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3 Mistakes Made When Selecting Your Charleston Wedding DJ

12 April 2017

Not selecting the right DJ for your Charleston wedding can potentially ruin the most important day of your life. But, for whatever reason, even as we approach the middle of 2017, the DJ is in most cases the last to be hired. While the flowers, decor, and food are certainly of great importance, brides and grooms need to make it a point to make booking the DJ one of the first vendors that are booked "right" after your venue. Waiting until the last minute has many consequences, one of which is that the great DJs have a tendency to book up sometimes as much as 12-18 months in advance. The old saying is true in selecting your wedding DJ. "Haste does make waste." Interview your DJs, thoroughly read their websites, and read over their reviews before hiring them and signing any contracts.  These are 3 of the common mistakes seen in the Charleston area when hiring the wedding DJ.

Selecting A DJ Who Is Not Insured

It's highly unlikely, but in the event that a DJ were to damage the property while at a venue, you and your fiancee need to be taken care of. There are some venues who require they be added to a DJ;s insurance for the duration of the day.  The common problem with a lot of DJ services is most DJs are working for multi-op companies. If you read any of my earlier blogs, a multi-op company is one that employs numerous DJs. These DJs are often paid as subcontractors and may or may not have purchased their own policy. Since they are representing a particular company, are they actually covered by that company? This is not a worry by Mike Bills Entertainment, a "single-op" company that has been fully insured for several years now and as of the posting of this blog is still "claim-free".

Selecting A DJ Who Does Not Offer Clean Lyrics In Their Performance
In today's politically correct and often "easily offended" landscape, a professional DJ needs to play for the whole crowd. By playing for the whole crowd, this means not offending your grandmother with songs loaded with F bombs and other explicit lyrics. Your wedding is a beautiful, happy, and positive day and should not be brought down to the gutter by your guests hearing filthy and explicit lyrics. Every song has the potential to be clean and the professional wedding DJs can either purchase "clean" copies or edit the songs down. Some DJs actually do charge for edits because when you have 20 bad words, it's very time consuming to get rid of them all. If you want "clean" lyrics, then you need to make that known to your DJ that is what you want. Frankly, even if this is never brought up in our talks, it's common sense that the offensive and filthy lyrics need to be kept at your downtown club and out of your wedding. I have yet to meet a couple who says they want to hear offensive lyrics at a wedding. Hire the DJ for your wedding who uses discretion and common sense about the right songs to play at your wedding.

Selecting Your DJ Based On Price
Brides place entirely too much emphasis on price. Simply put, "price" is just a number and more emphasis needs to be placed on the overall impact that the DJ will have on your event. Is the most expensive DJ you find going to the best? I once read an article in a marketing magazine explaining that brides equate the value of a wedding DJ by their price. The perception is that the highest priced DJ is going to be the best, and that simply could not be further from the truth. The cheapest wedding DJ is certainly not going to be the best option either. Each and every DJ is unique and you need to interview several before you make your decision.  Did you meet your DJ before your wedding? Did you get a good gauge of their personality? Does the DJs personality mesh well with you and your fiancee's personality? I think personalityis of utmost importance and should trump the price. When you meet with your DJ, look for them to ask what "you" need your wedding day to be like and what you want the outcome of your event to be, Choose the best DJ regardless of price.

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