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The temperatures are rising as we reach the last weekend of May in Charleston. While this usually means the tapering off of the busy spring wedding season in Charleston, it means a lot to the families of service members who died while defending the freedoms of this great country of ours.  Charleston, SC being the number 2 wedding destination in the country simply would not be possible without the many men and women who have died in the line of fire and battle defending this country.  While I wasn't scheduled for any weddings this weekend, I wanted to create a blog post of songs that made me of the patrioticism we should show on this day. So, while you are sitting out in your backyard or at the beach, feel free to play these songs and remember all those who have died. And let this serve as a reminder that Mike Bills Entertainment is only one of a handful companies offering 10% off for ALL active duty military. Thank you to all who have died and for those who continue to serve this great country of ours. Have a great Memorial Day. Check back later this week for installment number 4 in the destination wedding to Charleston series.  Today though, it's songs about this great country we live in, America.


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The city that has in it that popular bar that got it's own TV show back in the 1980s, a Hall Of Fame quarterback in Tom Brady, the Bruins, the Celtics, Paul Revere, and Samuel Adams has been having it's share of brides and grooms come on down to the number 2 wedding destination in the country to get married. Both Boston and Charleston have histories that played a major role in American history. Perhaps it's the people of Boston that see Charleston as a city just as rich in beauty and a wonderful place to get married? Either way, in my continued salute of Charleston, South Carolina as a top wedding destination in America and in most cases, the world, this post is dedicated to musicians and bands from the Boston area. Newly engaged couples that come from major metro areas across America to Charleston sprinkle their playlists with songs from their home cities. Even if you aren't from Boston, have some fun with this blog post and see the talent and fun you could be adding to your playlist from Boston. 

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Well, we've reached the first full weekend of May and there's a little autumn chill in the air, but since we're the in the midst of another wonderful wedding season in Charleston, and since it'll soon be VERY HOT for several months, there is no complaining here from me. I actually just got done stealing about 5 days during this busy and hectic wedding season by taking a little rest and relaxation out on the Florida Gulf Coast in a lovely place called Destin, FL. I strongly recommend Destin for a laid back experience away from Charleston. And hey, since it's a quiet, laid back area on the Florida Gulf Coast with white sands on the beaches that resemble sugar, it might be a choice for your honeymoon. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g34182-Destin_Florida-Vacations.html 
As we cruise through early May, here are the Top 10 biggest songs being requested and played at weddings around Charleston this spring in both the Top 40 and Urban / Rap charts. At last post, Ed Sheeran was at the top of the Top 40 charts with his mega hit "Shape Of You", but he's dropped a tad to #2.  Ed Sheeran has a second song in the Top 30 and "Castle On The Hill" sits at #15 and is slowly moving up the charts into the Top 10. Ed Sheeran will be coming to North Charleston in September. I would say get your tickets, but it's been sold out soon after the tickets went on sale. "Castle On The Hill" may move up, but it's not nearly as catchy as "Shape Of You". The Chainsmokers continue to occupy a few spots in the Top 10. They are holding strong at #5 with "Paris" and at #3, it's their collaboration with Coldplay "Something Just Like This"

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Perhaps this blog post will inspire wedding planners and coordinators all around Charleston to supply a bunch of Bic lighters for folks to hold up at their tables or even during send-off while they listen, especially after you take a look at this list of songs I am about to show you. Power ballads, which have their early roots back to the late 70s became more mainstream during the 80s and 90s. They were songs that conjured up feelings of love and loss, but for the sake of this blog post and since wedding receptions are meant to be positive, we shall look at this list of songs that make us go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and think about love. Don't think these songs are too out of the norm to be played at your wedding. Allow this list to serve as a trigger of more ideas for songs you might want to hear. Remember, more and more brides and grooms are looking for their weddings to sound different from all the others they have been to in recent years.

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Not selecting the right DJ for your Charleston wedding can potentially ruin the most important day of your life. But, for whatever reason, even as we approach the middle of 2017, the DJ is in most cases the last to be hired. While the flowers, decor, and food are certainly of great importance, brides and grooms need to make it a point to make booking the DJ one of the first vendors that are booked "right" after your venue. Waiting until the last minute has many consequences, one of which is that the great DJs have a tendency to book up sometimes as much as 12-18 months in advance. The old saying is true in selecting your wedding DJ. "Haste does make waste." Interview your DJs, thoroughly read their websites, and read over their reviews before hiring them and signing any contracts.  These are 3 of the common mistakes seen in the Charleston area when hiring the wedding DJ.

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As a professional wedding DJ who is very well rounded in many genres of music, I find it interesting even today how DJ services tout and attempt to push the fact they have a large music database or library. They tend to do this in their marketing and all over their website. When I sit down with brides and grooms, I drive home the point that at the end of their day, their music selection is about them and the songs they choose should create lasting memories for many years to comes. As long as the DJ brings with them the songs that you chose and want to hear, it matters not if they have 8,000 or 800,000 songs in their music catalog. Here's a few reasons why.

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Hot off the presses which also includes data received from 2016 weddings in Charleston is the Top 100 Songs that are normally added to the DO NOT PLAY LISTS of bride and grooms. Some of these jump out at you like the cheesy line dances and some of them jump out at you not because they are bad songs, but because people are burned out of hearing them at weddings and want to change.

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Happy New Year! The first full weekend of 2017 in Charleston and I am blogging, fielding leads and in communication with 2017 and 2018 brides while looking out the window of my office  at a cold, miserable and rainy landscape. Longing for spring I am today, but it's a perfect day for you and your fiance to throw another log on the fire and start planning the details of your upcoming wedding and maybe shopping for professional wedding DJs. Just remember this, the music for your wedding day is just as important as the food and drink you select and the perfect playlist begins with excellent communication with your DJ.

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Happy New Year and a big hello and congratulations on your engagement! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well. You might be already planning your dream wedding down here in Charleston or just in the beginning stages. Charleston's combination of charm, beauty and rich history allowed it to be named "World's Most Romantic City" by Food & Wine, and among "America's Most Romantic Cities" by Travel & Leisure. With these accolades, the increase in weddings scheduled and planned throughout the Charleston area has increased exponentially since those honors were first awarded 6 years ago.

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WARNING!  This is NOT a stab at brides and grooms who opt NOT to spend a lot of money on their wedding, but what you are about to read is a very accurate illustration as to what can happen when couples decide to cut corners and use an Ipad as the source of music for their wedding instead of hiring a true professional wedding DJ

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DJ Mike delivered well organized and orchestrated results that made for a great wedding and reception! Couldn't have picked a better DJ to cover our event and truly appreciated his availability to pick up the job and execute in such a short time period. I highly recommend his services, overall great quality.

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Before choosing Mike Bills as our wedding DJ, we looked at several companies and DJs and looked over the reviews for all of them. We chose Mike Bills because of the overwhelmingly great reviews he got and I am so glad we did! They were all spot on! Mike was great to work with, quick to respond, came to our rehearsal to do a run through with us.

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Mike was kind, courteous, professional, and creative! We thoroughly enjoyed working with him for our destination wedding at Folly Beach. We gave Mike minimal guidance and he caught on to our "style" quickly and efficiently. Our guests are still raving about the music selections, and how they were a great balance of new tracks and standards for everyone to enjoy.

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