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5 Ways DJ Mike Bills Caters To The Modern Bride Very Nicely

08 November 2018

Some exciting things have been happening over the past several months with my DJ company, Mike Bills Entertainment. Back during the summer months, I began a massive campaign to refresh a lot of the content on my website.  This content refresh resulted in an increase in my ongoing music posts and playlist ideas, as well as a project that is still underway that found me heading out to some of the most beautiful Charleston wedding venues to create featured posts on my blog so that prospective brides who had not quite signed a contract with their venue yet could see some of the best venues that Charleston has to offer. As one of the best Charleston wedding DJs, I'm always looking for ways to make securing your wedding DJ even easier.  In this post, I'm very excited to share with you some new features and benefits and other awesome new things that you'll see when you hire me to DJ your Charleston wedding.

We're just another few weeks away from the start of another busy engagement here in one of the top wedding destinations in the country.  For the 6th year in a row, Travel & Leisure Magazine has named Charleston, SC the Number 1 U.S. City. If you are on your way down to this beautiful city and are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, you'll want to read on for 5 Ways I Like To Cater To The Modern Charleston Bride.

Online Proposal And Contracts Charleston

Online  Proposal & Contracts To Secure Your Charleston Wedding DJ

The modern Charleston bride tends to be a young professional. She's busy and on-the-go living her life and busy with her career. She seeks to work with wedding vendors who are going to offer the easiest way possible of hiring their services. During the refresh of content and business process, I went ahead and installed a professional CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) on my website to make things easier for prospective, as well as new clients. Now, when a bride hits my website and fills out a contact form, she is immediately sent a proposal which outlines the different types of packages that I offer, as well as options to communicate with my preferred lighting and photo booth vendors, so that they can be easily booked as well.

While it's my personal preference to meet and consult with couples as they are shopping for their Charleston wedding DJ, sometimes that is not always possible, especially with the high amount of destination couples coming to the area for their wedding. In addition to the easy access to my online portals, couples have the ability to not only save their date, but to establish and sign a contract with Mike Bills Entertainment.

Secure Payments Charleston Wedding DJ

Secure Payments Always To Your Charleston Wedding DJ
As soon as a contract is established and signed, each new client is created an invoice to make a secure payment of their deposit to make it official. We live in a modern era today where younger couples didn't grow up with a checkbook, nor do they have one in their possession today. I found this out recently when I was talking to one of my preferred vendors who happens to be in the millenial age group. Paying securely through a secure website is the fastest way to secure the DJ for your Charleston wedding. 

Owner Operated Wedding DJ Equals Peace Of Mind

Owner-Operator DJ Company Means Total Focus On YOU And YOUR Wedding Day
You are planning the most important day of your life. You might even be doing this from a distance. You need to hire the most professional wedding vendors that are serious about making sure the vision for your musical soundtrack is nothing less than what you have dreamed about. When I set out years ago to forge my reputation as one of the best Charleston wedding DJs, I decided to be an owner-operated DJ company. Basically, what this means is when you book me, I will be the DJ at your wedding. I will be with YOU every step of the way. I only do ONE wedding per day so that each and every couple who I work with WILL get a fresh, professional wedding DJ who gives them my undivided attention. And also, when you directly book your wedding DJ through me, you won't have to worry about paying any inflated costs for your wedding entertainment because THERE ARE NO BOOKING OR AGENCY FEES. You'll pay a competitive price for a true, professional wedding DJ service here in Charleston. Without a large DJ staff, you won't have to worry about who your wedding DJ is going to be, and your wedding plans won't get tossed around with anyone middlemen.

Online Music Selection Portal

Online Music Selection Portal
Let's face it. We live in a world today that is dominated by playlists. Since music is more easily accessible than at anytime in modern history, we have a playlist for everything we do.
All of those playlists are organized very nicely in our smartphones and tablets.  Whether you are using Google Play, Amazon Music, ITunes, or Spotify, a lot of my brides and grooms have a song for everything. The music you choose for your upcoming Charleston wedding should be no different.  As soon you book your wedding with my company, you are set up a portal that is attached to my website where you can log in and begin to organize all the details of your big day, and begin to organize all your favorite songs into what will end up being one of the most memorable soundtracks on any given day of your life up to that point. And you'll be happy to know that you'll also have the ability to sample the songs you choose too.

Wedding Lighting And Luxury Photobooth By Expert Vendors

Wedding & Event Lighting And Luxury Photobooth By Experts In Their Field
The modern bride today is more savvy and shops around more than ever in trying to find the true experts when it comes to her Charleston wedding vendors.  Let's be honest. Do you want to hire someone who is "average" in a few things or a total expert and consummate professional in one thing? The modern bride today is scouring the internet for modern looking websites with fresh content and excellent reviews.  Mike Bills Entertainment leaves the heavy lifting to experts in their field.  My company is one of only a handful of Charleston Wedding DJs whose sole focus is on the music for your wedding.  When it comes to being the DJ for your Charleston wedding, there is no time, or room for that matter, to get sidetracked worrying about other things like lighting and photo booths that other "capable" companies are there for you to hire.  Be sure you look around at the stories of the so-called professional wedding DJs whose photo booth broke down while they DJ'ed or the printer broke down.  You'll thank me when you hire a true professional "luxury" photo booth for your Charleston wedding. Check out this archived post about 5 Reasons You Should Have A Photobooth At Your Wedding 

Prime Dates in 2019 and 2020 Available In Charleston Wedding DJ

Conclusion: The Modern Bride Is Very Prepared: Book Your DJ For Your 2019 or 2020 Charleston Wedding NOW
As I finish off this post, we're inside a long Veteran's Day holiday weekend, and are really only a few weeks away from the start of another engagement season here in Charleston.  I've noticed traffic continue to build on my website in recent weeks and inquiries for prime wedding dates in 2019, as well as 2020 are beginning to fill up. When trying to secure some of the best Charleston wedding DJs, you are better off at booking earlier, rather than later.  Whether you are planning your Charleston wedding in Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, or Boston or right here in Charleston, I am here for you and ready to work with you to begin planning the absolute best soundtrack that will have people talking for years. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your special day and let's schedule a time to speak soon.