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40 Songs For Your Great American Eclipse Wedding Playlist

18 August 2017

The special solar eclipse glasses have been purchased. An extremely unusual event is set to take place in the top city (Charleston, SC) in the country on Monday, August 21, 2017. For the first time since 1979, the lower 48 of the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. As anticipation has been building throughout the spring and summer, thousands and thousands of people have punched their plane tickets and secured their hotels in the Holy City Of Charleston for this awesome event.  Locals are even taking off and adjusting their schedules to make sure they don't miss what looks to be nearly 2 minutes of total darkness in the middle of a hot August afternoon. This is a once in a lifetime event for all states in it's path. 

The last time a total solar eclipse was observed in the United States was June 8, 1918. That particular event saw the eclipse take a path from Washington State down to Florida. Charleston is all a buzz with intense actvity and events to celebrate this extremely rare opportunity. Since Charleston, SC is a top wedding destination in the country and world, I was curious if anyone is slated to get married on this day. It turns out one of my preferred vendors was featured on the local news about a wedding she is shooting during the eclipse. See the link to the story below:

Charleston-based photographer to capture wedding during the total eclipse

What an incredible way to start out your new life as husband and wife! Maybe you aren't coming to Charleston to get married during the total eclipse, but like everything else in life, there needs to be some type of soundtrack for this extraordinary event. As a professional Charleston wedding DJ who is ALL about the music , I put my research skills into action and came up with this ultimate "total eclipse" playlist for Charleston weddings. This playlist consists of a little bit of everything: rock, indie pop, R&B, Top 40, hip-hop. Enjoy this list and be sure to be with the ones you love duirng this incredible event.

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"Brighter Than The Sun" | Colbie Caillat
Written by the lead singer of One Republic, Ryan Tedder along with the beautiful Colbie Caillat, this happy-go-lucky song was dropped in the summer of 2011 and went all the way to number 2 on adult contemporary charts.

 "Brain Damage / Eclipse" | Pink Floyd
From the cute and bubbly (no pun intended) Colbie Caillat, to the progressive rock gods Pink Floyd. "Dark Side Of The Moon" is one of the biggest selling albums of all time. It might be a record you play during your festivities up to the "eclipse".

 "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" | Bonnie Tyler
Written and produced by the great Jim Steinman (Meatloaf fame) in 1983, this song became one of the biggest power ballads of the 1980s.  If you care to speed this song up into a more dance track, feel free to check out Nicki French's version.

"Black Hole Sun" | Soundgarden
The death of Chris Cornell back on May 18, 2017 is still fresh in our minds. The third single from their break-through album "Superunknown", Soundgarden was one of the those bands that defined the sounds of Seattle grunge in the early 1990s.

"Ain't No Sunshine" | Bill Withers
Released in 1971, this was the song that broke Bill Withers into the mainstream.  Ranked 285th on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs, this album started a streak of three gold albums for Mr. Withers.

"No Sunlight" | Death Cab For Cutie
One of four singles released off this Seattle-based band's 2008 effort "Narrow Stairs"  "Narrow Stairs" became their highest charting album to date.

 "To The Moon And Back" | Savage Garden
This was actually the follow-up to their break-out song in America, "I Want You", but it sort of flopped (at least in America). After "Truly Madly Deeply", they decided to re-release in the summer of 1998, breaking into the Top 20.

"The Killing Moon" | Echo & The Bunnymen
Ah yes, this Goth rock tune from January 1984 sounds really good during such an amazingly rare event like this Total Solar Eclipse in Charleston.  Echo & The Bunnymen had a string of releases during the 80s, including an awesome cover of The Doors "People Are Strange"

"Moondance" | Van Morrison
It'll be a marvelous "afternoon" for a moondance over at the Yorktown at Patriot's Point or over at Sullivan's Island and the Isle Of Palms.  Michael Buble did a pretty cool cover of this as well. 

 "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" | Elton John & George Michael
Originally written and released in 1974 off Elton John's album "Caribou", a live version of the song was released in the fall of 1991 by the late George Michael along with Elton John.  More successful than the original, this version spent 2 weeks at number 1 on the adult contemporary charts.

"Day And Nite" Kid Cudi
It's truly unbelievable that this song is nearly 10 years old. Released in February of 2008, it was the lead single off this amazing hip hop artist's debut studio record. Look it up if you are into hip-hop. "Man On The Moon" - The End Of Day

"Walking On Sunshine" | Katrina & The Waves
This feel good song from 1985 by one-hit wonder Katrina & The Waves is easily on my Top 10 list of the greatest 80s one hit wonders. Crank it up during your Charleston SC Eclipse Party. 

 "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life" | Stevie Wonder
The great Stevie Wonder's third number 1 single.  It also hit the top of the easy listening chart. So, there you go, some easy listening while you watch the total solar eclipse in the top city in the United States.

 "Sunshine Of Your Love" | Cream
I could have sworn I just saw that Eric Clapton will be at the Madison Square Garden for two straight nights in September.  In the meantime, crank up this classic rock radio staple from 1967 from his band Cream.

"Dancing In The Moonlight" | King Harvest
Another great song you could dance to during the total solar eclipse here in Charleston. Released in the summer of 1972, it nearly cracked the Top 10, but has been covered numerous times by bands like My Morning Jacket, as well as Toploader.

 "Once In A Lifetime" | Talking Heads
The perfect new wave song (from a title perspective) for this truly once in a lifetime opportunity. NPR named this song one of the 100 most important songs in the 20th century.  This was the first single from the 1980 album "Remain In Light".

 "Steal My Sunshine" | Len
We go back to the wonderful amazing summer of 1999 for this one hit wonder from the Canadian indie pop group Len. "Steal My Sunshine" would eventually peak at the Top 5 on the Alternative chart.

"Walking On The Moon" | The Police
The second track to be released off their 1979 album "Regatta de Blanc". Sting said he wrote this song when he was drunk. During your Solar Eclipse party on Monday, you should partake in some adult beverages too, but drive safely and be careful.

"Sunshine Go Away Today" | Jonathan Edwards
We go back to 1971 for this next song, as one-hit wonder Jonathan Edwards eventually earned a gold record with this anti-war track in early 1972. 

"Sun Is Shining" | Bob Marley
This list has something for everyone, including this "reggae" track by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Hopefully we have the sun shining this Monday in Charleston. :) This song is also a part of The Soundtrack To A Charleston, SC Summer.

"Island In The Sun" | Weezer
Produced by Ric Ocasek of the Cars, this was the second single off Weezer's self titled album in 2001. There are many islands are the Charleston area. Plan ahead and get out to one for the Great American Eclipse.

"Walking On The Sun" | Smashmouth
One of the biggest songs of 1997 and Smashmouth's first release that went all the way to number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It will be hot on Monday, but hopefully not as hot as the surface of the Sun.

"Staring At The Sun" | U2
Another great song from 1997's "Pop" album from U2.  Please do not do what the song title says. Be sure to get yourself a pair of the official solar eclipse glasses. 

"Soak Up The Sun" | Sheryl Crow
Released in March of 2002, this song went all the way to number 1 by that summer, and thanks to DJ Victor Calderone, he mixed the song to allow it to hit number 1 on the Hot Dance charts that summer too.

"Away From The Sun" | 3 Doors Down
The title track off their 2002 release, this song broke onto the radio in the spring of 2004.  Remember those solar eclipse glasses!

"Bark At The Moon" | Ozzy Osborne
The title track released in 1983 that actually appeared on Grand Theft Auto back in 2002. "Bark At The Moon" would peak at #12 on the Billboard Album rock chart.

"Shame On The Moon" | Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
The late Glenn Frey actually plays on the background vocals on this track, which climbed all the way to Number 2 on Billboard charts and stayed there for 4 weeks. In early 1983, this song cracked the Top 20 on the country charts.

"In The Dark" | Billy Squier
The follow-up release to "The Stroke" in 1981 off his platinum selling album "Don't Say No". Although it just barely cracked the Top 40 on the Hot 100, it'll sound awesome as things go dark in the moments leading up to 100% totality over in Mt Pleasant on the Yorktown.

"Fly Me To The Moon" | Frank Sinatra
Originally written in 1954 by Bart Howard, Sinatra's version in 1964 was actually played on the Apollo 10 mission to the moon, and was the first music ever heard on the moon.

"Harvest Moon" | Neil Young
Neil Young's album "Harvest" was released in 1972, and most of the artists from that record also appear on this 1992 epic record.  An awesome dance song in the minutes leading up to the total solar eclipse over on the Isle Of Palms.

"Dancing In The Dark | Bruce Springsteen
This was the first single off the Boss' mega-selling record "Born In The USA", and was released and hit the radio airwaves on May 3, 1984.  Watch the video below and you'll see Bruce pull a young Courtney Cox up on the stage at the end of the song and they dance up on the stage.

"Coming Out Of The Dark" | Gloria Estefan
The third one song for Gloria Estefan, released in January 1991 off her album "Into The Light". This was actually the first release for her after her accident when an 18-wheeler rammed her tour bus nearly killing her.

"Moonlight Feels Right" | Starbuck
We go back to the first week of April 1976 for the release of this song from this 70s one-hit wonder.  It climbed all the way to Number 3 on the Billboard charts in the summer of 1976.

"Ray Of Light" | Madonna
The title track off one of her most successful records in the 1990s. It dropped in February of 1998, and produced 5 singles for radio airplay.

"Good Day Sunshine" | The Beatles
Originally released in 1966 off the Revolver album, due to the strict Beatles copyrights for You Tube on their works, enjoy this version by Paul McCartney.

"Seasons In The Sun" | Terry Jacks
70s One-Hit Wonder Terry Jacks becomes one of only a handful of artists to sell 10 million copies of a single with this 1974 classic.

"Blister In The Sun" | Violent Femmes
The song was released in 1983, but became even more popular as it appeared in the 1997 movie starring John Cusack "Grosse Pointe Blank".

"Blinded By The Light" | Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Originally written and released in 1972 by Bruce Springsteen, Manfred Mann covered it and made it a huge hit in 1975. The song became a mainstay in rotations on classic rock stations nationwide.

 "Promises In The Dark" | Pat Benatar
Pat Benatar was red hot in the early 80s across America.  Although "Promises In The Dark" barely cracked the Top 40 on the Hot 100, the album "Precious Time" was a platinum seller.

 "The Great Gig In The Sky" | Pink Floyd
I had to add this track in. The fifth song on the wildly awesome "Dark Side Of The Moon" album by Pink Floyd in 1973. With full 100% totality predicted at 2:46pm in the greater Charleston area, you should play this song at 2:35pm and then play the #2 selection on this list, "Brain Damage / Eclipse". "Eclipse" should then begin to play during 100% totality. Clare Torry's vocals that actually had no words made this song famous and will give you goose bumps guaranteed.

Save Your Date With Mike Bills As Your Wedding DJ Today
Did you enjoy playing all these "sun" and "moon" related songs in celebration of the most extraordinary event in Charleston in recent years?. The Great American Summer Solar Eclipse 2017. Enjoy it. It won't be too long before the next one occurs on April 8, 2024, but you'll need to travel west for totality.  To all the brides and grooms who used this extremely rare opportunity in Charleston to get married, congratulations!. To all the brides and grooms who are recently engaged and looking ahead to their wedding day in Charleston and are seeking a true professional wedding DJ who is completely and totally all about music, click the link up above to be taken back over to my main website to fill out a contact form with a few details about your big day. I would love to be your wedding DJ.