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Charleston Wedding DJ Playlist: The Music Will Make Or Break

06 November 2017

When I sit down with a bride or groom, we discuss their musical likes and we also discuss their musical dislikes. The music that is played at your Charleston wedding will make or break the night. Unfortunately, even in this day and age, the music seems to get the backburner and marginalized and even lost in all the other details of the wedding day. While you certainly need to feed your guests (especially if they came here all the way from Seattle or Chicago or New York), the music needs to be perfect. When you book your wedding with my company, you are set up a portal on my professionally designed website so that you can choose the songs you want in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Depending upon the length of your wedding reception, it will take no time to input all your favorite songs. Brides and grooms need to be completely involved in the choosing of their wedding music. I am here to tell you that taking a laissez-faire approach when planning the music for your wedding is not the best course of action. Are you looking for a little bit of wedding music inspiration? Do you need a kick start into planning the perfect playlist that will create a party atmosphere at your Charleston wedding for many years to come? Then, please read on and get ready to dance.

No matter how well respected your wedding DJ's reputation is, a bride and groom should be very involved in creating the perfect playlist for their wedding. While the list is often long in your wedding planning preparation, make "wedding playlist preparation" a line item on your To-Do List. It doesn't matter how good the food tastes or how well those drinks were mixed by the bartender, or even how pretty the floral arrangements were, it's the MUSIC that your guests are going to be raving about the morning after your Charleston wedding. They'll be calling you and texting you about how great the music was.

"81% Of Brides Wish They Had Spent More Time And Resources On Their Wedding Entertainment"
It's a startling statistic that I have discussed plenty on this blog. Even if a bride and groom decided to maybe hire a band for their entertainment, there are great bands and there are terrible bands. I was actually talking to a bride and groom recently who were really into their music. Even though they had already booked their entertainment when we had met, they told me that music was very important to them and they had their band picked out even before their wedding venue.

Did music play an integral role in your lives when you started to date? What are some songs that make you stop and think about each other when you hear them? What are songs that conjure up feelings of that first time you guys laid eyes on each other? Music is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. Just a few seconds of a song can time warp us back to many special moments in our lives. If you are a brand new visitor to my website and blog, I invite you to take a look over at all the DJ playlists ideas for the cocktail hour and other parts of your wedding day. For instance, Theron & Krysten chose to do an all-bluegrass cocktail hour out at the Pavilion At Pepper Plantation. When you drive out and visit Pepper Plantation, you'll see why a bluegrass cocktail hour fits nicely out there.

Floor Fillers And Bangers Are Needed
One of the biggest things I tell my couples is while this day is about them, it's also important to consider the guests at your wedding. Your friends and family, your mom and dad, as well as your grandparents. It is my goal at every single wedding to get all your guests out on the dance floor. This is why in recent years that some of my couples are asking their guests to include a song with their RSVP. Then, those songs can be uploaded to my website when you are beginning to create your playlist. What exactly constitutes a floor filler or a late night banger tune? It's a song that when I play will get someone running back fast from the bar or from outside as soon as they hear a few seconds of the intro. Those are the kind of songs that need to be placed on your wedding playlist.

Choose More Music Than What Is Required
Standard wedding receptions down here in Charleston generally run 4 hours, with some in recent months hitting that 5 hour mark. Don't be scared to pick out more music than can actually fit in the allotted time frame. Your DJ will be able to decipher and organize all your songs and mix it together so that the best songs on your wedding playlist get played. The best Charleston wedding DJs are going to play music that caters to all the guests that you have invited. This is the greatest challenge when you have such a diverse group of people coming to celebrate. It's a challenge that can easily be won with keen attention to detail when it comes to the creation of the soundtrack to your most important day.

The DO NOT PLAY List: A Necessity Even In 2017
Your wedding playlist should be a carefully designed soundtrack that a professional wedding DJ will make come alive causing your guests to fill the dance floor. That soundtrack is going to be that perfect mix of music that is about the bride and groom. EVERY song should hit home and be the one that you love. It is equally important to let your DJ know the songs you despise too. What's worse than hearing a song you don't like on your wedding day? Answer: Hearing 4 or 5 songs that you don't like on your wedding day! The DO NOT PLAY list is an important and essential discussion to have with whatever DJ you decide to hire for the entertainment for your wedding.

Hope this blog post helps you get a little inspiration and help on creating your wedding playlist. Another engagement season is swiftly approaching. Dates are beginning to fill for 2018 and even 2019 here in Charleston. I'd love to meet you all and discuss music. Click HERE to tell me a little about your big day. Thank you for heading over to my website and if you just got engaged, congratulations!