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5 Tips On Choosing The Best DJ For Your Charleston SC Christmas Party

07 August 2018

The weather outside might be hot and humid with a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, and you are probably just coming home from the beach and have sand in your shoes, or even grimacing about the return of more traffic when school starts back in a few weeks, but NOW is actually the best time to be thinking about choosing your DJ for your office / corporate Christmas party.  Before you know it, we'll be pouring the egg nog and putting up the mistletoe at Christmas parties all around the Charleston area. The "music" at your private company or corporate Christmas party should not be taken lightly.

While Mike Bills Entertainment has forged an amazing reputation for being one of the best Charleston wedding DJs, I'd also like to share that same passion for creating the most amazing soundtracks for your corporate or private office Christmas party. Even the most strict and professional workplaces deserve to unwind and have an incredible amount of fun at a Christmas party. The best music is one of the most important factors in making sure your Christmas party is the best social event of the year in your company and employees are still talking about it weeks later at the water cooler. We'll get back to Charleston Wedding DJ stuff soon, but in the meantime, here's an exploration of5 tips when selecting the DJ for your corporate event / office / Christmas party.

Book Your DJ Early. Like Right Now.
The same belief holds true for Christmas parties and private events as does for weddings. If you'd like to have best and most respected DJ at your Christmas party, book early, because the best DJs book fast.  This is even more important when you are dealing with my company, because I am an "owner-operated" company. This means you get one excellent DJ from start to finish at your Christmas party. Also, when you are thinking about booking your Christmas party DJ this early, you'' most likely will be getting a more competitive price. Do not wait until December 1st to begin looking for your DJ. The selection of great DJs will be greatly diminished, if not non-existent by that time.

Research A Few DJs
If you are reading this post right now, you are most likely doing a "search for a great DJ for your Charleston, SC Christmas party". :) Well, what I need you to do right now is click on the link that says "Contact" and let's talk. I am well aware that it's not that easy. Check out the DJs reviews and make sure they have a high end and beautiful looking website.  Every DJ has a certain specialty, but all the professional ones in Charleston will know how to take your party to the next level with a perfectly mixed set of songs that you select.

5 Tips To Finding The Best DJ For Your Charleston Christmas Party

Hire An Experienced DJ
Price should not be your only factor in deciding who will be your DJ. The more experienced DJs are going to be a little higher-priced because they not only have the reviews to back them, but they have also invested in top of the line equipment, which will make for the best sound at your Christmas party. The lowest price is not always the best option, and the most expensive DJ is not necessarily going to give you the best party either. You should make a decision to talk with 2 or 3 DJs and then go from there. Since I am an "owner-operated" DJ service, I love to meet with my clients before their wedding or event so they can be somewhat comfortable with me and get to know my personality a little bit.

Make The Music About Your Office
One of the features you get when you book your wedding or event with my company is the ability to log in to my website prior to your event and begin choosing the music for your entire night.  This has always been a huge hit with all of my wedding clients, and my clients for private and corporate events are no different. One of the benefits to booking your Christmas party early is you can get a headstart  on selecting your music. Depending on how large your office is, you might be able to circulate an email chain around your office and have everyone respond with a song they'd like to hear, and then you can send that list over to your DJ so he or she can begin planning the music for your all-important Christmas party.  If you are able to get input from the people in your office, this is a sure-fire way to make sure the playlist at your Christmas party is the most fun and memorable. 

Get It In Writing
Professional wedding DJs in Charleston are going to conduct their business "contractually". Meet with your DJ before hand to discuss the where and when of your company Christmas party. Be sure you ask them if they have ever played at the particular location that you have chosen for your party. You also need to ask them when they will be arriving for set up. When you book your private event / office Christmas party with Mike Bills Entertainment, there are NO set up fees or break down fees. I'll be arriving at least one hour early to set up and do a soundcheck before your party. This is to create 100% peace of mind for not only YOU, the client, but also ME, the DJ. If I have not been to a venue, I will request the contact information of the venue manager and will set up a time to meet and do a quick walk-through of the venue for power and other logistical (load-in) questions.
Kiawah Island Christmas 2016 Wedding DJ

Conclusion : Hire Mike Bills Entertainment For Your Christmas Party
Nothing wrong with a little shameless self-promotion. :)  Whether you are planning on having your Christmas party out at the Kiawah Island Resort, The Dewberry, or another one of Charleston's finest event venues, make sure you read over this blog post before you proceed in booking your DJ. As I tell my wedding clients, the DJ that you decide to hire is going to end up "making" or "breaking" this night for you.  And if you are the one being put in charge of planning and getting the details together for your Christmas party and end up hiring a bad DJ, you'll have to live with your decision for the next 365 days which could lead to tense and uncomfortable times as you get some odd looks from co-workers in the hallway or in the breakroom. Even though we're all still hanging at the beach right now in early August, let's make a date right now to discuss your Christmas party before the Labor Day rush. Click HERE to tell me a little more about your upcoming party.