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Attention Brides. Even In 2014, The Cheesy DJs Still Exist

03 January 2014

It's hard to believe they STILL exist, but here are some of the tell-tale signs you are talking to a cheesy DJ. Mike Bills Entertainment LLC has developed a very solid reputation over the years of being a premier, professional wedding & event DJ in and around the area and throughout coastal South Carolina. Click over to the website and read over my FAQs and also to submit your contact information for a free consultation. 


Things To Consider When Interviewing For Your Charleston Wedding DJ
Does the DJ have liability insurance?
This question should be asked right off the bat. If they do not have insurance, then move on to the next DJ. Liability insurance is often times required by a venue, in the unfortunate event that a guest trips on a cord or a speaker falls on them. These events are highly unlikely, but "real" DJ companies are going to operate as a company and part of this is paying for insurance. The cost is minimal, but the rewards are great. Some DJs try to cut corners and NOT pay this small, annual cost. Even better, some DJs purchase equipment insurance. This insurance is in the event that equipment is stolen before your event, it can be replaced without any interruption to your event.
Does the DJ have a quality website?
This is huge. Brides these days are extremely web savvy. Is their website easily navigated? I built my website with the idea in my mind that brides should use it as a portal to help select music, timelines and plan their wedding ceremony and reception.  This is especially important for destination brides and grooms and Charleston, SC has become huge for destination couples.
What is generally a "dead giveaway" for cheese?
Well, if you have read over my website at any length of time, you can probably tell that Mike Bills Entertainment is probably one of the most "anti-cheese" DJ companies in the greater Charleston, SC area. Probably the most obvious giveaway is if the DJ tries to tell you or offer you (at an extra expense) FOG. Yes, you heard right. FOG. Imagine that, you and your new husband are doing your first dance and FOG is filling the dance floor, during probably the most special moment of your day. Brides! Please RUN.. This is a dead giveaway for "cheese". Your day is special. Your day is elegant. After all, this is a wedding reception, not a Vegas strip club or magic show. I have NEVER EVER EVER had a bride come to me and say "Mike, when my husband and I dance to our most meaningful, special song, I would like you to fire off some FOG."Regardless of your budget, your day is still special and your day is still elegant. Mike Bills Entertainment LLC provides itself on providing "classy & fun" receptions minus the cheese and gimmicks. It is my belief that your wedding reception can be classy without all the extra gimmicks.

I look forward to serving my brides and grooms in 2014. If you are a prospective bride and need to get a hold of a great source of wedding information for Charleston, pick up the latest copy of Charleston Weddings Magazine. Look for it on or about January 23rd in places like Harris Teeter and Barnes & Noble plus so many places in and around the Charleston SC area. Mike Bills Entertainment LLC is proud to be an advertiser for ALL of 2014. See below for the lovely advertisement you will see.