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Brie & Heath : Downtown Beaufort At Old Bay Marketplace

05 August 2013

Brie & Heath were married in a simple ceremony in a park not too far away from the Old Bay Marketplace. Of course, it's August and it's hot so when the late afternoon ceremony was over, everyone congregated over to the venue for the reception.

If you remember an earlier posting, I had gone down to check out the Old Bay Marketplace back in April with Brie & Heath and Brie's parents, Derek & Connie. It was just how I remembered it, only now it was cool as a cucumber with the summer heat.

The bridal party was quite happy to get to the cool venue!.

BRIDAL PARTY INTRODUCTION SONGS: "Thunderstruck / AC-DC" faded into 2001: A Space Odyssey

FIRST DANCE: "Come Live With Me" : - Ray Charles

BRIDE & FATHER DANCE: "Walk With You" - Edwin McCain

GROOM & MOTHER DANCE: "Into The Mystic" - Van Morrison

BOUQUET TOSS SONG: "Drop It Like It's Hot" - Snoop Dog


LAST DANCE: "I Won't Give Up" - Jason Mraz

I guess I should begin to expect this more and more as technology continues to expand into our lives, but Brie's official maid of honor was unable to attend the wedding and reception, so during the toasts for the evening, Brie discovered that her maid of honor was watching the entire toast portion through Skype! It was quite a touching moment.

All in all, it was a great time had by all and as the last song ended on that hot, sticky Saturday night, Brie & Heath joined their closest friends at some of the cool bars in downtown Beaufort before heading south to rest and relax in Pompano Beach as they enjoyed their first few days as husband and wife.

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