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Best 25 Diana Krall Songs For Your Wedding Playlist

10 February 2018

Live at the Gaillard Center downtown in Charleston, SC, it's world renown jazz pianist and singer, Diana Krall. Billboard magazine named her one of the best selling jazz artists of her time. She's at the top of the modern jazz musician class. Her voice is very rich and sensual, and in my humble opinion one of the best in history out of all female jazz musicians. I am giving Diana some time on my blog this weekend because her music would go perfectly at a black-tie Charleston wedding down at the Hibernian Hall or the historic Gadsden House, or even the Governor Thomas Bennett House. If you are just hitting my website and blog for the first time, welcome!  As one of the best Charleston Wedding DJs, if you aincorporating other jazz musicians into your Charleston wedding playlist is something you are interested in, you might check back at an earlier post from a few weeks ago about my smooth and sexy like silk jazz cocktail hour for Charleston weddings as well. It's only a few posts back behind this one.

Diana was a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and then went west to LA to begin her jazz career. In 1996, she released an album completely dedicated to the late Nat King Cole and his trio. At the end of 2001, she embarked on a world tour and created her first "live" record. On this record, she covered Billy Joel's Number 1 hit on the Easy Listening charts, "Just The Way You Are", as well as the Joni Mitchell song, "A Case Of You".

In late 2003, Diana married Elvis Costello, and she has also sang and worked with other great musicians and artists like Ray Charles, Barbara Streisand, Paul McCartney, and Tony Bennett. She also sang the classic song "Fly Me To The Moon" back in 2012 during the funeral and service of astronaut Neil Armstrong. As tonight unfolds, we're just 4 short days away from Valentine's Day. The Charleston engagement seasons is still going strong. An evening with Diana Krall would be perfect tonight for the couple who is looking for a wonderful romantic night out on the town in beautiful Charleston after dinner at one of Charleston's finest restaurants.   Enjoy this listing of some of Diana's finest songs that you might also consider adding in for a classy and romantic cocktail hour or dinner music portion for your Charleston wedding DJ playlist.

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"Let's Fall In Love" | 1999
One of the most beautiful songs that came from her 5th album in 1999 "When I Look In Your Eyes". The album would go all the way to Number 1 on the Billboard jazz charts.  Charleston is an incredible city to "fall in love" in and have your destination wedding. 

"Just The Way You Are" | 2002
She performed this cover of the Billy Joel back her concerts at the Paris Olympia in France back in late 2001.  She truly did an excellent job on Billy's smash hit. Just take a listen down below. 

"The Look Of Love | 2001
Originally written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David back in 1967, Diana used this cover for the title track of her 2001 album.  It was originally sung by the late Dusty Springfield back in 1967. An incredible song for your cocktail or dinner hour down at the luxurious Dewberry hotel for your Charleston luxury wedding. 

"Walk On By" | 2009
Walk On By was originally recorded and released by the great Dionne Warwick in 1964. Diana covers the song masterfully on her 2009 album "Quiet Nights".  

Diana Krall Turn Up The Quiet

"Almost Blue" | 2004
Back in 2004, she released 'The Girl In The Other Room", which included this beautiful song that was written by Elvis Costello in 1982.

"Peel Me A Grape" | 1997
Crush me some ice"...."Skin me a peach" and save the fuzz for my pillow. She covered this song in such a sexy and playful way.  You can find this song on her 1997 album "Love Scenes". Just so you know, Charleston, SC is full of "love scenes", as it's become the Number 2 wedding destination in the country.

"Cry Me A River" | 2001
Another great cover on her 2001 album "The Look Of Love". Slow and sensual as usual.

"Let's Face The Music And Dance" | 1999
Frank Sinatra sang this song, as well as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. It was originally written in the mid 1930s by Irving Berlin and covered masterfully by Diana in 1999 on her album "When I Look In Your Eyes".

 "Temptation" | 2004
The Girl In The Other Room was her 7th album, and includes songs that she co-wrote with her husband Elvis Costello. This is an excellent cover of the Tom Waits song that's a bit of a departure from her cover of the jazz standard and rat pack.

Diana Krall For Your Wedding Playlist

"Quiet Nights" | 2009
The title track from her wonderful 2009 album that went all the way to Number 3 on the Billboard 200 charts, as well as Number 1 on the Jazz charts.  What an incredible romantic way to wrap up this salute to the great Diana Krall. 

"Sway" | 2017
Dean Martin made this song a hit back in 1954, but Diana Krall put her sexy and smooth spin on this jazz standard in 2017. You can find the song on her album Turn Up The Quiet.

"I've Got You Under My Skin" | 1999
Diana Krall covered this signature song by Frank Sinatra in 1999 on her album Lets Fall In Love. When you hear this album, you'll see how it went all the way to #1 on the Jazz chart.  Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons would also cover this song and if you are interested in some of the best and most famous from New Jersey, be sure to check out this post by clicking on the link.

"The Heart Of Saturday Night" | 2007
Written by the great Tom Waits, Diana would record and release on her compilation album in 2007, The Very Best Of Diana Krall.  This compilation would be another Number 1 album on the Jazz albums chart.

"My One And Only" | 2018
When you hear this record, you'll probably fall in love even more with Diana Krall.  You'll fall in love even more because you'll see how perfect it is to hear Diana and Tony Bennett on the same album.  Released in September of 2018, the album would make it all the way to Number 1 on the Top jazz album chart.

"I've Got A Crush On You" | 2018
And this crush that you have on one another is why you are saying your I-Do's.  When i heard this song, I envisioned a bride and groom socializing during dinner and were on opposite sides of the venue speaking with guests. When this song comes on, the bride and groom make eye contact from across the room.  It's a beautiful thought because this is a beautiful song.

Love Is Here To Stay Diana Krall Weddings

"Fly Me To The Moon" | 2007
I am trying to wrap my mind around being in one of the romantic, international cities (Paris).  You can find this most excellent cover and learn how the stars and moon lined up perfectly for Diana's 2002 album Live In Paris.

"Only The Lonely" | 2007
You can find this song on Diana Krall's compilation, The Very Best Of Diana Krall, released in 2007.  This compilation album would become one of the top jazz albums of the 2000s.

"Garden In The Rain" | 1997
"Garden In The Rain" can be found on Diana's 4th album, Love Scenes, released in 1997.  You might take a listen to this entire album as your wedding day is a "scene of love". It should be no surprise that this album went all the way to #1 on the jazz charts.

"California Dreamin' | 2015
If you are a fan of the Mama's & Papa's from the 60s, you'll love Diana Krall's take on this classic. You can find it on her 2015 album, released back in 2015.  Wallflower is an album of covers that also featured covers of Elton, as well as the Eagles.
Diana Krall On Your Wedding Playlist

"Feels Like Home" | 2015
I had to add this song into this playlist of sexy and jazzy Diana Krall songs because of her collaboration with Bryan Adams. Take a listen to this song by clicking the link in the title of the song and you'll see why.

"Operator" | 2015
Jim Croce was smiling from up above when Diana Krall released her covers album Wallflowers in 2015.  If you are a fan of the early 70s musician, you'll love her cover of this classic.

"Isn't It Romantic" | 2017
Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most romantic days of your life, and it's smooth and sexy songs like this that will make that happen. You can find this beautiful track on Diana's 2017 album Turn Up The Quiet.

"I'll See You In My Dreams" | 2017
Originally written and recorded in 1924 and performed by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Andy Williams, Diana Krall would cover it on her album Turn Up The Quiet.

"L-O-V-E" | 2017
Normally, the Nat King Cole version of this song is heavy on the request lists for my weddings, but since Diana Krall did so awesome on her version, I think I will be adding it into the jazz category on my music catalog. 

"They Can't Take That Away From Me" | 1997
Fred Astaire sang this song to Ginger Rogers, and they actually danced to the song in the 1949 movie, The Barkleys Of Broadway.  You can find Diana Krall's version on her 1997 album love scenes.

Diana Krall For Wedding Playlists

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Wow. This blog post constitutes an incredibly romantic soundtrack for a pre-Valentine's Day evening in Charleston. We're just four days away from that day of love. The voice and music of Diana Krall means love, it means romance, and extreme sensuality.  I am picturing it right now. He's picking you up for an early dinner for two at one of the best restaurants and most luxurious restaurants, and then he's taking you to the Gaillard Center for a night of music that is so full of love and romance.  Perhaps you can have a few after concert drinks at the luxurious Dewberry. Engagement season continues in Charleston and another spring wedding season is just around the corner. If you just got engaged and are considering a Charleston wedding, congratulations!  One of the reasons that Charleston has become the Number 2 wedding destination in the country is because of the romance that just exudes of it's many rich historical landmarks and wedding venues. Thank you for making it all the way through this blog post. When it comes to professional wedding DJs in Charleston, this blog will always be filled to the brim with countless playlist ideas, DJ tips and so much more to make sure that you are able to create the absolute perfect soundtrack for your Charleston wedding. If you are ready to sit down with one of Charleston's top wedding DJs, click HERE to tell me a little more about your upcoming day.