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3 Things You Don’t Scrimp On For Your Lowcountry Wedding

11 February 2017

As a fiscally responsible individual, I can certainly appreciate a couple's desire to cut costs and save money when planning their wedding. However, there are at LEAST 3 areas that no cuts should be made, and if possible, you should re-allocate from other less important areas to beef up these three line items on your wedding budget. The following three things will be most remembered by your guests. Food & Drink. Photography. DJ / Entertainment.


Food & Drink. 
Do not scrimp on your food and drink for your Charleston wedding
This speaks for itself. One thing your guests will remember is the food and drink, especially since you are going to be doing a Charleston wedding you must sample some shrimp & grits from the caterer that you choose. :) Also, consider the alcoholic beverages too. Cut areas of your budget like those flowers (which begin to die as the wedding wraps up) so that you can easily afford an open bar for your guests. Would you like buffet stations or a seated dinner? Also make sure you cater to all your guests with vegetarian and gluten-free menus, as well as a kids menu if there will be a few kids there.

charleston photog

Unless he makes a great living doing it, your uncle should not be the photographer for the most important day of your life. Or please don't let your nextdoor neighbor's husband do it because he'll do it for $500 or less or even worse, don't hit Craigslist for a photographer. Truth be told, you need EXCELLENT photos by someone who is trained in aperture, shutter speed and lighting (just to name a few photography terms here). You need awesome pictures. You need beautiful, crisp, sharp images of your wedding day. You need every single part of this day captured "professionally". Most professional photographers offer the option for a second shooter which ensures more angles are captured for a better selection of photos in your album. So, while those "flowers" we mentioned above will wilt and die in the days after your wedding, exceptional photos of your wedding day will be something to look at 1 year or 5 years or 20 years after your wedding. There are hundreds of photographers. Examine their style.

DJ/ Entertainment.
Do not scrimp on your DJ / Entertainment for your Charleston wedding

Shameless plug time now. Come on! You knew that one of the three had to include my business model (professional wedding DJ). Ladies and gentlemen, I have preached and preached and blogged over and over again. For the sanity of your guests, let's put the Electric Slide down, as well as the Cha Cha Slide, and avoid the Macarena.

Find a DJ who your are comfortable with. Find a DJ who meets you prior to the big day, and works with you in crafting the perfect playlist. You'll want a DJ who doesn't plug in ITunes and calls it a night and sits back and reads a magazine. You need a true professional who will read the crowd and blend in without the cheese and gimmicks of other DJ services. A modern band could compliment a DJ as well. The music and flow of the reception will be one of the things everyone thinks back overall about your wedding. 

And lastly, this is unrelated to the 3 things you don't scrimp on, but since you are going to focus on these three things and might have some excess funds, consider hiring AT LEAST a day-of-coordinator. There is nothing worse than showing up to your reception venue, getting all hot and sweaty by setting up tables, then rushing back to the hotel for hair and make-up and then rushing over to the church for the ceremony. Hire a professional day of coordinator. He or she will make sure you do not lift a finger at any time during your wedding day (at least the great ones). From the time you wake up til the time you wake up til the time you drive off from the reception in your limo, a professional day-of-coordinator will handle each and every of the finite details to make sure your wedding day is stress-free.

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