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25 Songs For Lovers Planning A Charleston SC Wedding

29 March 2018

We're approaching Easter Weekend in Charleston and the spring wedding season is really kicking into gear, and with the sudden uptick in temperatures (after a cool March). as well as the sweet aroma of spring flowers around the peninsula, I've been getting into a bit of a romantic mood. There is no secret that Charleston, SC is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Within the past 5 years alone, the city of Charleston, SC has received tremendous praise and a whole host of accolades from the likes of Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure magazines. I'm not sure about you, but when I am in love, I find myself thinking about that special someone a lot, while under the influence of a ton of songs that conjure up those feelings of love and longing to be with one another.  Charleston is truly a city where you simply cannot turn a corner without doing something romantic. Whether its an exploration of it's rich history and arts, an exploration of it's fine dining, or wonderful beaches, Charleston has it all and then some. 

Maybe you've never been to Charleston and are looking at all the pretty websites online from your loft apartment in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, or San Francisco.  Maybe you just got engaged and did a Google search for "Top Wedding Destinations In America", and you just found Charleston and have been stalking all the wedding venues with your fiancee. Feel free to check out for some of the most romantic things to do in Charleston. If you've just made the decision to get married in one of the top wedding destinations in the country and are getting ready to click "Submit" on buying those airline tickets, you are going to fall in LOVE with this city.  Enjoy this selection of 25 songs to hear when you are in love in one of the most romantic cities in America, and planning your wedding.  I hope you enjoy this selection of songs from one of Charleston's top wedding DJs.

20 Songs That You Want To Hear When You're In Love In Charlestonhis 

Download This Playlist From Spotify Before Heading To Charleston, SC
The soundtrack to your trip to Charleston, SC is available to you now from one of the top wedding DJs in Charleston. Head over to Spotify and begin to follow me by finding me at DJ Mike Bills. You can download this playlist, as well as see other music ideas when it comes to planning the music for your Charleston wedding. If you don't have Spotify, feel free to spend as much time on this post as you need. You can listen to each song by clicking on the link on each song title.

"Love Song" | The Cure | 1989
I've blogged about 311's excellent cover back in 2004 for the movie "50 First Dates", as well as Adele's incredible cover on her album "21", but I am picking the original by The Cure from 1989 for the purpose of this playlist. It reached Number 1 on the alternative charts back in the fall of 1989.

"Stuck On You" | Meiko | 2012
"Stuck On You" didn't chart in America, but went all the way to Number 1 in Japan. I am visualizing the both of you "stuck" on a rickshaw seeing all the sights that Charleston has to offer. :)

"Bonfire Heart" | James Blunt | 2013
This song broke into the Top 30 during the fall of 2013, and went all the way to the Top 5 on the British singles charts.20 Songs To Hear When You're In Love In Charleston SC

"Latch" | Sam Smith | 2012
Originally released in 2012, the song went all the way to Number 11 in England, but became one of the top 10 songs back in 2014 in the United States.

"Be My Baby" | The Ronettes | 1964
Rolling Stone Magazine ranked this song Number 22 on their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. You might have also remembered it from one of the greatest 80s movies, "Dirty Dancing"

"That Thing You Do" | The Wonders | 1996
You might remember this song from that 90s movie "That Thing You Do".  The song performs better on the charts in Canada than in the United States as it reached Number 31.

20 Songs To Listen To When You're In Love In Charleston, SC

"Perfect" | Ed Sheeran | 2017
You know I recently sat down with a bride who had decided to NOT do this song for her first dance because she had heard too much on the radio. My advice? Don't let corporate radio make these decisions for you. It's a beautiful song, and pardon the "pun" but "perfect" for the both of you as you are enjoying the romantic sights of Charleston on a carriage tour.

"This I Promise You" | NSync | 2000
Originally written by 80s icon Richard Marx, this song went all the top 5 in fall of 2000, as well as the top of the adult contmeporary charts.

"Take My Breath Away" | Berlin | 1986
This is the ideal song for any couple looking to spend a weekend or two or get married in Charleston for a wide variety of reasons. Imagine the both of you on a rickshaw getting a little tour of the Holy City after your luxurious dinner and he leans over to steal a kiss. :) Now, I call that a picture perfect moment in time.  Part of the soundtrack to the first Top Gun movie in the summer of 1986, "Take My Breath Away" would climb all the way to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the UK singles chart.

"Electric Love" | Borns | 2014
"Electric Love" was the first single to be released to radio from the album "Dopamine" in the fall of 2014 and went all the way to the Top 10.

"Wildest Dreams" | Taylor Swift | 2015
The 5th song from her mammoth 1989 record hit the airwaves in late summer 2015. You and your fiancee will have more fun beyond anything in your "wildest dreams" when you come to Charleston to get married.

"Young & Beautiful" | Lana Del Rey | 2013
An amazing song here from the great Lana Del Rey that you probably remember from the spring of 2013 on The Great Gatsby movie soundtrack.  The song managed to make it all the way to Number 3 on the U.S Rock Songs chart.

"Fallin For You" | Colbie Caillat | 2009
Released in the summer of 2009, the song was the follow-up to her song with Jason Mraz called "Lucky". When you get down to Charleston and begin to explore the beautiful city, you'll begin to "fall for each other" all over again.

"Love Me Like You Do" | Ellie Goulding | 2015
It's hard to believe it's been a little over 3 years since the release of this song. You probably remember it on the movie soundtrack of "Fifty Shades of Grey".  It went all the way to Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

"Love Is All Around" | Wet Wet Wet | 1994
Originally recorded and released back in 1967 by the Troggs, the song was later covered in 1994 by the band Wet Wet Wet. The song appeared on the movie soundtrack "Four Weddings And A Funeral". It spent nearly 4 months at the top of the charts in England.

"Skinny Love" | Bon Iver | 2008
"Skinny Love" was the first track to be released from their first album For Emma, Forever Ago.  It cracked the Top 40 on the Alternative charts.

"Riptide" | Vance Joy | 2013
The name of the album was "God Loves You When You're Dancing". This was the first song to break off the album, and ended up going all the way to Number 1 on the Alternative charts.

"Chasing Cars" | Snow Patrol | 2006
If you were a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you probably remember this song from the final episode of the second season. It went all the way to the Top 5 in the fall of 2006 in America.

"Can't Help Falling In Love" | Kira Grannis | 2018
Before you hop aboard a plane to Charleston, the both of you need to watch Crazy Rich Asians. What a beautiful cover you might actually be able to use for an acoustic, Indie Charleston wedding ceremony, but in the meantime, take a listen to it while you come down and fall in love with each other even more in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

"Breathe Your Name" | Six Pence None The Richer | 2002
"Kiss Me" was another choice of mine for this list (also by Six Pence None The Richer), but I wanted to choose a more obscure song.  "Breathe Your Name" was on their 4th album "Divine Discontent", and also featured a cover of the 80s song "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House.

"I Will Wait" | Hootie & The Blowfish | 1998
It couldn't be a blog post about being in love in Charleston without one of the great bands who has roots in the Charleston area.  The song was released back in the summer of 1998 off their album Musical Chairs, and if listen closely to the lyrics, you'll be able to hear "Charleston". If you are interested in more Hootie & Blowfish songs, be sure to click over to the link.

"Stubborn Love" | The Lumineers | 2012
2012 was a big year for The Lumineers. They released their self-titled album, which featured their smash hit, "Ho Hey". "Stubborn Love" was the follow-up, which was released back in the fall of 2012. Stubborn Love would make it all the way to #1 on the Adult Alternative charts.

"I Found You" | Alabama Shakes | 2012
"I Found You" can be found on the album Boys And Girls, released back in the spring of 2012.  This amazing record would peak at Number 2 on the Billboard alternative charts.

"No One" | Alicia Keys | 2008
I could do an entire post about Alicia Keys, all by herself. She's one of my favorite musicians and singers. This title track of her 2008 album became one of the most popular songs of 2008 reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, as well as the Hot R&B and Hip Hop charts.

"La Isla Bonita" | Madonna | 1987
One of my favorite songs by Madonna and it has the perfect vibe for a stroll around Charleston in a rickshaw. While Charleston is not exactly "San Pedro", as Madonna dreams about in this song, you'll find yourself dreaming about this beautiful city long after your trip is over and after the lasting memories when your wedding day finally arrives.

Wanna Talk To Mike About Being Your Wedding DJ?
So, are you bags packed for a quick trip down to the wonderful Holy City of Charleston?  I'm not sure if it's still the motto, but Virginia used to have the motto "Virginia Is For Lovers".  We could easily say the same about Charleston. "Charleston is for lovers". I have talked to countless brides and grooms who have come here for a variety of reasons and as a result decided to get married here. It's a great town to be in when you are "in love". Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this blog post. If you are looking an incredible professional wedding DJ for your upcoming Charleston wedding, please click HERE to tell me a little more about the big day.

20 Songs To Listen When You're In Love In Charleston, SC