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2014 Couples Choice Award Winner

21 January 2014

Let me tell you something about reviews. Nothing, and I do mean nothing makes me feel better than receiving an excellent review from a bride or groom. It is an addictive feeling seeing your name out with such positive remarks. Oftentimes, this is a way that brides and grooms separate the great wedding vendors from the average vendors. Recently, I sat down with two brides in one day who said they sat down with me based on my reviews.

As a matter of fact, getting positive reviews from past brides and grooms gives me the incentive to provide even better service for future brides and grooms so that I can receive more excellent reviews. It’s like a neverending cycle, but an extremely rewarding one.

If you are on the fence about which wedding vendor to hire, size them up with their reviews. With the excellent reviews, you are going to get excellent service with Mike Bills Entertainment.