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12 Worst Song Requests To Leave Off Your Wedding Playlist

17 November 2017

The topic of "requests" at a wedding is a bit of a polarizing subject. While there are lots of couples who want "their" day to be all about them, they might say that they do not want any guests approaching their DJ during their wedding reception to make any requests. Other brides and grooms might say they only want their bridal party and family make song requests. Allowing the DJ to take requests comes with it some risk. If you've given your wedding DJ a pretty good idea of how you'd like the night to go, (genres of music and must play songs), then a true professional will take those directions and make your night one to remember for a very long time.  The DJ you have hired for your Charleston wedding should have enough experience to sift through all the requests (if you allow them) and pick the right ones. You've also hired your wedding DJ to provide the best flow for the night and allowing guests to make requests runs the risk of disrupting that flow and killing the momentum for the night. More often than not, most brides and grooms opts for no requests. As one of the top Charleston Wedding DJs, I've kept a tally of some of the worst requests that have been made to me directly. While you may like some of these songs, listen to them in your car or on your Ipod, let's just keep them off the playlist for your wedding.

Download These Horrible Songs Requests For Your Wedding From My Spotify NOW
It's strange that I would be asking anyone to download these really bad song requests from Spotify, but as you sit down and put together your wedding playlist, it's important to understand just how some of the songs are on this blog post. Feel free to take a listen to the songs and you'll definitely begin to understand why they have no business being played by your wedding DJ. Just head over to Spotify, and do a search for DJ Mike Bills. In addition to this great primer for The Worst Song Requests, you'll also find some incredible playlists designed to provide you inspiration for creating the best soundtrack for your big day.


"I Will Survive" | Gloria Gaynor | 1978
This song sounds good on the dance floor at Studio 54 in New York City, but not on the dance floor at your wedding reception at the Historic Rice Mill, Harborside East, or the Daniel Island Club. I'm not sure if it was a joke or an oversight, but I have seen this requested. With lyrics like "Cause you're not welcome anymore. Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye....." I think it's safe to say this song is not a positive addition to your wedding playlist. It's a song that should be avoided.

"He Stopped Loving Her Today" | George Jones | 1980
While this is sort of one of those "pull on your heart strings" type of songs, do you really want a song that is more or less about a guy who breaks up with his wife, but claims to still love her, until he dies? Weddings are emotional enough and I can certainly help you set up your playlist with some great emotional songs that put a tear in your eye, and a smile on your face. This song is not one of them.

"Tears In Heaven" | Eric Clapton | 1992
This is a beautiful song about Eric Clapton's son who died after he accidentally fell to his death out of a window in New York City back in 1991. It was a tragic accident. Remember that your wedding is going to be a night that you remember for years and years to come.

"Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) | Green Day | 1997
If you don't know, the lead singer of Green Day wrote this song when his girlfriend moved away. Guess what? You guys just got married and there won't be ANY moving away anytime soon. Those words "good riddance" shall not be mumbled at your wedding, as there should always be happy vibes at your Charleston wedding.

"Jumper" | Third Eye Blind | 1998
Songs about suicide are sure to get the crowd all happy go lucky and thinking happy thoughts, right? Where in the world would your DJ even mix this in during your wedding anyway? "Jumper" was the last single to be released from Third Eye Blind's self-titled album in the summer of 1998 and would peak at #2 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart.

"Separate Ways (World's Apart) | Journey | 1983
Nothing like a song about divorce to put a damper on your absolutely beautiful wedding day. Yeah, we get it, life on the road as a rockstar is tough, but this is your wedding, so it's supposed to be a hpapy and romantic time, so let me throw on "Faithfully" instead. "Separate Way" was released during the first week of January, 1983 off the "Frontiers" album and would peak at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.  One of Journey's signature songs, "Faithfully" appears on my post featuring the best 80s soft rock songs for your wedding playlist.

"It Must Have Been Love" | Roxette | 1990
You know "Pretty Woman" might have been one of the most romantic movies of the past 40 years, but this song should definitely not be heard at your wedidng. With lyrics like "it must have been love, but it's over now....", I think you can see why it's a little bit of a Debbie downer. Perhaps the best thing to do is watch "Pretty Woman" at home after your wedding and you'll see this song that peaked at #1 on the Hot 100 during the summer of 1990.

"50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" | Paul Simon | 1975
Remember that positive vibes should be beaming out of your DJ speakers throughout your wedding venue. Don't leave your lover on your wedding day. As a matter of fact, you guys should be inseparable on your wedding day and night, even when you need a refill at the bar.

"Red Solo Cup" | Toby Keith | 2010
This might be a better song for the bachelor weekend soundtrack as the groom and his buddies are out and about or somewhere raising cane, but let's refrain from drinking out of those little red cups at your wedding. Upon doing the research for this post, even Toby Keith called this a stupid song, and Insider ranked the song as one of the worst songs of all the 2010s.

"Before He Cheats" | Carrie Underwood | 2008
Good song for the bar for when it's a girls night out, but there will be no digging your key into his souped up 4 wheel drive or carving your name into those beautiful leather seats. I can promise you that if you hire me to DJ your wedding, there will also not be any "white-trash version of Shania karaoke."

"Chicken Dance" | Werner Thomas | 1950s?
Hopefully you won't ask why this is one of the worst requests ever.  At Mike Bills Entertainment, we have a special file for songs like this, usually "File 13".  Modern brides and grooms opt to leave these types of songs off of their playlist at weddings all around Charleston. Take a listen to the song by clicking the link in the title and you'll see what I am talking about.

"My Heart Will Go On" | Celine Dion | 1997
It was a beautiful song and perfect for the moment back in 1997 when i went to movie theater for over 3 + hours to watch Titanic, bu tit's not too cool for your wedding. There are many other power ballads you could add into your playlist that would be  more fitting to the soundtrack at your wedding reception.

Wanna Hire A Great Wedding DJ Who Will Not Play These Songs At Your Wedding?
Usually I am having a difficult time wrapping up a blog post, but I'll be content in putting a bow on this one right now. Hopefully now you can see how allowing your DJ to take song requests can be a real problem. Hiring the right professional DJ for your Charleston wedding ensure these songs don't get heard at your wedding reception. I am getting ready to head into a holiday week next week and if I stand on my tip-toes, I can see the beginning of the holiday season and another engagement season. If you are recently engaged and have a date in mind and would like to talk about music for your big day, click the link up above to reach out and set up a time to speak with me about your upcoming wedding. Also, read over the rest of my blog too, as i's my aim to keep this blog overflowing with DJ tips, podcasts, music ideas, and other information to make your Charleston wedding the most memorable ever. Cheers! And congratulations once again on your engagement! I would love to be your wedding DJ.