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Charleston Brides Pick Value Over Price For Their Wedding DJ

11 October 2017

In a recent survey of Charleston brides, (both destination and local) the value that a DJ has the potential to provide is becoming even more important. Brides and grooms should NEVER have to worry about a thing on their wedding day. Since the entertainment you choose on your wedding day is going to make or break one of the single most important days of your life, you need a professional wedding DJ who provides value. 
Value is defined as follows.  "the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something."
How much is it worth to a bride and groom to have a true, professional, polished wedding DJ at their ceremony and reception? Some of the thoughts below are just a few of the many things that run through my mind the day of YOUR wedding ceremony and reception. 

This blog post won't go into any pricing information, because in the grand scheme of things, the amount of thought, dedication, and preparation that it takes to flawlessly execute all the parts of your wedding from the ceremony to the end of your reception is "priceless".  You've invited 200 of your best friends and your family down to Charleston to have your ceremony and wedding reception at one of Charleston's most beautiful venues. You've spent thousands of dollars on the venue, and even more on the caterer. How important or "valuable" is it to you that your DJ employ a high quality sound system for your wedding ceremony and provide all the necessary microphones that work and don't cut out during the ceremony?

One of the most crucial moments of the entire wedding reception where the spotlight is 110% on the bride and groom is the introduction of the bridal party and first dances. You need a professional wedding DJ who is flawless at execution. How important or "valuable" is it to you that the introduction of the bridal party goes off without issue and is seamless and smooth to you and your guests?  How valuable is it to you that your DJ smoothly blends your bridal party introduction song and fades into your first dance without stopping any music abruptly? How would you feel if your 200 guests that spent all that money on airfare and hotel witnessed the music stopping during your first dance, thus creating an intensely awkward situation and essentially ruining your wedding day?

It's now 9pm and the dance floor is hopping and fully packed and you are having the time of your life with your friends and family. The music stops. Your DJ has blown a speaker or their mixer has failed, thus ending your reception. How important or how much value do you put into having a non-stop night of music and fun on the dance floor?  Professional wedding DJs use "professional" grade equipment. They know how to use their gear and are experts with their gear. Proper use of pro-grade DJ gear should result in no speakers getting blown out and lasting many years. Backup mixers need to also be employed to ensure the continuation of your wedding reception in the event of an unfortunate equipment failure.

Getting back to your bridal party introductions, how much value do you put into your DJ properly pronouncing the names of your bridal party? Not every name is as simple as "Smith" or "Jones". There are special pronunciations and explanations that are sometimes needed and this is another very important detail that a true professional wedding DJ will meet you and consult with you about. Remember your 200 guests who flew down to beautiful Charleston to see you get married? They'll certainly remember your wedding EVEN more when the DJ mispronounces the names of some of the members of your bridal party.

At Mike Bills Entertainment, 100% latitude is given to brides and grooms in what they get to hear at their reception and what they DO NOT want to hear. Custom playlists are researched and created weeks in advance at the requests of all my brides and grooms. Let's say that your DJ has 80% of the songs you've chosen to hear at your wedding. This means that 20% of the songs they may not have and will need to purchase. After all the requested music has been retrieved, the music still needs to be organized into the appropriate portions of the evening. As you can see there is much more leg work that goes on behind the scenes before the DJ even pulls up to the wedding venue and sets up.

These are just a few of the many details that I cover in preparing for any couple's wedding day. There are many many more. It's an understatement that I take being a professional wedding DJ VERY seriously.  You have to be fully prepared at each wedding. There are NO do-overs. I don't get a second chance with you. It's got to be perfect the FIRST time. Painstaking measures are taken to prevent mishaps. One of my goals from Day 1 has been to provide an "exceptional wedding DJ experience" for all brides and grooms. This CANNOT be done if the T's are not crossed and the I's are not dotted on a long list of tasks a that go on the behind the scenes. The success of your ceremony and reception depend on a checklist of numerous details, a lot of which are not listed in this post.

So, how much "value" would you place on that "exceptional wedding DJ experience"? How much "value" would you place on a DJ company that's mission is to make sure one of your biggest life moments runs smoothly? Would you like to be able to look back and smile about your wedding in 5 weeks, or 5 months or 5 years from now?  You cannot really put a price on this, which is why you need to take into careful consideration a company's reputation and reviews. You need to choose a company who takes into account all of these details and then some, answers emails in a timely manner, and is willing to provide unlimited face to face consultations. This is the "value" you get with my company, and even more importantly, you'll work with me throughout the ENTIRE process. The success of every aspect is VERY important to me and it is how you truly get that "exceptional wedding DJ experience" that I speak of. Let's schedule a time to meet and discuss your upcoming big day. I'll even give you a copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine just for meeting with me. Click HERE to tell me a little bit about yourself. Do you like cream or sugar in your coffee?