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Carrie & Hamilton - A Wonderful Day At Rosebank Farms

05 May 2014

Scattered showers dotted the landscape on the way out to John's Island this day. However, as it came time to start the ceremony, the sun came out and the clouds parted, turning into an absolutely gorgeous spring afternoon in Charleston.

After seeing the reception location back in March and where the ceremony would be held, I would have a great idea how things logistically would be set up. Carrie & Hamilton did not live around here, although Carrie did grow up here. They currently reside in Atlanta. Serving destination couples is something I pride myself on. The ability to do Skypes or Facetime and keep in constant communication with brides and grooms planning their wedding away from Charleston is very important. When you book your wedding DJ with my company, you won't get anything less than that.

Carrie had one of her friends play a lot of the main ceremony pieces with a piano, but I set up and played the pre-ceremony music, all handpicked by Carrie. Mostly classical string and piano pieces. Carrie picked some very beautiful music for the pre-ceremony

Cocktail ensued after the lovely cermeony, where it was mostly an acoustic Hootie & Jack Johnson vibe to the music.

BRIDAL PARTY INTRODUCTION: "You Make My Dreams Come True" - Hall & Oates

BRIDE & GROOM FIRST DANCE: "Whatever It Is" - Zac Brown Band

FATHER / DAUGHTER DANCE: "Life's A Happy Song" - The Muppets

MOTHER / SON DANCE: "How Sweet It Is" - James Taylor

LAST DANCE OF THE EVENING: "Hey Pretty Girl" - Kip Moore