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Book One Of The Top Charleston Wedding DJs | Black Friday & Small Biz Saturday

22 November 2018

Here it is another Thanksgiving afternoon and as I can smell the turkey cooking in the oven, I am sitting back and are thankful for lots. I'm thankful for another year of tremendous growth for my DJ company here in Charleston. I am thankful for all the clients who have put their trust into my company during this year, and who have also put their trust into my company thus far for my upcoming 2019 Charleston weddings. I am thankful for all the time I have put into my website since the beginning of summer adding so much great and useful content for my prospective clients, but there is still much more to accomplish by the end of this year.  I have begun getting together for my second edition of The Complete Guide To Selecting Your Charleston Wedding DJ. I plan to have it complete in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  

One of the big improvements in my business process was the integration of a CRM into my website.  The new CRM will allow timely responses to all website inquiries, which include online proposals, electronic payments, and secure payments.  I figured since most of my clientele could appreciate this even easier way of booking my services that I would reward those online shoppers with some Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales and incentives, and I'll probably extend this into Cyber Monday too. These Black Friday and Small Business Saturday deals don't involve you waking up at 3:00am in the morning and standing outside in the cold to get a good deal.   They don't involve you potentially getting trampled as you run to get that 100 inch big screen TV for $299.00 either.The Thanksgiving holiday marks the beginning of engagement season here in Charleston. As a matter of fact, over 40% of all engagements will occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.  You know I've mentioned it all through my blog all through the years that the wedding DJ that you choose for your Charleston wedding is going to make or break your big day. 
Black Friday Deals Charleston Wedding DJ

Hiring your Charleston Wedding DJ is a serious decision for you and your fiancee.  I do not want you to rush in making that decision just because you come across these Black Friday and Small Business Saturday deals.  As one of the best Charleston Wedding DJs, all of what I have preached about over the months and year still holds true. I strongly encourage each and every one of my couples to meet their DJ beforehand. I have done so many Skypes and Facetimes over the years with destination brides and grooms coming to Charleston to get married. Those brief introductions are designed to make the destination clients feel better about their decision before they get a chance to meet in person in the days leading up to their Charleston wedding.
Bride And Groom Dancing Charleston
Due to the serious nature of hiring the best Charleston wedding DJ for your wedding, I don't want you to think that simply finding me on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday is a substitute for having a chance to meet with your wedding DJ or talk with your DJ before you make that important decision. Due to the importance of interviewing multiple wedding DJs before making your decision, I will hold these discounts over for you if you complete a contact form on my website by December 1.  If you complete a contact form on my website, you'll then have until December 15 to book your 2019 wedding and receive those discounts.

Small Business Saturday Mike Bills Entertainment

So Mike, Can You Tell Me A Little More About These Special Discounts You Are Offering For Black Friday & Small Business Saturday?
I thought you would never ask! For those couples that hit my website from Nov 23 - 26, and fill out a contact form, you are eligible for some very nice discounts.  Please think of these discounts as a present from me too and spare cash in your pocket as you get ready to head to Bali or Aruba, or wherever you guys are planning to go. 
After all is said and done and you and your guests have the time of your lives at your Charleston Wedding, then you need to rest and have lots of relaxation on your honeymoon.
Black Friday Ultimate Wedding DJ Graphic Web

The Ultimate Wedding DJ Package is one of the most popular packages that is booked by my clients. Brides and grooms  get professional wedding ceremony music, which includes music for their prelude, a wireless lapel microphone for their officiant, as well as an optional lapel microphone for the groom if the couple is planning on doing their own vows. It also includes 4 hours of coverage for your wedding reception. The normal price for this package is $1,570.00. However, for a limited time only for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, this package is $1,370.00. Simply fill out a contact form on my website from November 23 - 26, and you are eligible for this discount.  You must sign a contract by December 15th to take advantage of this price. 

Black Friday Legendary DJ Package

In recent years, I've been getting more and more requests by Charleston brides and grooms for wedding receptions that are at least 5 hours.  With all of these requests for longer receptions, I saw the need to add in a package that catered to these brides and grooms.  The Legendary Wedding DJ Package is a notch above The Ultimate Wedding DJ Package and provides professional wedding ceremony music and 5 hours of wedding reception coverage.  For couples that are wanting to have a cocktail hour, you might use one hour for that, and use the other 4 hours for the reception. The normal price for this particular package is $1,870.00.   For Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shoppers, the cost is $1,570.00. This is by far the best deal to be offered for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. 
Basically, You Get A Longer Wedding Reception For FREE!
To put things in perspective, Charleston brides and grooms will be getting The Legendary Wedding DJ Package for the price of The Ultimate Wedding DJ Package. You will be getting a LONGER RECEPTION by one of the top Charleston wedding DJs at no additional cost. You'll be an additional hour of music for FREE.

Take Advantage Of These Prices Without Booking Until December 15th
As I mentioned up above,  you don't need to officially book your wedding with Mike Bills Entertainment from November 23 - 26th (Black Friday through Cyber Monday). All you need to do is fill out a contact form to express your interest. You must sign a contract by December 15th to receive these discounts, as you will not be eligible after December 15th.
Uplighting And Event Lighting

Luxury Photo Booth & Wedding Uplighting Still Available
As you continue to shop around for your Charleston Wedding DJ, I also wanted to remind you that I do work with some of the best wedding vendors in the area. Be sure to check out Lowcountry Photobooth for a truly classic and luxury photobooth experience, and my partner for nearly 8 years when it comes to uplighting and other types of event lighting, Charleston Uplighting.  

Engagement Season Is HERE. Booking Your Charleston Wedding DJ Sooner Rather Than Later
Prime dates are still available in 2019, as well as 2020, but you'll need to act fast as engagement season has kicked off and those dates will begin to fill.  Finding the right DJ for your wedding is very important, so please do not be hasty in your decision and review numerous choices.  The entertainment for your Charleston wedding is an area where you should not cut any corners.  I wanted to thank you for making it to the end of this blog post. If you are just hitting my website for the very first time, please come back and feel free to look around my blog for more helpful tips on hiring the best DJ for your wedding. Click HERE if you are already engaged and would like to inquire about hiring Mike for your Charleston Wedding.  Mike Bills Entertainment is an "owner-operated" higher-end  DJ company based in Charleston that is very passionate about providing an exceptional wedding DJ experience for all his clients.