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7 Questions To Ask Your Charleston Wedding DJ In 2018

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas! I've been talking about it for many weeks now. We've been easing into another engagement season here in Charleston, and on this chilly Christmas night, I bet there are quite a few happy bride-to-be's around the greater Charleston area. There also might be quite a few "bride-to-be's in New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Chicago, or Philadelphia reading a brochure about one of the top wedding destinations in the country (Charleston) starting to plan their Charleston wedding from a distance. Congratulations! Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be just fine. Enjoy your engagement for a little bit before you begin to booking wedding venues and vendors.  The first thing you need is your DATE. Be sure to click this link for my 2018 Complete Guide To Selecting Your Charleston Wedding DJ that I posted back on the blog on December 16. You might consider this post as a bit of a continuation to that all-inclusive guide.

 Will You Be The DJ At My Charleston Wedding?

This sounds like a pretty ridiculous question, but it's very much a question that you must ask. More often than not, there are multi-system DJ companies that have numerous staff.  When you book with these companies, you often sit down with one DJ, but then for whatever reason, that DJ does not show up to your wedding. At Mike Bills Entertainment, I try to provide my clients a more personalized approach as their wedding DJ. This "personalized approach" means we'll get together and discuss music over coffee, and I'll get to know your likes and dislikes when it comes so that we can design the absolute perfect playlist.  The last thing you need on your wedding day (after all that planning) is a surprise.  Can you imagine spending 6 - 9 months planning the music with a DJ and then they don't show up? When you work with an owner / operator DJ company like Mike Bills Entertainment, the chance of the surprise of who your DJ will be decreases to about zero percent.

 In What Style Will You Make The Announcements At My Wedding?
Mike Bills Entertainment is an owner / operated DJ company who has many years of experience on the microphone, and is a DJ who is smooth and has the voice you really want to hear making announcements through out your wedding reception, whether that be over at Magnolia Plantation, Middleton Place, or the Daniel Island Club.  For me personally, I think the "less is more" strategy is best. The DJ should compliment your wedding reception, not take over your event with a tacky sounding voice, crude jokes, and a cheesy demeanor. Truth be told, those DJs are long gone and before my company was started, I saw firsthand how other companies were being cheesy in Charleston. I was determined to shape my company around being a classy, but fun DJ who made all your announcements and kept the party going, but yet stayed in the background. Brides and grooms have spoken. Take a look at my reviews when you get a chance.
Sounding good and professional on the microphone is equally as important as mixing the music properly at your wedding.

Will There Be A Light Show At My Wedding?
Tasteful dance floor lighting can be purchased for your wedding, but as a general rule of thumb, it's been my mantra from Day 1 not to employ cheesy looking strobe lighting and disco balls at my events. My clients from Day 1 have never asked for them. It's YOUR wedding, not a Las Vegas revue. No silly, blinky lights or smoke / fog and certainly no signage to mess up the thousands of dollars yuo spent on decor for your Charleston wedding.

Can You Do A Site Survey At My Wedding Venue?
The answer to this question is a resounding YES.  It is 100% peace of mind for me and my brides and grooms to go and take the time to conduct a site survey. This allows me to meet the venue manager and get a feeling of where I will be set up for your reception. Even if I have been at a wedding venue, I always like to make a special trip down just to see if I'll be placed in an area that is different from when I was there because every wedding reception is different and there could be a different floor plan.

How Will You Be Dressed At My Wedding?
Simply put, professional wedding DJs are going to be dressed professionally. If they bride and groom are thinking that they have a black-tie affair, then I will certianly dress "black-tie" or a dark suit.   Even in the more laid back wedding receptions, I still wear a tie, and black buttin-down shirt and slacks. You'll have a clean, polished DJ with nice shoes, but no jeans and t-shirt or even a tuxedo painted onto a tshirt like I have seen on some DJ sites.

Can You Play Special Music At Our Wedding?
From Day 1, I've made each and every wedding I do about the couple. Therefore, if you have any special (non-traditional) music that you would like played or anything else that is not mainstream, please point me in the right direction to obtain those tracks. 

How Long Can You Play At My Wedding?
At Mike Bills Entertainment, there are various packages that brides and grooms can choose. The packages generally come in 3, 4, and 5 hour increments.  The standard length of a reception at most Charleston weddings runs about 4 hours (this includes the cocktail hour too). Some brides and grooms do however opt for a longer 5 hour reception for a little extra partying on their wedding day. 

This is just a few of the primary questions you need to be asking your wedding DJ when you are out and about conducting interviews. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! If you did get engaged, congratulations! Thank you for my finding my website and please bookmark it and place it into your favorites. Be sure to scroll back up and click back on the link for my 2018 Complete Guide To Selecting Your Wedding DJ in Charleston. Click HERE if you'd like to set up a time to discuss your 2018 wedding soon.