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Charleston Is Still Number 1 City In U.S. | For Weddings Too

16 July 2017

The annual accolades awarded to Charleston, SC by Conde Nast Traveler seemed to have become “expected” and almost second nature by now. Back last year in 2016, Travel & Leisure joined the party and named Charleston the top city in the United States and that honor continues in 2017 too.  It should be no surprise that all these awards and accolades have created a buzz about Charleston.   That buzz has 35 people moving to the beautiful city of Charleston every single day. With that amount of buzz and traffic, recently engaged couples who are planning their wedding from Michigan, Texas, New York, Georgia or California are discovering Charleston and all what it has to offer. Charleston offers the most incredible backdrop for creating a romantic wedding.  With the wedding business exploding in recent years, some of the best wedding vendors have burst onto the scene and some have even relocated here. Mike Bills Entertainment has developed an exceptional reputation of serving destination brides and grooms from all over the country and has become a top wedding DJ in Charleston with a truly professional and polished approach. What exactly is the allure of Charleston as a wedding destination? Perhaps it’s the profound history, combined with its close proximity to the ocean and excellent culinary atmosphere that makes it unbeatable and very desirable? One thing is for sure. Charleston and it's beautiful surroundings make lasting memories for thousands of brides and grooms from across this country, year in and year out.


Having DJ’ed numerous weddings all over Charleston, there is something that is just utterly romantic about a Charleston wedding.  It’s truly a “couples” city with so much to do so it’s extremely inviting for brides and grooms and their bridal party to come and enjoy each other’s company. If it’s a peninsula Charleston wedding you desire, check out the rich history of the Governor Thomas Bennett House at 69 Barre St.  Built in 1825, it was owned by architect and builder Thomas Bennett Sr. and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. 
Ceremony Governor Thomas Bennett House

On the other side of the peninsula, you might consider the William Aiken House, a home built a few years earlier in 1820 by former governor of South Carolina, William Aiken and added to the historic places register in 1977. 
Wedding Venue William Aiken House Charleston Peninsula

The Historic Rice Mill, located on Lockwood Blvd might just in the best position of any downtown peninsula venue meaning that it is right on the harbor and offers incredible sunset photos. Built during the Civil War era in 1861, it’s a venue that has it all for brides and grooms. An incredible area for your wedding ceremony as well as breath-taking views all day and all night make it one of the most popular wedding venues on the peninsula.
Ceremony Historic Rice Mill Peninsula Charleston

When I see the Wickliffe House, I immediately are taken back to romantic scenes from the 1980s when the film North & South was filmed here in Charleston. The Wickliffe House was built in 1850 and is a beautiful mansion nestled in the Radcliffeboro neighborhood on the peninsula off Ashley Avenue.  Imagine yourself walking out of the romantic Wickliffe House mansion in the most beautiful of dresses for all your guests to see. It’s almost to hard to put into words the beauty of a bride in your gown outside one of the many Charleston area historical wedding venues.

Wedding Venue Wickliffe House Ashley Avenue

And speaking of North & South, a great portion of that classic movie was filmed at Boone Hall Plantation. If you are up in Alexandria, Virginia or out in Dallas, Texas, or even New York City looking for a bit of southern charm and romance on your wedding day, then Boone Hall Plantation is definitely the location for you.  Boone Hall Plantation is the embodiment of southern charm, especially at the Cotton Dock. 

Wedding Venue Boone Hall Plantation

These are a just few of my favorite wedding venues, just to get you in that dreamy state. J   There are SO MANY more that would take days and days of typing to list. Congratulations by the way on your engagement. These venuescertainly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. All that is missing right now is your imagination and a trip down here to Charleston.  While July & August are often the slower months down in Charleston due to the excessive heat and humidity, all months are in play now. All that is left for you to do is to book your flight or plan a weekend road trip down to Charleston. Once you get here, grab yourself a copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine. I actually still a have few copies still from my previous marketing campaigns I can give you. Also check out the Charleston Visitor’s Bureau website (Charleston Wedding Guide) for more venue information.

Plan your time accordingly when you get here and take a tour of the wedding venue landscape of Charleston. You could spend two weeks here and STILL not see everything. While you are here, meet with some of your wedding vendors too. You might as well just try to get it all done with one trip, but if you need to come back, I know for a fact you’ll want to (more and more). And in those two weeks, you could not possibly try out all the best restaurants either, so there will be even more reason to return.

As long as the accolades continue and receive “national” attention in the media and the blogs, Charleston will continue to be a top wedding destination in the country, as well as the world. Spend a little time here during your wedding planning and you’ll see why. If you have found my website and blog recently and have begun your search for your professional wedding DJ for your recently booked Charleston wedding, I’d love to meet you.  Speaking of that "national attention", here is a recent clip from NBC's The Today Show talking about Charleston. :)

Take some time with your significant other and thoroughly read over my website and blog and FAQs. After reading about me, let’s meet and discuss creating the absolute perfect soundtrack for your wedding day. I also am fairly confident you’ll appreciate my stance and posture as a wedding DJ too as it’s imperative for me to keep the focus on the bride and groom and actually off the DJ. You keep the floor full of your guests dancing by taking the time to carefully choose your wedding playlist.  While a lot of other DJ services “assume” their Top 200 songs playlist will satisfy your guests, I like to take things further and customize it for Mike & Jennifer or John & Sarah and Christy & Steve (insert you and your fiancée here). It’s your day, so the music should be about YOU. Without further discussion, click HERE to tell me some more about your special day. I would love to discuss music with you, it’s actually a huge passion of mine determining the musical likes and dislikes of my couples.