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The inspiration for Episode 8 of The Mike Bills Podcast actually came at the expense of a recent inquiry for sort of a "last minute" wedding DJ booking. During the course of this inquiry, it became apparent that the bride and her mother had contacted another wedding DJ besides myself. While it's encouraged for all brides and grooms to shop around, it became quickly obvious that this prospective client had already begun talking to a DJ who was over HALF of the cost of my services. When speaking to the bride over the phone, she mentioned  the cost of the other DJ and that the ceremony music would cost them $50.00 extra.    Who are these DJs that think that charging $50.00 for ceremony music is acceptable, and more importantly "professional"?  Hearing these stories can be discouraging, not only for me as a business owner who provide a higher end service, but curiosity began to kill me as thoughts came over me as to how a wedding DJ could pull this off? Were they playing music off their phone and holding it up without any PA? According to the bride, there were going to be 100 people there.  As one of the top Charleston Wedding DJs, I could continue to speculate how ceremony music can be done for $50.00, or head into the production studio and record another podcast and tell you how it's REALLY supposed to be done. Episode 8 is online now and available at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and IHeart Radio.  It's quickly become the perfect companion for engaged brides and grooms looking for a wedding DJ.  You'll want to read on to learn more about planning the music for your wedding ceremony.

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Offering wedding ceremony music and proper PA and microphones is one of the other offerings I provide as a wedding DJ. The best Charleston Wedding DJs will be able to provide this music in a professional manner for your wedding ceremony at any location around Charleston. I've blogged in the past about wedding ceremony music, but since the summer's in Charleston tend to be slower than fall and spring, I thought I would throw together a refresher about what your DJ should be providing you when you need them to do your ceremony music.   Your wedding ceremony is the beginning of an incredible night. It's a very special part of your day that requires not only special planning, but also special equipment.  Even if your wedding ceremony is located at the wedding reception site, additional sound equipment is required.  The true professional wedding DJs will be equipped to handle any situation. Because I am a stickler for details, I will (if needed) make the effort with the wedding coordinator / planner to schedule a site survey to see where I will be set up for a wedding ceremony.  There is no room for error when preparing for a wedding ceremony and the number one request is the location of power. This provides peace of mind for not only me, but also the bride and the wedding coordinator / planner.

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Sometimes the crazy weather that we have down here in Charleston, SC is inspiration for a blog post. The summer of 2018 here in Charleston has been extremely wet.  While the local meteorologists say  we haven't exactly broken any records, the fact that it's rained 18 out of the past 19 days (at the time of this post) is making it seem all the more wetter. And what do you ask would be my tie in as a wedding DJ with all the summer thunderstorms and monsoon-like rains we've been getting in Charleston? You guessed it. A little rain on your wedding day might be a sign of good luck as you begin your new life together as a couple. As a professional wedding DJ who has endured many summer weddings (partially outdoor) in Charleston, they can be extremely stressful, and have you refreshing the weather radar on your smartphone seeing where the storms are, and if you are ready to get hit. Charleston pretty much has a "sub-tropical" climate with high temperatures and high humidity where rain showers and thunderstorms can pop up faster than the radar can detect them. Even if limited protection from the elements is being used for one of my wedding ceremonies, moisture and electronic equipment do not mix. During the summertime, it takes a stroke of good luck to make it through a wedding ceremony without a few drops of rain. But enough about me and my apparent good luck when it comes performing weddings with threatening weather. Let's talk about how a little rain can be fun and romantic for your Charleston wedding.

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The belief at Mike Bills Entertainment has always been to do one thing and do it extremely well. I made a decision out of respect for my brides and grooms to focus solely on helping them create the absolute best and most memorable soundtrack that will allow them to remember their wedding day for many many years to come. The approach that I take with my clients is definitely a more personalized approach. We get together. We drink coffee. We laugh. We get to know each other. We discuss your favorite kinds of music. We discuss the songs that you absolutely positively never want to hear again. After all, it's the DJ you are hiring who you are putting in charge of one of the most important days of your life. You need a true professional wedding DJ that you feel comfortable with. After all the emails and in-person meetings, we generally have enough of a foundation to begin putting together that killer playlist that everyone loves and will talk about for years and years after the big day. The music will always be my sole focus, but in order to make your Charleston wedding the best ever, brides and grooms should know there is so much more to it than someone just playing music.

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Pardon me while I steal a mission statement or radio station position statement that you may have heard on your favorite radio station at some point. When I look back at the success of Mike Bills Entertainment, which has blossomed into one of Charleston's premier wedding DJs there is one word that comes to mind.
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There are 3 parts (sometimes 4) that can be a part of your wedding when it comes to ceremony music. FIRST: We have the PRELUDE: This can be a light, cheery music (often times jazz or other instrumental of your choice) to set the mood for the ceremony. It's usually played when guests are sitting down and usually begins as much as 45 minutes prior to the beginning of the ceremony, but sometimes later, such as 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony. SECOND: We have the PROCESSIONAL: The music for your prelude can be gently faded into processional music as your bridal party is approaching the ceremony area. The same music may be used for the bridal party as well as the bride, but sometimes the fading into another as the bride is approaching can be done. THIRD: This is where a different song could be used for the bride. FOURTH: This is called the RECESSIONAL: This music is played at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony and is usually a very jubilant and cheerful celebratory song as we begin the celebration of the newly joined couple in matrimony.

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Highly Recommend

DJ Mike delivered well organized and orchestrated results that made for a great wedding and reception! Couldn't have picked a better DJ to cover our event and truly appreciated his availability to pick up the job and execute in such a short time period. I highly recommend his services, overall great quality.

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Made Our Wedding Perfect

Before choosing Mike Bills as our wedding DJ, we looked at several companies and DJs and looked over the reviews for all of them. We chose Mike Bills because of the overwhelmingly great reviews he got and I am so glad we did! They were all spot on! Mike was great to work with, quick to respond, came to our rehearsal to do a run through with us.

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Professional and Creative

Mike was kind, courteous, professional, and creative! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him for our destination wedding at Folly Beach. We gave Mike minimal guidance and he caught on to our "style" quickly and efficiently. Our guests are still raving about the music selections, and how they were a great balance of new tracks and standards for everyone to enjoy.

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