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The Seabrook Island Club | Luxury Oceanfront Venue For Charleston Weddings

21 January 2019

Charleston, SC remains a top wedding destination in the country for many reasons.  Lots of couples choose the Holy City for it's rich history on the peninsula, or for it's taste of the old South with its beautiful plantations for their wedding ceremony and reception. In addition to all it has to offer with it's history, Charleston also has some of the most beautiful beaches. Today's stop on the Charleston Wedding Venue tour takes us to one of the most beautiful private beaches in the greater Charleston area, Seabrook Island. Seabrook Island is a private resort town located about 24 miles south of Charleston. Even though the resort is private, the Seabrook Island Club is also available open to non-members of the community for weddings and private events. For those Charleston brides and grooms who have been dreaming about a luxury wedding at the beach, look no further than the Seabrook Island Club. 

Brief History Of Seabrook Island
Before we get into having your wedding out at Seabrook Island, here's a little brief history of how Seabrook Island came to be. Even though the residents of Seabrook Island voted to become a town back in 1987, it's history dates back to the late 1600s when Sir Joseph Blake was given the first deed on the island. From the late 1600s through the mid 1750s, the island changed hands, actually being named Simmons Island by Ebenezer Simmons. The name was changed to Seabrook Island in 1816, when a cotton planter by the name of William Seabrook purchased the property. For more information on the history of Seabrook Island, click HERE

The Seabrook Island Club : Your Luxurious Wedding Celebration At The Oceanfront
Seabrook Island might be 24 miles away from downtown Charleston, but it's the drive out there that is very idyllic and gets you ready for the paradise you'll be entering as you drive into the resort and have your wedding out there.   If you haven't been to Charleston or coastal South Carolina, the drive out to Seabrook Island will get you acquainted very quickly. The roads are lined with centuries-old oak trees which provide a very shady and serene ride out, even in the hottest of the summer months. If you are interested in learning more about having your luxury oceanfront wedding at Seabrook Island, you'll be contacting Michelle Duplessis.  She is the wedding director out at Seabrook, and who'll be communicating with to set up a site survey and get your wedding date on their calendar.  You'll work with Michelle and let her know what your vision will be for your wedding ceremony and reception. Her email address is:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . As an experienced and seasoned wedding DJ in Charleston, it's always been goal to keep my website full of helpful content for the modern bride and groom who might be also looking for a wedding venue in addition to their wedding DJ.  Check out the link at the end of this post for more gorgeous Charleston wedding venues.  Down below I'll get into some preliminary questions and answers about weddings out at Seabrook Island to get you interested in scheduling a site survey.

How many weddings are held out at the Seabrook Island Club on an annual basis?
Usually 25 -30 weddings are held per year out at the resort.  The peak season months for the Seabrook Island Club are April - June, as well as September & October.  There are two pricing structures available for booking your wedding out at the Seabrook Island Club, and your price is dependent upon which month you are planning to have your wedding. Click on this link for detailed Seabrook Island pricing information.

How many guests will the Seabrook Island Club hold for an event?
The Seabrook Island Club is actually divided into a few different ballrooms that may be utilized in many different ways depending on the size of your wedding guest list. 
Atlantic Ballroom:  Sitting at 6,000 square feet with a view of the ocean at every angle, you'll love having your wedding reception in this room. There is a beautiful veranda that extends around the entire ballroom, which allows your guests to step outside and enjoy the ocean views. This ballroom can hold upwards of 200.
The Atlantic Ballroom Seabrook Island

Carolina Room: The Carolina Room is adjacent to the Atlantic Ballroom and can be used for a small dining area with up to 50 guests for seated dinners, and also for the cocktail hour before your wedding reception begins.
The Carolina Room Seabrook Island Club
Provided by: Seabrook Island Club

Deveaux Room:  You'll find the Deveaux Room out at the club house on the 2nd Floor.  It can hold upwards of 50 guests for a seated dinner, your cocktail hour, or a buffet for the day after your wedding.  You and your guests can enjoy an amazing view from up top the balcony.
Deveaux Room Seabrook Island
Provided by : Seabrook Island Club

The Ocean Terrace:  Due to it's privacy, this amazing oceanfront wedding ceremony location is one of the most beautiful in all of the Charleston area.  Not pictured in the photo below is a small clubhouse where you could have cocktails prior to your wedding ceremony.
The Ocean Terrace Seabrook Island Wedding

Do couples get in-house catering when they book their wedding at the Seabrook Island Club? Yes.  From chef-attended stations during your cocktail hour to carving stations, and many plated dinner menu options, your entire catering & bar can be ordered.  Upon booking your date, you'll want to see a list of bar & menu options. No outside food is allowed to be brought into the Seabrook Club, except for your wedding cake.

Seabrook Island Bride Groom Toasting

Do couples require a wedding planner on contract when booking their wedding date? Included in your booking is "in-house coordination" as it pertains to the club operations. The Seabrook Island Club will recommend that you do contract a wedding planner and can provide a list of some top Charleston wedding planners at the time of booking.

Seabrook Island Club Mojo Mood Sunset
Photo Credit: Molly Joseph Photography

 Do couples need to purchase any insurance when they book their wedding date? No insurance is required, but the host of the event will be responsible for any damage to the buildings, the grounds, the equipment, as well as fixtures.

Seabrook Island Club Wedding Guests Mojo
Photo Credit: Molly Joseph Photography

What does it take to get your wedding date saved at the Seabrook Island Club?  Payment of a $2,500 non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee your space / date / time.  Six months ahead of your wedding date, a 50% non-refundable deposit of your estimated wedding balance will be due, with the final balance due 10 days out from your wedding date.

Seabrook Island Club Save Your Wedding Date

What all is provided upon booking your wedding at the Seabrook Island Club? Included in your booking are the Club's house linens, stem and glassware, round dining tables, banquet and outdoor chairs, cooking and serving equipment.  All decorations will be the responsibility of the member or guest.  Guests may order specialty linens from an outside source, but the Club will assume no responsibility of those items.

Seabrook Island Club Bridal Party Veranda

Are couples able to bring in outside vendors for their wedding? Brides and grooms are allowed to contract any outside vendors (DJ, photographer, etc), but are required to use in-house catering & bar service.  Upon booking, ask about the Seabook Island's preferred vendors list.

Ocean Terrace Wedding Ceremony Seabrook
Photo Credit: Jennifer Bearden Photography

What separates Seabrook from all the other Charleston area beaches where weddings are held? The beach inside Seabrook Island resort is private and secluded. The photograph below is a great description of the private and secluded beaches that are in close proximity to the Club.

Seabrook Island Beach Club Private Beach
Photo Credit: Ellis Creek Photography

Any special features that make having your wedding at Seabrook irresistible? The Ocean Terrace offers some of the most beautiful views for a beach wedding ceremony. You are just steps away from the beach and the ocean and can enjoy the view without getting sand in your shoes.  Having your wedding ceremony out at the Ocean Terrace will also make for some beautiful photos that your photographer will be able to capture for your wedding day.
Seabrook Island Club Bride Groom In Front Of Club

Putting this post together for you has made me want to take the day off tomorrow and visit this beautiful place again.  The drive out to Seabrook is a bit of a vacation for me. The Seabrook Island Club is the perfect choice for the modern Charleston bride and groom who are interested in a luxury wedding right next to the oceanfront.  Every Seabrook Island wedding is a classy affair with a fine menu and exceptional service.  If you are a destination bride and groom looking for an amazing oceanfront experience, Seabrook Island is the ideal location for you. And since Seabrook Island is just minutes from Charleston, you'll still be able to enjoy the "Charleston" experience when you come to town with all it's history and culinary delights. If you have made it to the end of this post and are interested in taking a closer look at having your wedding out at Seabrook Island, click this link to check availability and schedule a site visit

Interested In Learning More About Having Mike As Your Wedding DJ? Thank you very much for making it to the end of this post.  Be sure to check out the rest of my blog when you get a chance as it is full of other DJ tips and music ideas for modern Charleston brides and grooms.   Feel free to check out my new page about Charleston wedding venues as well.  If you are interested in checking availability and booking me as your wedding DJ, click the link, and let's talk soon.

Photographer Credits:
Jennifer Bearden Photography
Molly Joseph Photography
Captured By Kate
Ellis Creek Photography
Gillian Ellis Photography