For" was released.

6. "Rock You Like A Hurricane" | The Scorpions
German rockers The Scorpions were rocking hard back in the 1980s and especially back in 1984 when the album "Love At First Sting" was released.  This song made VH1's list of the Top 40 Greatest Metal Songs, and for good reason.

7. "It's Raining Again" | Supertramp
One of my favorite songs about rain and when you watch the music video you'll see the highly romantic end that will make you and your lover want to embrace and dance in the rain. Let's just not do that during a Category 3 hurricane. :)

8. "Against The Wind" | Bob Seger
This song was thought to have been about Seger's days as a cross country runner, but it featured the late Glenn Frey on background vocals and reached the Top 5 in 1980.

9. "Blowing Kisses In The Wind" | Paula Abdul
The third single from her album "Spellbound".  This is not a recommended activity during a major hurricane, but I think you get the jist of where this song list is going. ;)

10. "The Rain" | Oran Juice Jones
The biggest song of Oran Juice Jones' career, as the song reached #1 on the R&B chart and the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Rain, wind, storms.....Do you see the theme? Be safe out there. 

What a relief! Charleston has been spared from the intense winds and damage that Hurricane Irma has caused throughout the Caribbean and Florida. We can sleep a little bit better and I can get back to thinking about this upcoming fall wedding season with planning music playlists! Are you recently engaged and have begun the search for your professional wedding DJ and wedding entertainment for your Charleston wedding? Click HERE to tell me a little bit about your upcoming day.